About Dr Jim Byrne

About Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

Background information, education, etc.

Updated on 16th January 2021


drjim-counsellor1My name is Jim Byrne. I am in my 23rd year of professional practice as a freelance counsellor/ coach/ psychotherapist. Over that period of time, I have helped more than 1,000 individuals (including many couples) to overcome problems of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, poor self-confidence or self-esteem; couple conflict; communication skills difficulties; childhood trauma problems; personality and attachment issues; and all manner of problems at home and in work.

I have a doctoral degree in counselling (DCoun) from the University of Manchester, UK (2002-2009).  A master’s degree in education (MA(Ed)) from the Open University, UK (1991-1994). And a diploma in counselling psychology and psychotherapy (DipCPPsych-Rus) from Rusland College, Bath, UK (2001-2003).

I am an accredited Fellow of the International Society of Professional Counsellors; and a member of Counselling (CCC-Reg).

(I also have two certificates in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RE&CBT), from the Albert Ellis Institute, NYC, with the University of Birmingham (November 2005); and the old Institute for REBT, in Bristol, UK (November 1999) – though I no longer practice anything like CBT/REBT.)

Instead, I practice an emotive-cognitive-narrative system of counselling which integrates the best and most useful elements of the fifteen or so systems I have studied, including minor fragments of CBT; combined with lots of Attachment theory, Affect regulation theory, Object relations theory, Personality Adaptations theory, Person-centered counselling, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, and many others.  (My system is called Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy, or E-CENT counselling for short.  What is E-CENT counselling?***)  E-CENT counselling also incorporates insights into the body-brain-mind link (including the importance of diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, and so on).  So we deal with the whole client, and not just with their ‘mind’.


What I offer my clients is a fusion of counselling psychology; attachment theory; personality assessment; lifestyle counselling; life-history therapy; and life improvement strategies.


  • Nothing changes until you do… (Or, to be more precise: Almost nothing will change in your life unless you work hard to change particular aspects of your own thinking/ feeling/ perceiving/ acting!)
  • But you are a largely non-conscious creature of habit – (who falsely believes that you are not a largely non-conscious creature of habit) – and so you do not want to change anything about yourself!
  • It could be that your are malfunctioning in terms of your feelings and relationships, or that your life is not working well for you.  It could be that you are carrying unrecognized trauma, and need to feel safe, and to begin to process undigested pain from the past. Or you may have been mismanaging your lifestyle or health, and need some support and guidance to make important life changes.
  • It could also be that you are involved in an unhappy couple relationship, and are convinced that the only real problem in your relationship is your partner (and that you are Perfect!)  This is almost certainly untrue.  It (normally) takes two to tango!  To improve your relationship, you have to take joint responsibility (meaning 50:50) for sorting the problems out.
  • So, what is the way forward, if you want a better life for yourself?
    • You could go into regular counselling and therapy, and spend weeks or months floundering around in the dark, groping towards some kind of new understanding of yourself, other people and the world; Or:
    • You could consult me using my Premium (or Maxi) Service; complete a relevant range of relatively quick assessment questionnaires; see me once for a one-hour conversation (in which I dig deeper into who you are; where you are up to in your life; and what you could change to get the kinds of improvements you desire). I would then spend some days digesting what I have learned about you; which I will then write up in the form of a detailed report, which will reveal which bits of your own thinking/ feeling/ perceiving/ behaving you need to change most urgently; plus advice on how to make those changes.
    • This process normally results in great clarity about
      • who you are (as distinct from your current ‘story’ about yourself!)
      • where you are located (psychologically);
      • and what you need to do to get to a better ‘place’ in life.
    • And this whole package only costs £600.00, including some days of my mental labour, using my ‘little grey cells’ in which is stored my 20+ years of experience of helping more than 1,000 individuals with all kinds of maddening problems which they could not solve on their own.

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  • Or you could opt for my Median Service, which involves completing at least two questionnaires; meeting online for a one hour discussion and further assessment; followed by a File Note report (which will take me a day or two to write up); at a total cost of £250.00.

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  • Or you could go for my Mini Service, which involves completing one questionnaire; meeting online for a 45 minute session; followed by my sending you one or two educational handouts or information sheets, with advice/guidance on how to improve your situation. This service costs £180.00.

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  • Or you could just stay stuck; or go back to sleep and trudge on through a life that is not working for you!

drjim-counsellor1Contact me today, if you want a better future:

Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, Fellow of the International Society of Professional Counsellors, at ABC Coaching and Counselling Services.

Email Dr Jim Byrne

Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Telephone: 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)


Or read some more about my…


Or take a look at our current books in print, at the ABC Bookstore.


During the coronavirus pandemic, I am available via telephone, Skype and email; but not face-to-face.  And this situation is likely to continue until June 2021, at the very least.

To find out more, please go to:

# Information page about telephone, email and Skype counselling***



# Unsolicited client testimonials.***

I have received a large number of unsolicited client testimonials, hundreds of which can be found by clicking the link above.


ecent logo

Here’s a little video clip which explains some of the latest revisions in this system of counselling and therapy:

I am a Fellow Member of the International Society of Professional Counsellors (FISPC), and a Registered Member of Counselling (CCC.Reg).

I am in my twenty-third year (as at the end of November 2020) as a counsellor in private practice, in Hebden Bridge, and all over the world via the telephone system, Skype-webcam, and by email. During that time, I have helped more than one thousand clients, and some of them have sent me unsolicited testimonials about what they gained from working with me.***

Three sample client testimonials:

♣ To Jim: “…At our previous session, your main intervention had the precision of an acupuncture needle hitting the spot.  I felt a great sense of relief from depression and stress immediately.  I felt so light and free.  Thank you. …  See you next week”.

J.K.K., Wakefield, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of F2F counselling for emotional distress).


♣ “Dear Jim, I’ve been thinking back over the past year, and I really appreciate the great benefit I got from your guidance of my self-reflection.  I have learned so much from you. And I am so much more sorted out than I was.  Thank you”.

P.A.N., Crag Vale, Calderdale.  (36 sessions of Face 2 face counselling for stress and anxiety, and relationship maladaptation).


♣ “Hey Jim, … I continue to benefit from the Mind Hut, or Windows Model, at every opportunity when I’m in a bad emotional state, including depressive moments. It takes just half an hour or less and I recover a good emotional state that is also durable. … With appreciation for the work you do, I salute you and I will keep you as a reference point”.

M.V.S., Madrid, Spain (Two email counselling sessions for depression and stress).



During the coronavirus pandemic, I am available via telephone, Skype and email; but not face-to-face.  And this situation is likely to continue until June 2021, or even beyond that point.

Further information:

# Information page about telephone, email and Skype counselling***

# Unsolicited client testimonials.***


cropped-abc-coaching-counselling-charles-2019.jpgYou can contact me by phone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or 44 1422 843 629 from outside the UK).

Email: drjwbyrne@gmail.com

Back to ABC Coaching and Counselling Services Home Page.***


ABC Bokstore Bold, by CharlesI have also researched and written (and/or co-authored) more than twenty books on counselling and self-help related subjects – including anger, anxiety, depression; diet, exercise, sleep; stress and couple relationships; how to write a new life for yourself – plus some stories – and brief descriptions can be viewed on the homepage of the ABC Bookstore Online UK.***


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