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For couples therapy; relationship skills and attachment problems; anger management; stress management; habit building or habit change; confidence building; anxiety and panic problems; grief and depression; lifestyle coaching; assertiveness training; and general body-brain-mind integration…


drjim-counsellor1If you are unhappy with any significant aspect of your life, it makes sense to try to change that aspect.  However, if you cannot change it, then you could always consider changing yourself!

You are a creature of habit – and an interpreting being – wired up by your family of origin, and later by your peers and school teachers, and others, to respond in particular ways to particular triggers.  Most of the thinking/ feeling that determines your habitual responses to other people and things today is stored in non-conscious parts of your brain-mind-body.  You cannot access that thinking/ feeling wiring, but you can over-write that wiring in a successful therapeutic relationship with a good counsellor/ coach/ psychotherapist. It is now beyond all doubt that, when counselling and therapy works, it is because of brain-mind changes (in the form of physical re-configurations) that have been promoted by the therapeutic encounter.


Counselling and therapy make permanent changes to your attitudes and emotions by changing your brain structures, physically: “… ‘There is no longer any doubt’, writes Kandel, ‘that psychotherapy can result in detectable changes in the brain’.  Recent brain scans done before and after psychotherapy show both that the brain plastically reorganises itself in treatment and that the more successful the treatment the greater the change”. Page 233.

Quotation from: Doidge, N. (2008) The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science.  London: Penguin. (21)


Jims-counselling-div2Unsolicited client testimonial:

♣ “Thanks for all your help Jim – I found our sessions really insightful – and they’ve really helped me understand my passive behaviour, and how to become more self-assured in situations of work conflict. So far I’ve read the depression leaflet every day – I absolutely intend to continue every day for several months.  My depression has lifted and I feel great.”

T.L., Todmorden, Lancs.  (Three sessions of counselling for depression about work related stress). (All initials and locations changed to protect the clients’ identities).


callout-re-goalsWould you like to rewire your brain-mind for a better life, (at home and/or in work or career)? If so, and you have some clear goals for change, and you are committed to take whatever action is needed to change the direction of your life, then I can help you.  A weekly meeting of 45 minutes with me, during which we discuss your thoughts, feelings and actions – plus your experiences, habits, lifestyle and goals – can quickly build up into real change for the better in the structure of your brain-mind, and in the external reality of your life.


What is E-CENT counselling?  A brief video introduction:


Counsellors and therapists promote emotional health (or emotional wellbeing) in our counselling clients.  Dr Oliver James has produced a list of features of emotional health, which we have been reviewing; and we have now reached item 6: When you are emotionally healthy… “Your vivacity is striking, there is a liveliness you bring to any situation, but it is not frenetic and does not smack of ‘keeping busy’ to distract from bad feelings.  You are spontaneous and always searching for the playful way to handle things, retaining a child-like sparkle, a conviction that life is to be enjoyed, not endured.  You are not bogged down in needy, childish, greedy, game-playing manipulations”.

Oliver James (2014) How to Develop Emotional Health.  Page 2. (24).


Nature-and-health3Unsolicited client testimonial:

♣ “Dear Jim, I thought you might like some feedback, to sustain your untiring endeavours!  …. I feel liberated by the work we did together, and not so obsessed or even interested in how people behave, or what they think about me or (name of partner deleted). Of all the things I’ve tried with you, the Cutting the Ties that Bind process has been the most profound – whether standing alone or as a part of what’s been going on since I began talking to you. I’d recommend it to anybody who comes from a difficult family background! …”

H.W., North Leeds, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of individual counselling for anger management and emotional distress; plus one session of couple’s therapy).


Counselling-div-quoteIf you come to see me, or consult me from a distance, you will begin to see changes very quickly.  As your brain-mind changes – under the influence of our relational interactions (or conversations), plus some of my recommended lifestyle changes – you will find you have better emotional control; an enhanced capacity to think about your life choices and options; and improved habitual behaviours.  You will learn to relate more effectively to others, at home and at work; and to feel better about your past, present and future.


The Benefits of E-CENT Counselling.  A brief video outline.


Good enough counsellors provide a healing relationship for their counselling clients: How can counselling relationships help the client to grow and have better relationships in the real world?  “In the world according to Bowlby, our lives, from the cradle to the grave, revolve around intimate attachments.  Although our stance toward such attachments is shaped most influentially by our first relationships, we are also malleable.  If our early involvements have been problematic, then subsequent relationships can offer second chances, perhaps affording us the potential to love, feel, and reflect with the freedom that flows from secure attachment.  (Counselling and) psychotherapy, at its best, provides just such a healing relationship”.

Dr David Wallin, Attachment in Psychotherapy, 2007, page 1 (19)


brain-maker-coverUnsolicited client testimonial:

♣ “To Dr Jim Byrne: Your analysis of my situation was uncanny in its accuracy and insightfulness.  Your description of the roles that (partner’s name [omitted]) and I play in relation to each other was so helpful.  We have begun to change to a more functionally useful mode, and to enjoy our life together once again!

N.P., Paris, France.  (Three telephone counselling sessions for relationship difficulties).


Dr Jim's photoIf you are ready for personal change, which will also change your life, then you should contact me today to make an appointment at which you can find out how well we work together.  We can meet face to face in Hebden Bridge; or over Skype-webcam; or via the telephone system, from any part of the world.

Email me today: drjwbyrne@gmail.com

Or pick up the phone and call me, on 01422 843 629 – (which is 44 1422 843 629 from outside the UK).


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About me

jim-renata-counsellors-hebden-bridgeMy name is Jim Byrne, and I am a Doctor of Counselling, just about to begin my nineteenth year in private practice (as at end of November 2016); in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, and all over the world via the telephone system, Skype and webcam, and via email exchanges.

In that time I have helped more than 900 individuals (many of them in couple counselling) to overcome a range of problems, from anger, anxiety and depression, via poor self-confidence and stress and strain, to insecure attachment style and couple conflict.

I am in favour of the development of a more holistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy – which deals with the whole body-brain-mind of the client.

For more about me, please go to:

About Dr Jim’s background education and experience***


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