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“This service is a unique innovation in the field of couples therapy and marriage guidance”.


Updated on 5th March 2020

“If you think couples therapy is expensive, you should check out the cost (financially and emotionally) of a divorce!”

Dr Jim Byrne

Update: 16th March 2020: For the duration of the Corona-virus (COVID-19) crisis, I will be available for Telephone Counselling and Skype Counselling. But I will not be available for face-to-face counselling

I will be addressing my normal range of problems and issues, and, in addition, I will be happy to help you with any health anxiety you might be feeling.


If you are looking for help with your couple relationship, then I can help you.

Dr Jim's office2My name is Jim Byrne, and I have more than twenty-one years’ successful experience of helping people with couples’ therapy.  I have  a doctoral degree in counselling, from the University of Manchester, and I am a fellow member of the International Society of Professional Counselors (FISPC).

I see clients in Hebden Bridge, most often; though I have helped some couples over the telephone and Skype from various parts of the world.

My couples therapy approach begins with a three-part process, which involves:50% responsibility

  1. Asking you to complete three or four pre-meeting assessment questionnaires;
  2. Meeting with you as a couple – for 90 minutes – to collect more information about the problems you are encountering as a couple; and:
  3. Writing two, individual, post-meeting reports (one for each partner), which digests your assessments, and what I learned about you both from our face-to-face meeting. These reports will contain a few of the most important insights and action suggestions that will help you to take your relationship forward in a positive direction.  (You may share your report with your partner, if you wish; but I never will, because of the importance of confidentiality of anything and everything you share with me!)

Because this process – especially the report drafting and refining process – takes such a long time to do, the cost is relatively high, compared to a conventional (face to face only) couples therapy session. The focus of my report is always, ‘Strategies for improving your marital relationship’; and it will also contain a lot of insights into how to change yourself in order for your partner to want to change too.

Conflict and healthThe overall cost to you for the three-part process described above will be £450.00.  (The average UK cost of a divorce in 2020 is £14,561; plus £35,000 house move costs; plus…plus…and plus the emotional cost!)

Making an appointment and paying your fee

When you contact me to set up an appointment, I will pencil you and your partner into my diary for a 90 minutes joint session, on a day and time to suit both of you. I will then send you an electronic invoice, with a payment link, on which you can use a credit or debit card.  Once your payment arrives, I will ink you both into my diary. (If you would prefer it, I can send you my bank details instead, and you can pay your fee directly into  my bank account).

Receiving your reports

Within a few days of our face to face meeting, I will send each of you my individualized reports. (In the case of unusual complications, this could take up to a week or eight days). So, each of you will receive a personal report, which will be confidential to you.  I will not share your report with your partner.Report as personal insight

My reports will provide the basis for you and your partner to come to understand yourselves better – especially the dynamics that cause major problems in your relationship – and to make the personal changes that will move your relationship forward into a positive, rewarding, loving and enjoyable future.

Staying together or splitting amicably

Of course, some couples will decide that the evidence of significant incompatibilities warrants a separation/divorce, rather than a repairing/rebuilding of their relationship; but armed with my reports they are more likely to achieve an amicable separation, which avoids exorbitant legal fees; and also sidesteps the heartache of protracted angry recriminations.

Whether you end up rebuilding your relationship, or taking it apart in a civilized, loving manner, which minimizes stress for all the parties involved (including any children!), I would consider either outcome to be a step up from the often hateful, vengeful, recriminatory splits that make life miserable for everybody.

Follow-up therapy sessions

Rewiring brain for happy relationshipsIf you need to return for additional sessions – after completion of the three-part process described above – then the fee for any such session will be at the lower rate of £100 for a 45 minute daytime session; or £200 for a double (daytime) session of 90 minutes.

If you cannot make it to a daytime session, and want an evening or weekend session, then the fee will be £130.00 for a 45 minutes session; or £260.00 for a 90 minute session.  I recommend double sessions when you and your partner attend together, because the time is shared equally, and it absolutely flies by.

If you’d like me to help you with your couple relationship, then please phone me on 01422 843 629, to set up a pencilled-in appointment.

Or email me at

For more information about me, please go to About Dr Jim Byrne.***

Or take a look at a collection of unsolicited testimonials that were sent to me by former and/or current clients.***

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Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne, happily married since 1986 – and happily coupled since 1980

Confidential reportIf you think it would be difficult to get your partner to accompany you to couples therapy, then please read the following advice on the Gottman Institute website: 5 Steps to Inspire Your Partner to Join You in Attending Couples Therapy.***


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