Life Coaching Hebden Bridge

Updated on 26th December 2021

Life Coaching in Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Coaching Services

Face to face coaching services; plus telephone coaching.



I help individuals with problems of self-confidence, stress, career difficulties, habit change, communication problems, self-assertion, sleep difficulties, presentation skills, tension and relaxation, health issues, and general emotional turbulence.


The main kinds of problems with which I can help include the following:

(1) Managing stress levels

(2) Developing self-confidence and self-esteem

(3) Overcoming public performance anxiety and stage fright: (Speaking in public, including presentations, examinations, or job interviews).

(4) Using nutrition and exercise to control your anger, anxiety and depression

(5) Sleep problems, which flow from insufficient sleep, or sleep disruption

(6) Developing habit change skills



The most important things that I do for my clients are:

renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coach(1) Give them a sense of security and hope as they realise they have a powerful ally (who has many useful models and tools to share), to work with them on their current problems.

(2) Give them a safe space in which they are able to fully express their current dilemma, receive support and validation, and experiment with role–playing, visualisation or the trying out of problem-solving models.

(3) Share with them the latest research findings which can help them in their current situation.

For more information, please click this link: More things I do for my clients.***


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