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We offer two services on this website

♣   Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division


♣  Renata’s Lifestyle Coaching and Counselling Division



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♣ About Dr Jim Byrne

♦ Info pack for Face to Face clients in Hebden Bridge

♦   Schedule of fees for counselling services

♦   Counselling client testimonials

♦   Dr Jim’s accreditations, and ethics codes

♦   Dr Jim’s blog

♦   Jim Byrne’s Doctoral Thesis

♦  Jim’s autobiographical novel


♣   About Renata Taylor-Byrne

♦   Accreditations, and ethics codes, RTB

♦   Coaching-Counselling fees scale

♦  Contact details and location


♣   Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division

♦  Couples therapy in Hebden Bridge

♦  Anger management counselling

♦  Depression counselling

♦  Anxiety counselling

♦  Personal transformation

♦  Habits and change

♦  Telephone counselling, plus email and Skype

Telephone counselling with Dr Jim

Email Counselling

Skype-and-webcam counselling

♦  Counselling supervision services

Coaching for writers / authors and other creators…


♣  Renata’s Lifestyle Coaching and Counselling Division

♦  Intro to Renata’s Coaching Division

♦   Stress management in Hebden Bridge

♦  Renata’s blog

♦  Private tuition in life skills


Benefits of E-CENT Counselling

We also sell books from our sister website, ABC Bookstore Online:

Books on self-help, personal and professional development issues, plus counselling and related subjects


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⊕ Free Resources

♣  Counselling, psychotherapy and human emotions

♣  Transactional Analysis

♣  REBT: The limitations and errors in this system of counselling and psychotherapy

♣  Writing Therapy Guidelines

♣  Zen Tigers and Dale Carnegie – Or how to control your anxiety and stress

The E-CENT Stress and Anxiety Diet

CBT and drugs aren’t working

What is Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy (E-CENT)?

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