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Updated on 8th May 2023


Hello and welcome:

Dr-Jim-photo-cover002This page contains a list of testimonials from a few dozen of Jim Byrne’s former (and/or current) counselling clients; plus a link to dozens more testimonials on a second page.


I (Jim) have been very fortunate that so many of my former counselling and therapy clients (and some current clients) have chosen to write to me about what they gained from working with me.



nature-and-health31These testimonials were written, or, in six cases, uttered, by former (and/or current) counselling and therapy clients, without any encouragement from me; and these individuals were asked for their permission to reproduce their statements here, and elsewhere, in order that future clients might get a flavour of what people gain from working with Jim Byrne. (The clients’ initials and locations have been altered to preserve anonymity/confidentiality! And they comprise a good balance of males and females).



♣ “Hello Jim, … Soon after Cutting the Childhood Ties with my dad, I found I was much stronger in dealing with him, and with my husband. I now have more self-belief and assertive communication ability. … and I do feel that I will see similar benefits from having done the second part of Cutting the Childhood Ties work with my mum this week. Thank you for strengthening me…”

T.D., Skipton, West Yorkshire. (Two sessions of Cutting the Childhood Ties; a rite of passage).


♣ “Dear Jim, I can’t believe the extraordinary value I’ve gained from all the solutions you’ve written up for me in your amazing reports”.

B.L., Blackburn, Lancs. (Long-term help with trauma and relationship problems).


♣ “Dear Jim, A kind of miracle has happened. Because of the insights I got from our latest counselling session, I seem to be coming out of the obsessional infatuation with (the woman we’ve discussed); and I can see an end in sight. I can see myself regaining my autonomy, and my authenticity, my sanity, and my stable marriage, without this endless obsession which was driving me mad. You are a great therapist with some wonderful processes, and a great understanding to what was going on in the basement of my mind”.

B.J., Liverpool. (Several sessions of Telephone Counselling – based on Almost Pure Talk Therapy).


♣ “Hi Jim, … I did not think it was possible to change the world when the past is not changeable. But the cutting the ties exercise has done just that. I now feel like my childhood has been washed clean. And it is definitely changing how I relate to my partner and other people today. … Thank you so much.”

F.J., Cragg Vale, Calderdale. (Two sessions of Cutting the Childhood Ties process; and two sessions of Almost Pure Talk Therapy for interpersonal difficulties).


♣ “Dear Jim, When I first contacted you, my life was in ruins. I could not control my negative emotions. … I was crying all the time… My attachment to my partner was very weak and wobbly, and I had no idea how to reduce the emotional pain of being in that relationship. Today, 14 months later, I am a new person. I … feel confident and self-regarding. I have lost my social anxiety around my professional and personal activities. And I am in a wholly new kind of secure relationship which feels like it has a stable future to it. I am so very grateful for your skilful help, your words (and documents) of wisdom, and emotional support. Thank you…”

M.H., Liverpool, UK. (14 sessions of my Main Service for an array of emotional, behavioural and relationship problems).


♣ “Dear Jim, I am so grateful for your help with the terrible trauma of the suicide of my mum. You kept my feet on the ground, and I was able to lean on you for support. When things are bad, I hear your voice in my head, giving me strength to carry on, and helping me to cope with the horrible aftermath… flashbacks… Seeing her lying there… Your professional help allowed me to get back from the brink…”

E.S., Guilford, Essex. (Four sessions of Psychological First Aid via Skype, for post-suicide trauma).


♣ “Dear Jim, When I first contacted you, my life was in ruins. I could not control my negative emotions. … I was crying all the time… My attachment to my partner was very weak and wobbly, and I had no idea how to reduce the emotional pain of being in that relationship. Today, 14 months later, I am a new person. I … feel confident and self-regarding. I have lost my social anxiety around my professional and personal activities. And I am in a wholly new kind of secure relationship which feels like it has a stable future to it. I am so very grateful for your skillful help, your words (and documents) of wisdom, and emotional support. Thank you…”

M.H., Liverpool, UK. (14 sessions of my Main Service for an array of emotional, behavioural and relationship problems).


♣ “Hello Jim, Thanks for your report which has helped to clarify a lot of things for me, and I can now see that I was part of the problem, which was not my earlier view. You have given me some great solutions, great ways of moving forward, and I am very grateful for that. …”

K.D. Bradford, West Yorkshire. (A Single Package of the Main Service, for serious couple relationship problems.)


♣ “Dear Jim, … Things are greatly improved between me and Ken (not his real name! – JB). Without your help we would be heading for divorce, but instead I think we can now make it… I am so grateful to you, and I think your work is so valuable…”

F.J., Cragg Vale, Calderdale. (Two double sessions of my Main Service for couple relationship problems).


♣ “Hi Jim, Because of the therapy work we did together I feel calmer and more relaxed and playful. And I am more communicative with others. You helped me to understand the damage in my parents, and how it got into me and my sister. And how I have acted that out in my adult relationships. This gives me a real chance to change, and to have a happier relationship next time. … I owe you a big thanks…”

E.P., Rochdale, Lancs. (Three sessions of face to face Almost Pure Talk Therapy).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, I’m very grateful for your latest report, which is highly detailed and analytical, as always. The content about the (personal details about my relationship) is fascinating. I think your analysis is brilliant, and it sums up so much about my life that I could never have put into words. … Thanks again…”

M.H., Wigan, Lancs. (Three “single packages” of my main service, via the telephone; followed by detailed reports).


♣ “Hello Jim, I found your documents on anxiety to be very helpful. I will be making some of the lifestyle changes that you mentioned, and also managing my body better to help to calm my mind”.

N.J., Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Two sessions of face to face counselling – [a double package” of my Main Service] – for social anxiety and stress).


♣ “Hey Jim, I got the handouts on anger, and they have helped a lot to calm my temper; and to cool things here at home. I am so grateful to you for your expertise…”

P.J., Minnesota, Min. US. (Six sessions of telephone counselling, Main Service, for anger and relationship problems).


♣ “Thanks Jim! After nearly six months of wrestling with insomnia and anxiety, I slept like a baby last night”.

C.T., Halifax, West Yorkshire. (One face-to-face session of Almost Pure Talk Therapy, for anxiety and insomnia).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into helping me to begin to understand myself, and how I function emotionally. This has made a huge difference in terms of learning to be more conscious of my motives, and my unhelpful urges. Now I can begin to change myself in helpful ways”.

