Health coaching and wellbeing support

Health Coaching and Wellbeing Support

Or how to cure your own chronic disease or ill health – with our support

By Dr Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne, in Hebden Bridge, and all over the world via the telephone system.

Update: 16th March 2020: For the duration of the Corona-virus (COVID-19) crisis, we will be available for Telephone Counselling; and Jim will be available for Skype Counselling.

We will be addressing our normal range of problems and issues, and, in addition, we will be happy to help you with any health anxiety you might be feeling.

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Health coaching for good physical and mental healthGood Health has to be our number one priority in life – physical health and mental health (or emotional wellbeing) – because, without good health, there is very little we can do about anything else, including pursuing material goals, happy relationships or spiritual enlightenment.  Poor health undermines the entire project of a happy, fulfilling and contented life.

Most people in the UK and US will tend to visit their general medical practitioner – their local practitioner of conventional medicine – as the first port of call when they experience any illness, physical or emotional.  A minority will make a visit to an alternative or complementary health practitioner.  And in time, many of those who first tried conventional medicine, will migrate to alternative and complementary approaches.

It has often been said that conventional medicine is highly effective at dealing with acute problems, like heart attacks, aggressive cancers, broken bones, torn skin, damaged internal organs (as in a car crash); etc.  However, it has equally often been said, if not more often, that conventional medicine has nothing much to offer those sufferers of chronic diseases, like diabetes, chronic fatigue, MS, ME, chronic pain, arthritis, and so on.  (For example, the success rate for hip and back surgery in reducing pain is apparently extremely low!)

Can't cure lifestyle problems with surgery and drugsOne of the major paradoxes of the ‘success’ of modern conventional medicine is this: Despite an astronomical growth in investment in the purchase and supply of pharmaceutical drugs, and the provision of many new surgeries and other high tech ‘solutions’, the number of people with chronic diseases grows ever greater year on year.  How to explain that?  The best explanation, from our perspective is this: You cannot cure a problem which is caused by bad lifestyle self-management behaviours by cutting bodies, or sticking drugs into them.

This is why we are now seeing the emergence of Health and Wellbeing Coaches all over the UK and the US.  People who are suffering from chronic disease, or low energy, or chronic pain, who want to get well, know that surgery and drugs are not going to solve their problems which result from living an unexamined life of bad habits and poor self-management of diet, exercise, sleep, and many other important lifestyle factors.


“Health coaching is a budding field built around the latest science on motivation and behavioural change. ‘Coaches give you a key role in determining your action plan, help you lay it out in a step-by-step format, and support you along the way’, explains clinical health psychologist Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD, director of health coaching for the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in Nashville”.

Oprah Magazine, February 2017, page 84.


Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne have been on a 40 year journey together towards better physical health and emotional wellbeing; during which time they did a lot of research on the links between stress and physical disease, as well as mental wellbeing.  And they frequently share the insights that they’ve collected over those years with clients who have chronic health problems.

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If you’ve reached the (temporary or permanent) end of the road with the conventional medical approach, and/or have not been able to solve your problems through consultations with alternative and complementary health professionals, then please give us a try.


“75% of people who opt into Humana’s weight-management coaching (program) successfully lose (weight) or maintain (earlier gains). The average amount dropped? Eight to ten pounds!”

Oprah Magazine, February 2017, page 85.


Dr Jim, Oct 2019Jim (a doctor of counselling) – who has not consulted a conventional medical doctor (GP) for more than 30 years – has recently cured his own low back pain and arthritis in his hips, and mild sciatic symptoms.  He is totally pain free.

In 2001, he published a book on how to reduce and control your stress level – which is an important set of skills if you want to be healthy: because protracted stress creates systemic inflammation in your body and brain, which is thought to be the basis of much if not all of the modern, chronic physical diseases and also mental health problems.

He has also managed his own intestinal problems (systemic Candidiasis [or dysbiosis]) for more than thirty years, and kept them under healthy control.

