Habits and change

Habit Formation and Behaviour Change

Updated on 29th February 2020

Dr Jim's photoHello, my name is Dr Jim Byrne.   After more than twenty-one years’ experience in private practice, working with more than 1,000 clients, with a broad range of problems, I have developed great clarity about the way to change bad habits, and to build new habits.

Humans are creatures of habit.  I have observed over the years that it is easier to establish a bad habit than a good one.  And it is easier to break a good habit than a bad one.  In folk knowledge, this phenomenon was summed us like this: “The devil has all the best tunes!”

Habit2Now, I can help you to defeat your ‘devilish’ bad habits, and to form some better habits.

In brief, I have combined the most potent techniques available within the various system of counselling, coaching and psychotherapy, to develop a powerful approach to behaviour change.

If you want to change any habit – of over-consuming alcohol, drugs, or high calorie foods – then I can help you.

You, of course, must show commitment and determination to implement the guidelines that I will teach to you.

HabitIf you really want to change entrenched habits that are bad for you, or to establish some new, good habits, then I can help you.

To set up an appointment, to meet me in Hebden Bridge, or to work with me over the telephone or Skype, please:

Email me: drjwbyrne@gmail.com today.

Strike while the iron is hot!

Or send me a message in the following form:


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