K.V., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of my Main Service for emotional and relationship problems).


♣ “Hello Jim, The work you have done on my behalf is paying dividends. It really works. I particularly enjoyed you analysis of the ways in which my personality changes from context to context, with lots of guidance on how to change for the better.”

D.S., Bradford. (A Single Package of my Main Service***, for problems of couple relationships and social anxiety).


♣ “Hi Jim, I am feeling fine. No sign of anxiety or panic. I will always be very grateful to you for the amazing way you helped me to regain control of my mind. I will never forget you!”

C.T., Crag Vale, Calderdale, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of Almost Pure Talk Therapy for anxiety and panic about health issues).


♣ “Hey Jim, Thanks for the really interesting document you sent on increasing emotional intelligence. I think this will really help with the problem we discussed.”

E.S., North Wales. (Three sessions of telephone counselling for relationship problems and anger management issues).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hello Jim, I feel so much better since I’ve been consulting you. Most of my main problems – from relationship insecurity to assertive communication – have cleared up. Some of my biggest worries have simply dissolved”.

M.H., Preston, Lancs. (Four sessions of Skype counselling for a range of attachment and relationship issues).


♣ “Good morning Jim. Thank you so much for your amazing information which you’ve been sending me over the past few weeks. It’s unbelievably helpful and so amazing to read and learn from. 

“I do feel really great right now with your help, and I’m keeping my work/leisure/exercise balance on top form, so 2022 really has been a positive and productive year already! 

“I can’t thank you enough, I really appreciate your help when I need it!”

N.E., Crag Vale, West Yorkshire. (Two single sessions of my Main Service, for family tragedies; involving five assessment questionnaires; two counselling meetings over Skype; two detailed reports; and 10 follow-up documents).


♣ “Hi Jim, I know this will sound like a cliché, but I really do feel like a new man. You helped me to turn around a very difficult emotional and relationship problem, and you gave me back control of my life. The processes you did with me were amazing – so powerful! Thank you for everything!”

T.D., Malaga, Spain. (Five assessment questionnaires, one Skype counselling session, and five follow-up psycho-educational documents; all directed at emotional and relationship problems).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hey Jim, The educational information you gave me about the connection between particular nutrients and foods and my negative emotions proved to be amazing. I have moved into a much better emotional place because I made the changes you recommended. (Of course, your words of wisdom also helped!)”

A.J., North Manchester. (One session of Almost Pure Talk Therapy, for depression and anger).


♣ “Hi Jim, The poem you wrote for me about six weeks ago has finally sparked a poem of my own, which helped me to get in touch with feelings that had been frozen for decades. I have melted those feelings and got them out of my chest and my heart; and I now feel so very much better as a result. Thanks for your creative endeavours…”

B.L, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of Skype counselling for attachment and relationship issues).


♣ “Hello Jim, Thanks for the Telephone session, which has reduced my distress enormously. And your follow up documents have helped to deepen my recovery from such painful feelings… I am doing the homework!”

H.M. Malta. (Three sessions of Telephone Counselling for relationship problems).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, I hope you are well. You may remember me, even though it’s more than six years since we worked on my problems together. We worked on a range of problems that were destroying my happiness and my relationships with women. After that work, I moved forward with gusto, into a much better place. I changed my business; met a wonderful woman and fell in love. We are very happy together, and business is good. The therapy processes that you taught to me have served me well. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful, skilful support and teaching. I wish you and yours all the happiness and health in the world.

E.F., Sardinia. Previously based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling, including ‘Cutting the Ties from Childhood Parents’).


♣ “Hello Jim, I didn’t expect the ‘cutting the ties’ process to work so quickly, but within two days of our session, I found myself in a pleasant conversation with a friendly, good-looking man, who was not totally bad for me. Not a messed up bum! This felt very strange, but also very nice. A novelty!  And my mother seems to have got off my back completely!”

T.W., Rome. (Two sessions of Skype counselling for relationship problems and family of origin problems).


♣ “Hello Jim. Thank you for your report and analysis of my relationship with Jane. (Not her real name – JB). Your insights and analysis are already helping us to understand ourselves and the way we’ve been relating to each other, which is making a difference. I feel confident that this will help us to create a stronger relationship”.

T.C., Crag Vale, Calderdale, West Yorkshire. (One session of my main service for couple conflict problems).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, I’ve learned a lot from working through all the materials you’ve been sending to me over the past few weeks.  As we approach the end of the fourth week, I would like to make an appointment for a second session. … I think this service is great value for money, and your fees are well justified!”

V.F., Bradford, West Yorkshire. (One session of my main service, for personal and professional difficulties; including marriage problems).


♣ “Dear Jim, I’ve been using the techniques you taught me, to calm my body and mind. This makes it easier to resist clinging to Ryan, when my insecurity alarm goes off! (Ryan is not his real name! JB) I’m practicing being more independent, and “standing in love”, as you say. I feel you have woken me up from years of bad habits which were spoiling my marriage. You are a wise and kind man, and I thank you for that”.

G.N., Rochdale, Lancashire. (One session of my main service).


♣ “Hello Jim, After five years of working together, I have now reached the kind of place that seems to work very well.  My emotional and behaviour problems are largely cleared up. You have guided me through some dark and difficult places, and helped me to mature and grow. When I encounter problems these days, I always ask myself, ‘How would Jim handle this?’ And the answer is always helpful.  I am unlikely to forget the contribution you’ve made to bringing me to this very nice resting place!  Thank you.”

K.G., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (Five years of intermittent counselling consultations [mostly face to face] on a broad range of emotional issues).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hey Jim, I have been feeling much more positive over the past few days, as a result of the work we’ve been doing on my personality. My negativity has gone down a lot. I look forward to the next phase.”

E.T., Blackburn, Lancs. (One session of online counselling, with one month of follow up support with informational [psycho-educational] materials).


♣ “Thanks so much Jim for all the work you put in to help me resolve my conflict with Frank (not his real name! JB). Your expert knowledge and ‘courage coaching’ helped me to put up the boundary that should have been there for years. Now I feel so much less anxious and stressed by all the crisis management of the past year.

L.C., Rochdale, Lancs. (One session of my median service for family conflict).


♣ “Hi Jim, Your support helped me to get in touch with my Inner Strength. I was feeling very weak and discouraged, and feeling so bad about myself, but you helped me to change all that. I don’t know how you turned me around, but I owe you a debt of gratitude…”

C.M., Wadsworth, Hebden Royd. (Received two days after the sixth session of Skype counselling for family trauma after-effects).