He recently co-authored a book chapter, with Renata, on the links between sleep problems, one the one hand, and chronic physical and mental health problems on the other. And he has offered Psychological First Aid and Health and Wellbeing Coaching to individuals – with problems of cancer, MS, ME and chronic pain – who were at their wits end, and needed health education, advice, support, and encouragement to get to a better place.


“Studies show that health coaches can help people manage chronic conditions (like diabetes), lose weight and keep it off, increase movement and activity, and generally improve their physical and mental health”.

Oprah Magazine, February 2017, page 85.


Nata-Lifestyle-coach8Renata (a professional coach/counsellor) has coached many individuals with asbestosis and cancer; and explored the use of relaxation as a way to manage the stresses of going through cancer surgery.

She is a former college lecturer who taught, among other subjects, Health and Care.

She has also researched and written books on: (1) Diet, exercise and mental health; and (2) The many links between badly managed sleep and several chronic diseases.


“One reason the coach approach is so effective? ‘When we tell another person we’re going to do something, and we know we have to report back to them, we’ll exert additional effort to make sure we follow through’, (according to Wolever, mentioned above). Indeed, research shows social support makes people more likely to stick with behavioural changes like exercising and quitting smoking, as well as going for breast cancer screenings”.

Oprah Magazine, February 2017, page 85.


If you are struggling with a chronic health problem which seems to be linked to your lifestyle or life history, then we can help you to work on it, with a view to curing yourself.  Are you ready to take personal responsibility for managing your own lifestyle, and your own health outcomes? Are you willing to commit yourself to living a healthy, happy and personally successful life?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to those questions, then one of us could help to support you with the establishment of that new approach to your life, and to help you to “become your own physician”.

Jim offers the following service:

Dr Jim, Oct 2019“If you want to consult me with a health problem, then I will ask you to complete a couple of pre-consultation questionnaires, which allow me to collect the information I need to help you most effectively.  I will then meet with you, for a 45 minute consultation, at my home office, during which time we will discuss your concerns and issues, and I will explore some possibilities with you, all in conversation – no physical examinations or physical contact are involved.  I will not produce a medical diagnosis, nor shall I make a medical prescription.  I will instead provide (health education) insights, and offer information that is relevant to your self-identified health problem(s). And once our consultation is over, I will reflect upon our conversation, and the information in your questionnaire submissions, and write a report for you, containing some follow-up ‘homework assignment(s)’, designed to help you to move your problem situation in a positive direction.  For this service I will charge you £250.00 inclusive of all three elements.

Fee payment

When you contact me to set up an appointment, I will pencil you into my diary for a day and time to suit us both.  Then I will send you an electronic invoice for the full fee. Once that fee has been paid in full, I will ink you into my diary, and inform you that your appointment is confirmed.

cropped-abc-coaching-counselling-charles-2019.jpgIf we work well together, you may want to come back for a repeat session, to take our work together to a deeper level.  But there is no pressure to do so.  This is your health journey, and I will respect your judgement and your wishes, at the end of the day.

If you want to initiate a consultation, then please email me at, and I will send you the information you need to complete the pre-consultation assessments; and some suggested days/times when we could meet.  I look forward to serving you!



Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


Renata’s service is slightly different:

Renatas-Coaching--page002“Hello, My name is Renata Taylor-Byrne, and I have a lot of experience of researching health issues, for myself and for former sufferers of various disorders.

“If you have a health problem that is stuck, and you cannot make any progress with it, then I would be happy to offer you an informal (health education) consultation process, which would be face to face, and conversational.

“I do not use written assessments or tests, and I rely upon your ability to identify some of the key issues which indicate what has gone wrong in your lifestyle, or life history, which could account for your being stuck with a chronic health issue or problem.

“I am happy to meet with you for a 50 minute consultation, during which you can tell me about your problem, and I can explore some possible connections that you may not have considered.

cropped-abc-coaching-counselling-charles-2019.jpg“After the session, I will think about what we discussed, and I may well send you some informational handouts to expand your understanding of the key issues that may be linked to your presenting problem.

“For this service, I charge a fee of £40.00 to £70.00, on  a sliding scale.  If you want to consult me, then please either email me at, or phone me on 01422 843 629 (inside the UK), or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).”