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ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy Services in Hebden Bridge, HX7, West Yorkshire, UK;

and throughout the English-speaking world…

“Counselling is a wonderful twentieth century invention that we have updated for the twenty-first century. This is the most comprehensive counselling and psychotherapy approach to healing your body-brain-mind, and managing yourself and your environment for greater health, wealth and happiness”.

Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, September 2022.

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Face-to-face counselling in Hebden Bridge;

plus Skype or telephone counselling throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and for English speakers everywhere.

Dr Jim Byrne, doctor of counselling, offers two unique counselling and psychotherapy services, which are briefly described here:

Service 1. My Enhanced Main Counselling and Psychotherapy Service:

This Enhanced, Main Service was updated on 5th August 2022.  The main changes are a result of feedback from current clients, who wanted a reduction in the intensity of the “homework” component of this service. Here is the revised structure:

Formal assessment, counselling, report call-out1 – Formal assessment questionnaires – (Function: To collect relevant data about some potential sources of your current problem[s]. Normally between four and seven questionnaires will be sent by me to you, usually as email attachments; and I may ask some supplementary questions once I’ve seen your answers. The subject of each questionnaire is determined by the problem[s] you wish to address in our work together). For more on ‘formal assessment’, please click this link: Formal Assessment.***

2 – A counselling meeting of up to sixty minutes (which is mainly more assessment, at our first meeting. [If you opt for a second meeting, then we get to do more therapy than assessment during the second meeting]);

3 – An analytical report. (This includes: what happened at our meeting; my observations, reflections and conclusions; plus my assessment of your questionnaire answers; plus a customized list of written materials which I will send, at fortnightly intervals, over a twelve or fourteen week period). I will send my analytical report to you within seven to ten days of our meeting. (When my analysis is particularly extensive [in terms of numbers of pages], which is not uncommon, I sometimes send it in two or three smaller chunks, over a period of several weeks!) For a sample report, please click this link.***

4 – My report (or the first instalment of my report) is followed by five or six informational documents (called psycho-educational [or bibliotherapy] handouts), which will teach you the knowledge and skills you need in order to begin to resolve the problem or problems we discussed in our meeting, [plus problems or developmental needs identified by the assessment questionnaires]. These documents will be sent to you at intervals of two weeks, over a twelve or fourteen week period).

Those four elements, above, are collectively called a “single package” of my Enhanced Main Service; and I normally recommend that you sign up for a “double package”, which involves repeating the above processes again – (at the end of the twelve or fourteen week period of the first package) – but with more time for therapy during our second meeting.

You can repeat this process as often as you need to. I estimate that close to 50% of people will only need a single package to resolve their most pressing problems. Some will require a double package. And some will need more than one double package, depending on the complexity and difficulty of their problems.

After the first one or two packages of my Main Service, you might want to switch to my (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy service, to keep your costs down; or because you have had enough documentary follow-up, and mainly want to talk about your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and/or relationships.


Fees for my Enhanced Main Service

With effect from Monday 19th September 2022, the following fees will apply:

– A single package will cost just £400.00p GBP; and:

– A double package will cost just £700.00p GBP – (if it is booked as a double package, and paid in advance; resulting in a saving of £100.00p GBP.


Postscript on 5th December 2022 – Payment by instalments

In view of the current economic climate, I am willing to split a single package into three elements, and to allow clients to pay for one element at a time, which amounts to a system of Payment by Instalments, as follows:

A single package, as defined above, can be broken down into the following three elements, and paid for over a three month period:

Element 1: Sending of questionnaires; receiving completed questionnaires; setting up the face-to-face (or Skype) counselling meeting; conducting the counselling meeting. Fee: £150.00, to be paid at least three days before I send the questionnaires.

Element 2: One month after our meeting, the second payment (of £150.00) is due. When that payment arrives: I spend several days crunching the data from the questionnaires, and summarizing what I learned from our meeting. I send that report. And two weeks later I send Follow-up Document 1. And two weeks after that I send the Follow-up Document 2.

Element 3: Two months after our meeting, the third payment is due. When that payment arrives: I authorize the release of the outstanding four documents – (Documents, 3, 4, 5 and 6) – which will be sent at fortnightly intervals, over a period of approximately two months.


Fee changes with effect from 1st February 2023

After holding down the cost of my services for many months, I must now inform you that, for new clients, commencing any of my services on or after 1st February 2023, the fees shown above will be raised by 50%.


Recent Client Testimonial

♣ “Hi Jim, I’m very grateful for your latest report, which is highly detailed and analytical, as always. The content about the (personal details about my relationship) is fascinating. I think your analysis is brilliant, and it sums up so much about my life that I could never have put into words. … Thanks again…”

M.H., Wigan, Lancs. (Three “single packages” of my main service, via the telephone; followed by detailed reports).


If you wish to sign up for this service, please email

Or telephone Jim on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).

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Service 2. My (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy Service

Pure talk therapy with dr of counselling1 – First, I ask you to complete a maximum of two questionnaires;

2 – Then we meet for a sixty minute counselling session, face-to-face in Hebden Bridge; or via Skype or the telephone system.

3 – I sometimes send a very brief report after our meeting (if I feel compelled to do so, for the sake of the client’s needs); and I sometimes send a document or two with relevant information (but by no means always!) When I do send such documents, they normally refer back to the results of the assessment questionnaires, and include insights into the client’s personality and lifestyle self-management.

  1. End of the (almost) pure talk therapy process.

Some of my talk therapy clients have attended for one or two sessions; but some have been consulting me for more than five years!