♣ “Dear Jim… I wanted to say how grateful I am for all your help with my anxiety, and especially my Covid anxiety. Your knowledge and skills made a big difference, and now I have my anxiety under control”.

A.K., Singapore. (Six sessions of Skype counselling for anxiety and panic).


nature-and-health31♣ Hi Jim, Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into helping me to get to grips with my problem of procrastination in my new job, during this difficult trial period. I just wanted to let you know that during the past four weeks my productivity has been generally on the rise (especially since last week’s session). Your help is very much appreciated at this challenging time.

M.K., Preston, Lancs. (Six sessions of Skype counselling for work and personal relationship problems).


♣ “Hi Jim. You have already exceeded all my expectations in only two sessions of telephone counselling.  And I am extremely grateful for these most generous follow-up notes and handouts, which contain important insights and guidance. You have helped me a lot, and I have much to contemplate and integrate before our next session.”

B.J., Blackburn, Lancs. (Two sessions of telephone counselling for early childhood trauma and current relationship problems).


♣ “Good Morning Jim, I hope you and your wife are keeping well in these challenging times.  I wanted to drop you a line to give you some great news.  Frank and I have had a real break-through in our relationship.  He recently began to demonstrate his love for me in ways that had not happened for years. I was blown away! So here is my big thank you, and I will always be grateful to you for your great guidance and therapy.

K.D., Calderdale, West Yorkshire. (Four sessions of couples therapy).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, Just a quick line to let you know that your work is lasting and I’m still so glad I found you to help me. Hope you are well! It must be more than 15 years since you helped me to get out of a big emotional mess.

H.N., North Wales. (Several sessions of email and telephone counselling for a range of challenging emotional issues).


♣ “Hi Jim, … Since you helped me to ‘cut the ties’… something deep and fundamental has changed…  I feel more solid and secure about my path through life. There is more of ‘me’ in my interactions with others.  I got on really well with my mother when I visited her, which is a huge change, and there was more respect between us. Thank you for your help.”

K.M. Todmorden, Lancs. (One session of ‘Cutting the Ties that Bind’, for release from a difficult parent).


♣ “Hi Jim, Thank you for all the really helpful ideas you gave me, to help me find a way forward.  I’m doing all the homework activities, including working at changing my diet, and setting a challenging goal for myself.  I have stopped worrying about all the things that were driving me crazy. I’m feeling healthier and happier, and taking each day as it comes.

T.K., Rochdale, Lancs. (Two sessions of telephone counselling for stress and anxiety).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, Just a quick note to say it was nice to see you today for a productive counselling session.  I’ve been working hard using your system of reframing and reinterpreting the things that make me unhappy, so that I am now feeling happier much of the time. I am becoming more ‘adult’ and less ‘parental’, by using the things you taught me about parent and adult language. And you certainly convinced me that life doesn’t have to be such a struggle, and I am working at giving up my habit of struggling with everybody and everything that I meet.  That saves a lot of emotional and physical energy, and leaves me free to feel happy and at peace most of the time.”

K.G., Grag Vale, Calderdale. (Eight sessions of face-to-face counselling for addictions and personality adaptation problems).


♣ “Hi Jim, I think you’re a genius, the way you helped me with my anxiety, my relationship problems, and even my gut problem.  Your guidance and advice were invaluable. Nobody had been able to help me, up to seeing you.  Of course, I still have occasional low days, but most of the time I feel wonderfully well. I just cannot find the words to express my gratitude to you for the fact that I now feel at peace with my very difficult family background, and my recent relationship problems, and my anxiety and panic.  I am much more aware of my feelings and how to manage them. I have never felt so content and at peace in my life before, and it’s a great feeling.  I am a changed person because of your wisdom. Thank you so very much.”

N.P., Halifax, West Yorkshire. (Fourteen sessions of face-to-face counselling for anxiety, attachment issues, family-of-origin problems, and couples therapy).


♣ “Dear Jim, H. (my husband) and I had a great holiday together, with the kids, which I had been dreading due to the expectation of unhappy conflict.  Mostly it went very well, and when we did hit a couple of conflict situations we were able to talk through our feelings and reach a happy outcome – thanks to your teaching of communication strategies.  This is a huge step forward for us!  I feel loved and appreciated by H., much more than ever before. And I’ve been able to resist responding in ways that he might see as aggressive or confrontational. When we came to see you, just a few weeks ago, it looked like our marriage was over, but we have made so much progress in a few weeks that we both feel confident that our marriage will survive – though we both recognize that we will have to continue to be alert to how we manage our conflict. I am back to feeling happy again, after months of feeling miserable. Thank you for your skilful help! :-)”

M.P., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (Two joint sessions, and four individual sessions, of couple’s therapy).


nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, Your help has been absolutely brilliant.  I feel blessed with your help.  I am learning how to think about my feelings…”

K.L., Rochdale.  (Four sessions of F2F counselling for insecure attachment to current partner, and parents).


♣ “Hi Jim, My anger has diminished in the main context in which it was a problem; and also in some other areas of my life.  My behaviour has gone from being spontaneously aggressive when frustrated or insulted, to being forgiving and cooperative, at no cost to myself, but with lots of gains in terms of peace of mind and happiness”.

C.J., Crag Vale. (Three sessions of F2F counselling for anger management).


♣ “Jim, Thanks for the help you gave me last year.  Things are very much better these days.  You were a great help.  So thanks for that!”

P.H., Bradford. (Three sessions of F2F counselling for alcohol abuse to cope with unmanaged stress).


♣ “I am so grateful to you, Jim, for all the help and support you provided during my cancer treatment. Your approach to promoting positive mental attitude, and balanced lifestyle has made a huge difference to the outcome of my treatment”.

J.J.Q., Ontario, Canada.  (Ten sessions of Skype counselling as psychological first aid).


nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, …It’s impossible to repay you for what you’ve done for me… I can’t even put into words the things that have changed and improved through your guidance and support.”

C.J., Rochdale, Lancs. (Long-term psychotherapy client).


♣ (Spoken during a counselling session): “I am a fully-functioning human being now, for the first time in my life, and that is all down to the help you’ve given to me over the long counselling journey I’ve been on with you!”

D.E., Todmorden, Lancs. (Several years of counselling and therapy – sometimes weekly, often fortnightly, or monthly – for traumatic childhood abuse by disturbed parents, resulting in insecure attachment style, anxiety/panic, and adult relationship problems).


