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With Renata Taylor-Byrne


Distinguishing ‘Life Coaching’ from ‘Lifestyle Coaching’

What is life coaching?

Coaching-div-quotePeople are increasingly familiar with life coaching.  The job of the life coach is to help their client to achieve their goals, in any area of life.  Life coaching is thus almost any process which helps the client to clarify their goals; to set targets; to support them in working towards those targets; to clarify pathways towards those goals; and so on.

Here is a formal definition of life coaching from

“The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.”


What is lifestyle coaching?

We will now clarify the distinction between life-coaching and life-style coaching.

While life coaching is concerned with helping the client to work towards their goals, lifestyle coaching is about that aim – plus helping the client to understand how their lifestyle impacts their goal-directed behaviours.  In other words, while life coaching helps you to focus on trying to succeed at work – for example – lifestyle coaching helps to track down what is stopping you.  This could include: blind spots; lack of willpower; unclear vision; distractibility; or bad habits: such as over-use of alcohol; inadequate sleep; unhelpful dietary practices; lack of physical exercise; and so on.

So, lifestyle-coaching (and -counselling) incorporates life coaching, and goes beyond it, into the area of educating you about how to optimize your chances of achieving your goals; helping you to prioritize your health and happiness over material gain; and developing a more rounded life by balancing the various elements of your lifestyle.


Renata’s Lifestyle Coaching Division

Hello and welcome to my lifestyle coaching and counselling services information page.

My name is Renata Taylor-Byrne, and I am here to help you if you need any assistance with problems of everyday living.  Perhaps you are angry, anxious or depressed about the state of your life, your relationships, or your career.  Perhaps you need to become more self-confident, more relaxed in the face of life’s stresses, or more skilful at setting and achieving your goals.

You might be struggling to lose some weight; to give up sugar or alcohol addiction; to communicate more effectively with your loved ones; to manage stress better; or to be more successful with colleagues and others in work or in business. Or to restore balance to your life.


“What you eat; how you exercise, meditate and relax; how you manage your life stressors and your relationships; and your general philosophy of life:  All of these factors, and more, go into my assessment of your life, and my guidance for action, using my Lifestyle Coaching approach to solving your problems of daily living!”

Renata Taylor-Byrne, Lifestyle Coach-Counsellor, October 2016


About me – a quick introduction

renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coachI am a registered and accredited coach/counsellor, in my fifth year in private practice, in Hebden Bridge, and all over the world via the telephone system.  (Please see my Accreditation and Ethics page.***)

In my early life I was introduced to a range of eastern and western philosophies by my father, most notably from about the age of 14 years onwards; and I continued my curiosity about philosophies of life from that time onwards.  In my twenties I explored ideas of progressive education and art therapy, and trained as a teacher.  I then went on to teach a range of personal development courses in adult and further education contexts – including teaching, mentoring and coaching students on courses of study in assertive communication; stress management; confidence building; counselling skills; health and nutrition; and so on.

In my thirties and forties I studied Transactional Analysis and Rational therapy, plus the Skilled Helper model, created by Gerard Egan.

After 35 years in teaching/mentoring/coaching, I then set up my own coaching division, just over four years ago, and I now offer help with all kinds of lifestyle-related problems and developmental issues, including habit change and goal pursuit.

My aim is to help you to change and grow and develop, and to achieve your balanced lifestyle goals.

goals-of-lifestyle-coachingOver the years, I have helped hundreds of individuals with all kinds of practical, emotional and behavioural problems.

And recently, I have reviewed a number of very important books and articles on the links between physical exercise, diet and nutrition, on the one hand, and anger, anxiety and depression, on the other.  If you want to be happy, healthy and successful, then you have to learn my results, and take control of your physical and emotional and relational life.

For more about me, please see About Renata – Lifestyle Coach.***


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease”.  Thomas Edison.


About my service

I see individuals, in my home office in Hebden Bridge, for 45 minute consultations (or coaching/counselling sessions).  During that time, we talk about what is not working in your life at the moment.  (You can talk about what is working, with your friends, at any time, for free!)  I help you to home in on (1) those aspects of your life that you most want to change, improve or to learn to accept; and (2) then I help you to see the connection between your current problems and many aspects of your lifestyle, as well as your approach to goal setting and pursuit, and your family history, character, personality, and so on.

So this is a ‘talking cure’, but not a traditional talking cure (which focuses exclusively upon your thinking, feeling and actions).  And not a traditional coaching approach, (which focusses exclusively upon your [current, conscious] goals).  I also help you to look at what you are doing in every area of your life which could contribute to goal achievement or goal sabotage; to health or illness; to happiness or unhappiness.


“There is growing scientific evidence that the guts interact with the brain, affecting not only your physical health, but also affecting your moods and emotions.  Healthy guts may be a better solution to emotional problems, like anxiety, depression and poor impulse control, and this kind of approach to healthy guts depends upon eating the right kind of diet, and perhaps supplementing with ‘friendly bacteria”.

Renata Taylor-Byrne, December 2016.  (See these sources: The gut brain connection.***)


What my clients gain from my service

Individual who have been through our Lifestyle coaching/ counselling process tell us that what they got included: (1) A listening ear; empathy; and moral support; (2) A teaching/learning experience, including insights into a broad range of research studies that help them to better manage their time, space, relationships, health, wealth and happiness; (3) Acceptance and reassurance – including a secure base, from which they learned to be more secure in their real-world relationships; (4) Appropriate advice, which fitted in well with their needs, wants, desires and goals; (5) And help to become a better problem solver in every area of life.


Renatas-coaching-div2Now I want to help you…

To arrange an appointment, please call me today,

On: 01422 843 629

Or email me on 

Or go to our Contact Us page to find out how to leave a message, request a call-back, or request a specific appointment day/time.

Renata Taylor-Byrne BSc (Hons) Psychol, DipSM, MAC, CCC.Reg

Lifestyle Coach-Counsellor


For more information about me, please see the About Renata Taylor-Byrne – Lifestyle Coach page.***

For details of my fees, please go to my Schedule of Fees page.***


PS: I also offer telephone coaching-counselling all over the world via the telephone system.


Also, please take a look at my blog: Renata’s Coaching Blog.***


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