Counselling for a healthy lifestyle

Improve your physical and mental health…

By taking responsibility for managing your lifestyle

By Dr Jim Byrne

24th September 2021


Dr Jim in Thirsk001At the age of 30 years, I discovered a book which suggested that if there is a problem in my life, then I am responsible.  I considered this to be an incongruous idea.

How could I be responsible for my own life?

Surely life is just something that happens to us, like snow or rain falling from the skies?

cropped-dr-jim-counsellor-therapist-hebden-bridge.jpgEventually I decided to experiment with this novel idea – that I am responsible for my own life; and eventually added on that I am even responsible for my own destiny!

In the process, I discovered that I did not live my life as if I cared about my physical health; and so I began to make changes in that area of my life – with the support of a loving woman, who introduced me to vitamin pills; and healthy eating habits!

I then rediscovered the joys of physical exercise, and began to take my sleep needs more seriously.

Now, more than forty years later, I am in the best of health; with no tendency towards colds or flu; no physical pain; no digestive or elimination problems.  No depression or anxiety that cannot be taken in my stride!

But I have to keep monitoring my life for symptoms, and tracking then back to potential causes, and working on those causes.  However, that is a small price to pay for my wonderful, fit, healthy and happy life.

If you are interested, I can teach you the strategies I have used in my own lifestyle self-management, so you too can guarantee that you will live a happy, healthy and successful life, well into advanced senior citizenship!

Blue logo Dr Jim ByrneIf this sounds interesting to you, then please contact me:

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Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne

Doctor of Counselling