♣ “Hello Jim, A couple of years ago you were a great help to me when I was struggling with anger problems within my family.  You helped me to think, feel and act better than I had been doing, and the problems got resolved.  Now my work and home life are better, and I’m in a good relationship.  Thank you so much for all your skilful help and your kind and compassionate treatment of me and my problems.”

K.P.C., Belgium.  (Four sessions of Skype counselling for anger management and social skills development).


♣ “Dear Jim, Thank you so much for the very effective Gestalt therapy work on my relationship with my father.  It worked really well, and I have now resolved the problems that were haunting me.  Thank you for your gentle and kind approach, and I wish you well in the future.  If I need more help, I will contact you again.”

J.D., Cragg Vale, (Four sessions of Gestalt chair work for unresolved conflict with a difficult father-figure).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, Thanks for the very helpful desensitisation session the other day.  I have definitely improved my anxiety symptoms since that session.  And I am working on the homework you gave me to follow up, so I am hopeful of continuing improvement over time”.

T.E., Leeds, (One session of face-to-face desensitisation therapy for high anxiety in social contexts).


♣ “Hi Jim, I didn’t believe you would be able to help me, because of my age, and the fact that I’ve tried many times before and failed to make any improvement in my anxiety, panic and social withdrawal.  But you really got me working on those hidden traumas from early childhood, and I’ve been able to ‘digest them’, as you put it, and they have disappeared from my mind!  It was difficult facing up to the pain, but it certainly has proved to be worth it.”

K.N.P., Rochdale, (Three sessions of Gestalt therapy, and re-parenting, for childhood trauma).


♣ “Hi Jim, … My Confidence has peaked.  I can handle the public presentation now without any of my previous sense of anxiety and panic! I am very grateful…”

E.C., Crag Vale, West Yorkshire.  (Three sessions of face-to face counselling for self-esteem issues).


nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, … I’ve changed so much since I’ve been seeing you. … I’m much more confident and better able to communicate authentically, but I still want to keep working with you to keep growing”.

V.L., Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling for various self-identity issues).


♣ “Jim, I saw you last year for a few sessions because of problems of self-doubt, anxiety and fearfulness that I would crack under the strain at work.  You helped me to find a great way forward, which is really paying off.  Thanks for all your help…”.

J.A., Luddenden Foot, West Yorkshire.  (Four sessions of face-to-face counselling for stress-related problems).


♣ “Hi Jim, I would like to thank you for all of your support during our sessions.  Talking about my issues was a big challenge for me, but you made me feel comfortable and at ease.  You really helped to open me up to new ways of thinking and feeling, and better ways of handling my relationship…”

D.M., Halifax, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of counselling and therapy for relationship communication problems).


♣ “Hi Jim, Hope you are well. The relaxation exercise we went through last week was extremely helpful, it gave me incredible amounts of inner peace that I have haven’t felt since I was very little. The process taught me how to digest unpleasant emotions, instead of letting them build up. … I look forward to seeing you on Friday morning”.

K.S., Todmorden, Lancashire.  (Ten sessions of face-to-face counselling and therapy for a range of personal development issues).


nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, Last Christmas I thought my marriage (to ‘Len’ [not his real name!]) was over.  … But, with your help, we’ve managed to rediscover the love we always had for each other, over many, many years, up to recently.  … It’s like going back in time, to happier days of love.  I am happier now than at any time in the past four years of strife”.

M.T., Howarth, West Yorkshire. (Four sessions of couples’ therapy for problems of relationship conflict and a drift towards separation).


♣ “Thank you Jim. In just six counselling meetings with you, my happiness level has gone up from 1/10 to 5/10.  I understand myself better.  And I am now better ‘qualified’ to have a more successful relationship next time I meet a suitable partner”.

M.S., Halifax, West Yorkshire.  (Six sessions of counselling for grief about the end of an unhappy relationship).


♣ “Hi Jim, Thanks for your help and support and guidance.  Your advice to ‘let nature take its course’, in my relationship with my daughter and grandson, really paid off.  She came to see me after three weeks of my resisting (with great difficulty) phoning or emailing her.  And she and her husband stayed for two days, and I had a lovely time with them and my grandson.  It was the best imaginable visit!  My daughter and I are closer than ever, now that you have encouraged me to ‘let her go’!  Thank you so much!”

D.B., Crag Vale, West Yorkshire.  (Two sessions of face to face counselling for anxiety about relationship conflict).


nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, I just had to write to thank you for your help with my stress problem, about my conflict at work problem.  My boss held a meeting of the team yesterday, and I was able to explain my role in recent difficulties, because I had taken your advice and wrote it all out in a journal, and analyzed it until I understood the entire dynamic.  I was also well-exercised, and well-nourished, and I had drunk three glasses of water by the time the meeting began.  I also used the assertive communication phrases you taught me!  It went so well, I could not believe how different it felt.  And you have probably saved my career in the process!  Thanks for a really surprising and delighting outcome!”

K.I.M., Toronto, Canada. (Two sessions of Skype counselling for problems of conflict at work).


♣ “Dear Jim, After four years of therapy with you, I have finally achieved a sense of secure attachment, and a basic trust in you, which I never achieved with my disturbed parents!”

E.D., Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Many, many sessions of counselling and therapy for relational trauma of a profound kind – face-to-face in Hebden Bridge).


♣ “Hi Jim, Thanks for all the help with my drug addiction.  The strategies you taught me are working.  My situation has improved to a significant degree”.

N.P., Crag Vale, West Yorkshire.  (Three sessions of face-to-face coaching and counselling for impulse control).


nature-and-health31♣ “Thanks for all your help Jim – I found our sessions really insightful – and they’ve really helped me understand my passive behaviour, and how to become more self-assured in situations of work conflict. So far I’ve read the depression leaflet every day – I absolutely intend to continue every day for several months.  My depression has lifted and I feel great.”

T.L., Todmorden, Lancs.  (Three sessions of counselling for depression about work related stress). (All initials and locations changed to protect the clients’ identities).


♣ “Dear Jim, I thought you might like some feedback, to sustain your untiring endeavours!  …. I feel liberated by the work we did together, and not so obsessed or even interested in how people behave, or what they think about me or (name of partner deleted). Of all the things I’ve tried with you, the Cutting the Ties that Bind process has been the most profound – whether standing alone or as a part of what’s been going on since I began talking to you. I’d recommend it to anybody who comes from a difficult family background! …”

H.W., North Leeds, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of individual counselling for anger management and emotional distress; plus one session of couple’s therapy).