Fees for my Almost Pure Talk Therapy service

With effect from Monday 5th December 2022, the fee for a single session of this service will be just £200.00p GBP.

If you pay in advance for two sessions the combined cost will be just £300.00p GBP – which is a saving of £100.00p GBP.

Once you’ve completed your first two single sessions – or one double session – of Almost Pure Talk Therapy, the session fee will reduce to £140.00. (And at this point, if you book two sessions in advance, the total fee for those two sessions will fall to £230.00 GBP which is an additional saving of £50.00)


Postscript: I do not offer Payment by Instalments for a single session of (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy.

However, if you book two sessions in advance, you can pay in Two Instalments of £140.00 GBP per month.

The first payment is due three days before I send you a small number of questionnaires (normally two, but possibly more).

The second payment is due, one month later, and our second meeting will take place at least three days after the second payment arrives.


Fee changes with effect from 1st February 2023

After holding down the cost of my services for many months, I must now inform you that, for new clients, commencing any of my services on or after 1st February 2023, the fees shown above will be raised by 50%.


Recent Client Testimonial

♣ “Thanks Jim! After nearly six months of wrestling with insomnia and anxiety, I slept like a baby last night”.

C.T., Halifax, West Yorkshire. (One face-to-face session of Almost Pure Talk Therapy, for anxiety and insomnia).


Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne, counsellors hebden bridge

Counselling and therapy specialisms

Dr Jim’s counselling and therapy specialisms include:


What clients gain from Dr Jim’s counselling services:

Over the past 24 years, hundreds of clients have sent unsolicited testimonials to Dr Jim, telling him what they gained from consulting him.

To read some of those testimonials please click here > Unsolicited Counselling Client Testimonials.



To make contact, for further information, or to book a session, please email

Or phone 01422 843 639 (from inside the UK)

Or phone 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).


Dr Jim in central Harrogate002

Main service pages:

Face to face counselling, coaching and psychotherapy in Hebden Bridge, near Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX7 8HJ


Information page about Online/Skype, telephone, and/or email counselling***


About Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, and his counselling services in general***


Dr Jim’s Almost Pure Talk Therapy Service (Aug 2022 onwards).***


Unsolicited counselling client testimonials.***


Recent Client Testimonials

♣ “Hello Jim, I found your documents on anxiety to be very helpful. I will be making some of the lifestyle changes that you mentioned, and also managing my body better to help to calm my mind”.

N.J., Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Two sessions of face to face counselling – [a “double package” of my Main Service] – for social anxiety and stress).


♣ “Hey Jim, I got the handouts on anger, and they have helped a lot to calm my temper; and to cool things here at home. I am so grateful to you for your expertise…”

P.J., Minnesota, Min. US. (Six sessions of telephone counselling, Main Service, for anger and relationship problems).


couple talking with therapist
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Brief overview of my holistic, integrative, body-brain-mind counselling system

Although I was originally trained as a Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural therapist, my approach to counselling and therapy are now much broader and deeper:

– My approach to cognitive counselling is this: I help my counselling clients to restructure their thinking; to re-frame their perceptions; and to re-consolidate their (amended) memories.

– My approach to emotive counselling is this: I have been influenced by Dr Allan Schore’s affect regulation theory; plus attachment theory; and I have a profound respect for my clients’ feelings. I also help my clients to “cut the unhelpful ties to the negative impact of their childhood experiences of negative parenting”. And I help my clients to rewire their internal models of couple relationships.

– My approach to embodiment in counselling and therapy is this: I help my clients to review those lifestyle factors that have the most impact on moods, emotions and behaviours – including diet/nutrition; level of activity; sleep and relaxation; etc.

– My approach to personality change involves a review of childhood personality adaptations, and an emphasis on eliminating those early learned pitfalls of thinking/ feeling/ behaviour.

For more about my approach to counselling and psychotherapy, please go to the Understanding cognitive-emotive counselling and therapy page.***


Jim Byrne, Dr of Counselling, does health coaching

Recent Client Testimonials

♣ “Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into helping me to begin to understand myself, and how I function emotionally. This has made a huge difference in terms of learning to be more conscious of my motives, and my unhelpful urges. Now I can begin to change myself in helpful ways”.

K.V., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (Three sessions of my Main Service for emotional and relationship problems).


♣ “Hello Jim, The work you have done on my behalf is paying dividends. It really works. I particularly enjoyed you analysis of the ways in which my personality changes from context to context, with lots of guidance on how to change for the better.”

D.S., Bradford. (A Single Package of my Main Service***, for problems of couple relationships and social anxiety).


♣ “Hi Jim, I hope you are well. You may remember me, even though it’s more than six years since we worked on my problems together. We worked on a range of problems that were destroying my happiness and my relationships with women. After that work, I moved forward with gusto, into a much better place. I changed my business; met a wonderful woman and fell in love. We are very happy together, and business is good. The therapy processes that you taught to me have served me well. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful, skilful support and teaching. I wish you and yours all the happiness and health in the world.

E.F., Sardinia. Previously based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling, including ‘Cutting the Ties from Childhood Parents’).


ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy Services is a division of ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, which has three divisions, as follows:

– ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy, which is this current website.

ABC Coaching West Yorkshire, which is the website of Renata Taylor-Byrne.

And the ABC Bookstore Online UK.


Registered address: 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK.


Telephone: (+44) 01422 843 629

How to find us online: Click here > How to find us page.***


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