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For couples therapy; relationship skills and attachment problems; anger management; stress management; habit building or habit change; confidence building; anxiety and panic problems; grief and depression; lifestyle coaching; assertiveness training; and general body-brain-mind integration…

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Statement by Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

Dr Jim's office2Why should anybody consult me?  Let us clarify what I offer, by contrast with other types of helpers:

Some counsellors – such as CBT therapists and Rational therapists (REBTers) – use the ABC model to represent your problems. The ‘A’ is an Activating Event, which is whatever happened to upset you.

The ‘B’ is your Belief System (or Automatic Thoughts).

And the ‘C’ is your Consequent emotions and behaviours: (how you felt and what you did).

They start from the erroneous position that “you are not upset by the things that happen to you!”

We strongly disagree with this position.

I consider that the ABC model is wholly inadequate as a model of your life situation. Instead I use my own Holistic SOR model, which says that when you are upset, some S (or Stimulus) is impacting your whole O (or Organism [meaning your body/brain/mind]); which produces a particular R (or Result [which is a set of feelings-thoughts-perceptions-actions]).

Holistic SOR model

The important factor to consider is this: What exactly affects the ability of your Organism (or body/brain/mind) to cope with any particularly difficult Stimulus (or bad thing that happens to you)?

If you consulted me, I would be interested in the following factors, which come under the heading of ‘your Organism’:

(1) Your innate needs and tendencies;

(2) Your family history; ‘personality adaptations’; and ‘attachment style’;

(3) Your recent personal history;

(4) The kinds of emotive-cognitive patterns/schemas stored in your long-term memory (based on your lived experience) – which function as your ‘guides to action’;

(5) Narratives, stories and frames – and other storied and non-storied elements of experience; some of which might cause your emotions to become overly aroused; some of which might cause your emotions to become under-aroused; and some of which help to keep your emotions on an even keel;

(6) Your character and temperament;

(7) Whether your needs are being met; whether your goals are being achieved or thwarted; and your values in action;

(8) The foods that you eat on a regular basis, plus any supplements that you take (or should take); any medication you are taking; your exercise regime (if any); your sleep history; and your approach to relaxation;

(9) Ongoing environmental stressors; state of current relationship(s); and satisfaction with life stages; etc.; etc.

cropped-abc-coaching-counselling-charles-2019.jpgI can apply this SOR model to problems of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, panic, trauma, couple conflict, communication skills, personality adaptations, attachment styles, and so on.  I can help with problems that you experience at home, in work or business, or in your social life more generally; as well as problems that you experience in your heart and mind when you are alone.



About my services

Do you want my help with a specific problem, or are you seeking to improve the quality of your life overall?

Do not believe you have to suffer in silence! 

Do not conclude that it is weak to ask for help! 

No person is an island, complete unto themselves!


Dr Jim, Oct 2019My name is Jim Byrne.

I am a doctor of counselling, in my twenty-first year in private practice in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire; and all over the world via the telephone system and Skype, and/or email exchanges, etc.

I am a Fellow Member of the International Society of Professional Counsellors (FISPC).

I have helped more than one thousand individuals to overcome distressing problems of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, panic, traumatic experience, couple conflict, insecure attachment, personality issues, and so on.

And one of my clients recently told me:

(Spoken during a counselling session): “I am a fully-functioning human being now, for the first time in my life, and that is all down to the help you’ve given to me over the long journey I’ve been on with you!”


My expertise is based on my twenty years of experience with clients with all manner of problems – plus my professional training at the University of Manchester – and the research and application that went into writing more than twenty books.***


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I do my work with clients through conversation, which is warm and friendly, and helpful, and insightful, and exploratory, and designed to help you to straighten out your story in your head, and to straighten out your feelings in your heart and your guts.

I also give advice on how to manage your body-brain-mind, and your environment, for optimum functioning.  This is called Lifestyle Counselling.

As indicated on the main homepage, we at ABC Coaching, practice the most up to the minute form of emotive-cognitive therapy and coaching.  It’s called Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy (E-CENT), and it integrates the best elements of all the pre-existing systems of counselling and therapy.  And it includes a strong focus upon lifestyle factors, like diet, exercise and sleep patterns.

I am regulated by the International Society of Professional Counsellors (ISPC), whose code of ethics I follow, and to whose complaints procedures I am subject.

In Hebden Bridge, I practice at my home, at 27 Wood End (just above the Nutclough Tavern, on the left hand side as you come up from Hebden Bridge).  On Google maps, we are wrongly listed as being 27 Keighley Road.

You can find more information about me, my fees and availability, below the video clip which follows.


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If you would like further information, please email me at


Or phone me at 01422 843 629

Or take a look at my Telephone, Skype or Email Counselling Services***.



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