♣ “Hey Jim, Your advice was absolutely on the money.  I changed priorities as suggested; took some self-improvement time; and now the main issue looks much more controllable!”

R.T., New York City. (Three sessions of telephone counselling for self-improvement).


♣ “Thank you Jim for providing me with the tools to move on and become a confident person, sure of my own capabilities and beliefs. I know this will require me to keep working on my issues in the future, whenever I slip back. But right now I feel at peace and self-confident.  It’s a shame schools don’t teach the knowledge and skills that you teach!”

T.L., East Lancashire. (Six sessions of counselling for low self-esteem, plus confidence coaching).


Jim's counselling logo♣ “To Dr Jim Byrne: Your analysis of my situation was uncanny in its accuracy and insightfulness.  Your description of the roles that (partner’s name [omitted]) and I play in relation to each other was so helpful.  We have begun to change to a more functionally useful mode, and to enjoy our life together once again!

N.P., Paris, France.  (Three telephone counselling sessions for relationship difficulties).


“Jim, Herewith enclosing the book you lent me, which I found very useful. … … I’d also like to thank you for the support, insights and tools you gave me whilst we worked together.  I find I’m using many of them – sometimes without realizing it which is great. … Thanks for your help in getting me to here”.

P.R. Halifax, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of counselling for relationship and career difficulties).


♣ “Jim, I was impressed by the huge changes I saw in my husband as a result of his counselling sessions with you”.

P.B., Haworth, West Yorkshire. (Four sessions of counselling for emotional distress and relationship problems).



♣ “Dear Jim, We are very pleased with the result we got from the couples therapy sessions we had with you.  Our problems are now largely resolved, and we are enjoying our relationship”.

O.A., Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of couples therapy; combined with four sessions of individual therapy for one member of this couple).


♣  “Thank you, Jim.  I use your Six Windows Model every time I’m emotionally disturbed; … and the specific applications you developed for dealing with depression, anger, and stress are very helpful.  … I normally rely upon my … religious beliefs to get me through my life, … but the Six windows philosophy made the difference recently.”

P.J.L., Argentina. (Three sessions of email counselling for a variety of emotional problems).


♣ “Hello Jim, I am so grateful to you for all the skilful help you’ve given me over the two years that I’ve been seeing you.  You have given me a new kind of life; new ways of relating; and an improved view of myself as a person in the world. Thank you so much.”

P.A.G., Cragg Vale, Calderdale. (20+ sessions of face to face counselling for a range of attachment, relationship and self-esteem issues).


nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, I want to express my gratitude for the help you gave me over the past few weeks.  I was in a bad way, lost, and not understood elsewhere – but you understood me, believed in me, and helped me to work out a better understanding of my condition.  You were right to focus on my diet and lack of physical fitness, rather than the psychiatric emphasis on my ‘brain chemicals’!  I am now back on my feet, and back in my university studying.  (In fact, I did a resit exam last week, and got a ‘grade A’ pass.)  Thank you for your excellent diagnostic and humanitarian skills.”

H.H.G., Bradford. (Six sessions of face to face counselling for unusual physical sensations and panic about personal identity difficulties).


♣ “Dear Jim. … I will never forget the speed and efficiency with which you helped me with my problems more than ten years ago.  I think a lot about the ideas you taught me, and I pass them on to people I meet who need help.”

T.P., Manchester.  (Six sessions of face to face counselling for performance anxiety in work).


♣ “Hi Jim, It was a major breakthrough when I managed to cry about my mother and my ex-boyfriend at our recent session.  As you know, I have never been able to process my grief. It’s been stuck inside me for more than thirty years.  I also had a big insight into how my parents encouraged me to develop depowering self-beliefs, which I had never spotted before!  I think these two things will change my life a lot”.

J.K., Leeds. (Ten sessions of face to face counselling for attachment problems).


Homepage-quote♣ Nazir Hussain said: “Jim is an exceptionally unique psychotherapist who loves to be straight forward, direct, fully honest and empathetic. His knowledge and skills are immense, very effective and life changing. I fully trust his counselling approaches and feel very comfortable to refer my loved ones and close friends to consult him in addressing practical and emotional life adversities.” (Posted on Referral Key, here:


♣ “Dear Jim, Thanks for all your help with my anxiety problem, my general health concerns, and the other issues we discussed.  I am feeling a lot better now, and, thanks to your input, I now know how to fix the problem.  The quality of your listening was great, and very helpful – but it was exceeded by the quality of your care for me! I got a lot off my chest, and you helped to clarify a lot of things for me. In the process, I grew a lot, and took more responsibility for solving my own problems.”

T.E.G., Bradford, UK.  (Six sessions of counselling and therapy for anxiety, panic and identity issues).


♣ “Dear Jim, You are the best therapist I know. I find your thinking and your models to be better than anyone else’s. And I have great faith in your ability to help me to work through whatever problems come up in my life.  You have guided me out of some very dark times – sometimes as if you just waved a magic wand – and sometimes leading me, step by step, by the hand – and I have told all my friends over the years how much you helped me to overcome my depression and jealous rages.  You are one of the most compassionate and empathic people I know.  And one of the bravest.  You never allow your ego to get in the way. Over the past ten years, I have always felt you in the background of my life, on a daily basis, as a solid pillar of support – even when we went for months or years without any contact”.

L.C., Hong Kong (36 sessions of mixed contact, comprising telephone counselling, email counselling and Skype counselling, over a period of twelve years).


A1, Jim and Nata counselling homepage

♣ To Dr Jim: “In just three sessions of counselling, you’ve helped to resolve my emotional problems about my childhood sexual abuse. I feel much happier and greatly distanced from it all”.

R.A.L., Mytholmroyd, (three sessions of face to face counselling for emotional distress arising out of memories of childhood abuse).


♣ “Dear Jim, I feel very much better than I did a year ago, and that is mostly down to coming here, to talk to you.  And since we did the work on releasing from my dad, the quality of my relationships with men has improved dramatically”.

P.A.J., Greater Manchester, (39 sessions of face to face counselling for a range of emotional problems).


♣ “Hi Jim, … You helped me to appreciate that the relationship with (name deleted) was doomed; and that I was only in it because of a very self-destructive habit pattern (or, as you said, ‘a repetition compulsion’).  You helped me to be clear about what was happening, and to find the resolve to walk away”.

