Habits and change

Habit Formation and Behaviour Change

Dr Jim's photoHello, my name is Dr Jim Byrne.   After more than eighteen years’ experience in private practice, working with almost 1,000 clients, with a broad range of problems, I have developed great clarity about the way to change bad habits, and to build new habits.

Humans are creatures of habit.  I have observed over the years that it is easier to establish a bad habit than a good one.  And it is easier to break a good habit than a bad one.  In folk knowledge, this phenomenon was summed us like this: “The devil has all the best tunes!”

Habit2Now, I can help you to defeat your ‘devilish’ bad habits, and to form some better habits.

In brief, I have combined the most potent techniques available within the various system of counselling, coaching and psychotherapy, to develop a powerful approach to behaviour change.

If you want to change any habit – of over-consuming alcohol, drugs, or high calorie foods – then I can help you.

You, of course, must show commitment and determination to implement the guidelines that I will teach to you.

HabitIf you really want to change entrenched habits that are bad for you, or to establish some new, good habits, then I can help you.

To set up an appointment, to meet me in Hebden Bridge, or to work with me over the telephone or Skype, please:

Email me: drjwbyrne@gmail.com today.

Strike while the iron is hot!

Or send me a message in the following form:


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