B.D.O., Todmorden, Lancs, (2 sessions of face to face counselling for depression and anger about a dysfunctional love-relationship).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hello Jim, I have taken the advice you gave me last time. … You are very patient in the way you just keep reminding me of all the lessons I forget.  You have taught me so much.  I recently took some time away from the stressors you identified, and my brain functioning improved greatly.  And I was even able to remember some of the skills you taught me, and to apply them to good effect”.

R.H.C., Wakefield, (28 sessions of face to face counselling for anxiety, depression, and relationship problems).


♣ “Dear Jim, You have helped enormously to sort my head out.  I could not have got through the difficult bits without your help!”

G.E., Bradford, West Yorkshire: (18 sessions of face to face counselling for anxiety and stress).


♣ For Dr Jim Byrne: “There are no words to describe what you’ve done for me.  None!  I am a calmer and more centred human being because of your patience with me.  Your help has given me the confidence to trust myself and to go with what I think”.

F.R.G., Todmorden, Lancs: (27 sessions of face to face counselling for interpersonal relationship counselling).


♣ “Hello Jim: … I saw you in Halifax and Hebden Bridge for a few sessions of counselling for anger management and insomnia.  I resolved my problems with my partner; sold my house; and moved to a lovely part of the country with my dogs.  Now my life is sorted, no more anger or sleeplessness, and I am living my dream.  You were a big part of what got me here!”

D.G., Bradford: (Six sessions of face-to-face anger management and stress management counselling).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, At last I’ve … had the breakthrough that I was seeking.  And it came as a result of allowing the grief into my awareness and accepting it – as you suggested – instead of pushing it away. … The anger and hurt and sadness have all gone. … I feel happy, and at last I’ve let go of my ex-partner.  Thank you”.

A.G.A., Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of F2F counselling for relationship problems).


♣ To Jim: “…At our previous session, your main intervention had the precision of an acupuncture needle hitting the spot.  I felt a great sense of relief from depression and stress immediately.  I felt so light and free.  Thank you. …  See you next week”.

J.K.K., Wakefield, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of F2F counselling for emotional distress).


♣ “Dear Jim, I’ve been thinking back over the past year, and I really appreciate the great benefit I got from your guidance of my self-reflection.  I have learned so much from you. And I am so much more sorted out than I was.  Thank you”.

P.A.N., Crag Vale, Calderdale.  (36 sessions of Face 2 face counselling for stress and anxiety, and relationship maladaptation).


♣ “Hey Jim, … I continue to benefit from the Mind Hut, or Windows Model, at every opportunity when I’m in a bad emotional state, including depressive moments. It takes just half an hour or less and I recover a good emotional state that is also durable. … With appreciation for the work you do, I salute you and I will keep you as a reference point”.

M.V.S., Madrid, Spain (Two email counselling sessions for depression and stress).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hello Jim, Just a quick note to let you know that I am still making progress with your CENT approach, which is producing much better results than I ever got with REBT.  … Your willingness to ‘excavate’ parts of my childhood history helped me to get in touch with, and process, what I now recognize to have been a primal rejection by my mother.  I have given up ‘cognitive avoidance’ to engage with my emotions, and I feel much better as a result”.

B.C.C., Wakefield, Yorkshire.  (Ten sessions of face to face counselling for relationship trauma and attachment issues).


♣  “Hi Jim, I hope this postcard finds you well.  This is my office in Nigeria, or it will be for the next month or so.  I’ve been working all over the US and UK, and here in West Africa.  I’ve been thinking a lot about our counselling and coaching conversations which continue to serve me well in my personal and professional life.  I am very grateful for your help!”

N.V., Ibadan, Nigeria. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling for anger, stress and self-confidence).


♣ “Dear Jim.  I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me, and to say that also our longer term therapy certainly has/is working for me, in helping me to feel more securely attached to somebody.  I know you don’t go along with ‘unconditional’ acceptance, but the level of acceptance that I have experienced with you has been exceptional, and it has changed my sense of myself completely.  I’m also glad to have seen through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of my family dynamic, and just how ‘nuts’ it truly is”.

L.S.W., Leeds, West Yorkshire.  (Twenty-six sessions of face to face counselling for a variety of relationship and self-concept issues and problems).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hello, Dr Byrne.  Thank you for sending additional information regarding how to control my anxiety level. The CENT approach represents a big change in my life. Now I know there is a difference between ‘How I feel’ and ‘My objective situation or circumstances’. The one does not directly and totally correspond to the other. And only objective assessment of my situation or circumstances, using the Six Windows model, will produce the appropriate feelings!  I feel very much less anxious when I use the Windows Model”.

S.P.D., Berlin, Germany.  (Two sessions of email counselling; combined with reading the relevant sections of two books on CENT, involving self-help for anxiety and self-management)


♣ “Hi Jim. Thank you for helping me to effectively separate from my mother, and to be able to be my own person.  This has improved my relationship with her, even though she is a (psychologically) very disturbed individual.  I feel so much freer from her manipulation and provocation, and I know I will now be able to move on with my life…”

L.G., Bolton, Lancs. UK.  (Six sessions of face to face counselling, including a process of ‘cutting the ties’ from dysfunctional parents).


♣ “Dear Dr Jim, Your advice was very helpful.  The techniques you recommended for overcoming my depression worked very well, every time I used them.  I particularly liked your One Page Solution for Depression; and using the Six Windows Mind Hut model.”

C.G.G., Vienna, Austria.  (Two email counselling sessions for depression and work-related stress).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hiya Jim, Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.  Without you and this (counselling) work, I wouldn’t be here now.  I would have killed myself weeks ago!”

P.C., Rochdale, Lancs. UK. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling for anger, rage, attachment issues, couple conflict and suicidal intent).


♣ “Hi Jim, Thanks for sending the exercises to build self-confidence and self-esteem.  Now that I’ve finished doing them, I feel happier and healthier.  I also did the visualization you gave me to improve my courage and sense of personal power – and that also provided me with an improved sense of self”.

C.J., Berlin, Germany. (Three sessions of telephone counselling and two of email counselling).


♣ “Thanks Jim.  I’m feeling better – much happier – because … I’ve made some of the dietary changes you recommended, I’m doing some physical exercise, and also I am working on the psychological exercises you recommended…”.

G.S., Prague, Czech Republic. (Two sessions of Skype counselling and one of email counselling, for depression and discouragement).


♣ “Hi Jim.  It was like a miracle seeing you last week.  I felt very depressed and anxious before I saw you, and I’d been so lethargic for so long.  The following day I felt like I’d been to Lourdes and got a cure.  My energy is better, my moods are better, I feel I have a lot of hope and things to look forward to.  Thank you”.

A.B., Todmorden, Lancs, UK. (Three sessions of face to face counselling for chronic fatigue syndrome and related emotional problems).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hello Jim!  Your advice was very effective in calming me down – though I had to work at it, as you said I would!  Your advice will also be very helpful in dealing with the practical problems just up ahead.  Your models from Stoic philosophy, and your model for learning new skills, were very inspiring and encouraging, and I will use them a lot in the next few weeks, as I go through these very difficult changes in my life.  I’m glad to have you as my counsellor, Jim.”

H.J., Cote d’Azure, France.  (One session of email counselling and one session of telephone counselling).


♣ Verbal feedback: “Every time we come to see you, our relationship gets better and better.  We did not expect this.  We have now reached a kind of comfortable plateau, and we don’t know if things will get any better.  But we have talked about it, and we don’t know what you said or what you did to help us to get to this much nicer place in our relationship”.

Dr.A.D, North Halifax, West Yorkshire. UK. (Five sessions of face to face couples therapy).


♣ To Jim: “…I tell all my friends, and anyone who will listen, that I see you every week for coaching/counselling because I enjoy it, and because most weeks I get at least one idea from you which is worth ten times the fee that you charge”.

P.B., Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. UK. (Long-term face-to-face client, dealing with all kinds of day-to-day issues).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, I don’t know how you did it, but you did it.  You helped me to achieve ‘earned security’ in relationships.  Joy and I have got back together, got married, and our first baby is on the way.  I feel totally okay about everything, and no longer want to ‘run away’ from the restrictions of being related!  It’s like magic!”

P.P., Oldham, Lancashire, UK.  (Three sessions of face to face counselling, plus five telephone counselling sessions, for insecure attachment to his parents and all subsequent girlfriends).


♣ “Dear Jim, I saw you about one year ago for problems of alcohol and drug abuse, and also some risky sexual behaviour which could have destroyed my marriage.  You introduced me to meditation, physical exercise and some ideas about how to relate better to my wife, and also some insights into my childhood relationships with my mother and father.  I have given up alcohol and drugs completely, and become a much more stable family man.  My career has also taken a big jump up, because I am so much more focused and unblocked.  Thank you for all your help”.

J.M., Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.  (Six sessions of face to face counselling for relationship problems and self-discipline issues).


♣ “Dear Jim, I’ve been thinking about the really positive influence you had on me, in terms of my ability to relate well to a woman in my life.  Thanks for that.  My income still is not great, but the rest of my life is wonderful. I feel emotionally buoyant most days, because of the great help you gave me in getting through that difficult emotional development stage.  Keep up the good work.”

N.S., Ontario, Canada.  (Four sessions of email counselling for relationship problems, including insecure attachment style).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, … I cannot stress enough how important you have been in helping me through probably the hardest time of my life!  You clarified the issues and reassured me in equal measure, and guided me onto the right path for me to move forwards out of the darkness that surrounded me.  I know how important it is to keep going with my homework…”

C.T., Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.  (Two sessions of face to face counselling for distress about deeply personal matters).


♣ “Dear Dr Byrne, Many thanks for the great help and advice that you offered to my wife and me when we consulted you about the state of our marriage.  We both feel as if we have had a good servicing and overhaul of our thinking and feeling equipment.  Your insights about the way our childhood experiences meshed together – in that ‘avoidant-clinging’ pattern – has been most helpful.  We no longer push each other’s buttons the way we used to do, and we can reflect upon our own behaviours and be more realistically self-critical.  I will be in touch again soon for a top-up session…”

B.G., and D.G., Rochdale, Lancashire, UK. (Three sessions of face to face counselling for relationship conflict and attachment styles).


♣ “Hello Jim.  … I frequently remember the way you helped me a couple of years ago, and I am very grateful to you for your excellent therapeutic help.  Your teaching/coaching helped me to figure out how to reduce my anxiety level, which allowed me to get through my doctoral viva examination”.

J.J., Greater Manchester. (Four sessions of face to face counselling for anxiety and interpersonal communication skills).


nature-and-health31♣ “Hi Jim, It’s now five years since I first consulted you for counselling help, and I continue to benefit from the work we did together.  I no longer feel depressed or anxious for very long, and I can quickly figure out what is going on, and sort it out.  I recently read Erickson’s book entitled ‘My voice will go with you’, and I realized that your voice is always with me, encouraging me, and reminding me to think for myself.  I will always be very grateful for the help you gave me”.

M.G., Belfast. (Four sessions of telephone counselling, and two sessions of email counselling)

♣ “Dear Jim, … PS: We consulted you by telephone a few years ago, for relationship conflict, involving a very serious rift … And we are now happily married with a nine month old child.  Your help was fantastic, and we still use the phrases and descriptions you used then.  In fact, we have a list of insights on a laminated poster on our living room wall, to keep us on the straight and narrow! We will always be grateful for those insights.”

S.W. (and P.W), Sheffield. (Six sessions of telephone counselling [using speaker phone] for couple conflict and relationship advice).

♣ “Hello Jim, Thanks for all your help … The two sessions I had with you were more effective than the six sessions I had had previously with another therapist”.

JDP, Ottowa, Canada.  (Two sessions of telephone counselling for relationship problems).

♣ “Dear Jim, … I want to (extend) my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me, in such a short period of time.  When I first met you, just over a month ago, I thought you must be mad to suggest that you could help me to overcome my extreme distress and despair in ‘three or four sessions’.  I assumed you would find out in time that I am a major problem for you, and a long-term client.  And here we are, after three sessions, and I am happy and calm and undisturbed.  Our work together is complete!  I am on a new road, towards a better future, and it feels like I have landed on a nicer, purer planet that I did not know before.  And I feel like I have been washed in a therapeutic shower… that took away most of my sense of badness…  It’s like a miracle…”

HGF, Buttershaw, West Yorkshire, UK.

nature-and-health31♣  “Dear Jim, My Christmas went very well, thanks to you and your coaching and advice.  I now ask my family members to take their share of the housework, etc., and I ask for what I want and say ‘No’, when appropriate.  We are all much happier in this new situation”.

KLJ, Littleborough, Lancs, UK. (Three sessions of face to face counselling for assertiveness).

♣  “Hello Jim.  Thank you for the two sessions at your concessionary fee.  They have resolved the problem, and I am feeling and acting much better than I was.  I now understand why your full fee is £100 per session.  Your counselling processes were so potent, and cleared up my problems in record time”.

PTR, Leeds, West Yorkshire.  (Two sessions of face to face counselling).

♣  “I had a great Christmas and New Year, Jim, because I listened to what you were teaching me, and applied it over and over again.  I must have repeated my new beliefs a million times to get them firmly in my memory.  But now it works.  I’ve gone from misery to happiness in a few short weeks.  It’s like a miracle!”

BFC, Luddenden Foot, Calderdale, UK.  (Three sessions of face to face counselling for discouragement and despondency in relationships).

♣  “Hi Jim, The problem has moved around and changed, but I have grown in strength and understanding.  I have learned to be a bigger me because of you.  Thanks so much”.  DWE, Bradford, West Yorkshire.  (Four sessions of face-to-face counselling for relationship problems).

♣ “Hi Jim, … Working with you on my relationship with (Helena) has been a truly transformative experience.  You have opened my eyes to so many things I just could not see before.  …  And I feel like I’m a new person, … and my marriage is so much more alive now.  Thank you!”

H.H., Todmorden, Lancashire.  (Three sessions of face-to-face counselling for relationship problems).

♣ “Hi Jim, I feel so encouraged and uplifted by the work we did together, that I cannot imagine anything stopping me getting out there and achieving my goals.  I am not going to hide from my problems anymore!  Thanks to you”.

S.B., Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.  (One session of face-to-face counselling for social anxiety and discomfort anxiety).

nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, I would like to book three sessions of telephone counselling with you.  The work we have done so far has changed the trajectory of my life.  Things are looking much more hopeful and positive, because of the influence of our relationship on my attitudes towards life’s difficulties and problems”.

K.J., Washington, USA.  (Six sessions of telephone counselling for career and family problems).

♣ “Hi Jim, Thank you for teaching me your Six Windows Model, and sending the Confidence Book.  I now see my life much more as an interesting set of challenges, rather than an impossible mess.  The Six Windows Model is a powerful tool for changing the appearance of my world.  Everything looks and feels so much more manageable and controllable. Thanks again.”

B.B.G., Bradford, West Yorkshire.  (Two sessions of face-to-face counselling for low frustration tolerance and stress).

♣ “Dear Jim, Thank you for seeing my son earlier today.  He is greatly reassured that he will now be able to deal with the challenges that were destroying his self confidence.  I can scarsely believe the change in his mood and attitude! Thank you…”

P.T., Todmorden, Lancs.  (Immediate feedback on one session of face to face counselling provided for her teenage son, for problems of depression and lack of self confidence).

♣ “Dear Jim. … Around session three, the anger just drained out of me. Sessions four and five gave me some great insights and skills. I’m much better with my wife and my kids, and we all enjoy each other’s company so much more. I just feel so much more laid back. I cannot imagine getting angry about the things that used to send me insane!”

H.T., Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. (Five sessions of anger management coaching).

nature-and-health31♣ “Dear Jim, Thankyou for sharing your anxiety-reducing techniques with me. They’re helpful when things get bad. I have my panic under control”.

N.G., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (Four sessions of counselling for anxiety and panic attacks).

♣ “I took an online depression test before I consulted you. I have just re-taken that test, four months later. Huge difference! I went from ‘severely depressed’ to ‘within normal range’! I’m in the clear and feeling good! Thanks”.

P.P., Brittany, France. (Four sessions of telephone counselling).


If you are in need of help, with problems of anger, anxiety, depression, or other emotional, behavioural or relationship difficulties, then contact me today.

If you email me – at ABC Coaching – I will email back as soon as I can.

If you want to make contact urgently, then please phone me on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK) or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).


“Dear Jim, Thanks again for helping my son, Frank. The sessions were exactly what he needed, and have given him an ability to accept himself and to look kindly on himself for what happened. It is reassuring to know you are there should we need you. I wish you well and will always be grateful for your help and kindness”.

A.F.G., Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. (Two sessions of counselling for acute cognitive/emotive disorientation).

“Hi Jim. … … On a final note, I have friends who see therapists on a regular basis, some on medication, etc., and they seem no better off than myself. I believe your work over the phone and internet is as effective as anything I am observing…so keep up the excellent work. I believe you are really onto something and if I have an opportunity, I will recommend you to others! I assume you would not mind. …”

J.P., New York City, USA. (Four sessions of telephone counselling, plus three email exchanges).

nature-and-health31“Hi Jim. I think I’ve really improved since my appointment with you. Fear of flying and fear of change no longer seem like insurmountable problems to me. I now know exactly what my problem is: I’ve tended to believe ‘I absolutely have to be comfortable with change, or doing something different, or being off the ground, or out of control’. But not just that. Also that ‘If I’m not comfortable, or in control, then it’s awful and I’m embarrassing myself’. So I have an area of self-talk to focus on and work on. I really did enjoy my appointment. Yes you are the most eccentric and zany counsellor I’ve ever met, but in the nicest possible way. I think the humour helped get the ideas across. Give me a few weeks and I’ll be flying”.

PSG, Harrogate, West Yorkshire. (One session of coaching for anxiety).

If you want to find out how I can help you, then please phone Jim Byrne on:44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK); or:

01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); or:

Or email me at ABC Coaching.


“Dear Jim, … Great news! Michelle and I have been getting on really well for at least the past three months, for which we largely have you and Albert Ellis to thank! I still keep working on my thinking. It is amazing that I still find a lot of unhelpful ideas, and screwy ideas, washing around in my mind. You will be pleased to know that I persist with identifying and challenging them, and replacing them with more helpful ideas, just like you taught me”.

C.G., Paris, France. (Eight sessions of telephone counselling, including some couples counselling by telephone; plus a few email exchanges).

nature-and-health31“Hi Jim, I hope you are well.  I just want to say a big thank you because our couple of counselling sessions has made a huge difference to my life.  I’ve stopped procrastinating; worked on my relationship with (partner’s name); got my anxiety under control; changed from that job I didn’t like; and moved to a new and better house.  Your approach was simple and direct, but incredibly valuable and effective; and I just wanted to say a big thank you and to hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas.  I will definitely come and see you again in the New Year”.

L.P., Cornwall.  (Initials and location changed to protect the client).

…for more testimonials, please click here…


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