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ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy Services – In Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ – West Yorkshire – Near Halifax…

… And all over the world via Skype/ Zoom/ Webcam/ Telephone and Email counselling…

With Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


Counselling in Hebden Bridge; and throughout the UK, the US, Ireland, Canada, and for English speakers everywhere.

Counselling and psychotherapy for a better life

Dr Jim in North YorkshireHello, and welcome to the website of Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling.

My counselling psychology and psychotherapy service is designed to help you to solve your problems and to heal your life. It is the most comprehensive, integrated system designed in the twenty-first century, and incorporates lifestyle coaching, life history analysis, and emotional processing; as well as problem-solving and decision making.

If you need help to resolve a difficult problem, with your emotions, behaviours or relationship, then I can help you. Over the past 24 years in private practice, I have helped more than 1200 individuals and couples to overcome problems of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, self-confidence, attachment, trauma, and couple relationship difficulties.


Effective counselling changes lives. Here’s an example from a recent counselling client’s email sent to me:

“Hi Jim, I know this will sound like a cliché, but I really do feel like a new man. You helped me to turn around a very difficult emotional and relationship problem, and you gave me back control of my life. The processes you did with me were amazing – so powerful! Thank you for everything!”

T.D., Malaga, Spain. (A single package of my main service, comprising five assessment questionnaires, one Skype counselling session, and five follow-up psycho-educational documents; all directed at solving emotional and relationship problems).


For more counselling client testimonials, please click this link: Unsolicited counselling client testimonials for Dr Jim Byrne***


There are more than 400 different systems of counselling and therapy in existence at the moment; and the one that I practice includes a focus on:

– How you were shaped in your family of origin, in terms of your personality adaptations and your attachment styles.

– Whether or not you encountered any harmful, adverse childhood experiences.

– The kind of attitudes towards love and relationship that you learned from observing your mother and father’s relationship.

– Your current lifestyle factors which will impact the functioning of your brain and mind, including your sleep patterns; diet and nutritional patterns; physical activity and relaxation patterns; and so on.

– The strengths and weaknesses of your way of relating to the world, and the areas you might need to address in order to be more effective in your life.

– And much more besides…

This system of counselling and psychotherapy is called E-CENT (which is short for Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy.***)


If you want to understand yourself better; and you are willing to complete a range of personal questionnaires – and if you learn well from written documents – then my Enhanced Main Service could be very helpful for you in resolving your current problems.


You do not have to live a life of “quiet desperation”. I can help you to find a better road through your one and only life!

Blue logo Dr Jim ByrneFor more information about my services, based on my 24 years’ experience of providing counselling and therapy services, while conducting ongoing research for my 25 published books, please read on.

Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

Email: Dr Jim’s Services

Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside)


♣ “Hi Jim, I hope you are well. You may remember me, even though it’s more than six years since we worked on my problems together. We worked on a range of problems that were destroying my happiness and my relationships with women. After that work, I moved forward with gusto, into a much better place. I changed my business; met a wonderful woman and fell in love. We are very happy together, and business is good. The therapy processes that you taught to me have served me well. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful, skilful support and teaching. I wish you and yours all the happiness and health in the world.

E.F., Sardinia. Previously based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling, including ‘Cutting the Ties from Childhood Parents’).


Hello and welcome to my counselling and psychotherapy website. I offer counselling and therapy in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, and all over the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and for English-speakers everywhere.

My New, Enhanced, Main Service – (Updated on 13th June 2022) – involves the following four elements:

1 – Formal assessment questionnaires – (to collect relevant data about some potential sources of your presenting problem[s]. Normally between four and seven questionnaires; and perhaps some supplementary questions once I’ve seen your answers);

2 – A counselling meeting of up to sixty minutes (which is mainly more assessment, at our first meeting. [If you opt for a second meeting, then we get to do more therapy than assessment during the second meeting]);

3 – An analytical report (This includes: what happened at our meeting; my observations, reflections and conclusions; plus my assessment of your questionnaire answers; plus a customized list of written materials which I will send, at weekly intervals, over a five or six week period). I will send my analytical report to you within three or four days of our meeting. (When my analysis is very complex, I sometimes send it in chunks, over a period of about two to three weeks!)

4 – And this is followed by five or six informational documents (called psycho-educational [or bibliotherapy] handouts), which will teach you the knowledge and skills you need in order to begin to resolve the problem or problems we discussed in our meeting. These documents will be sent to you at intervals of one week, over a five or six week period).

Those four elements are, collectively, called a “single package” of my Enhanced Main Service; and I normally recommend that you sign up for a “double package”, which involves repeating the above processes again – (after a lapse of five or six weeks from our first meeting)- but with more time for therapy during our second meeting.

You can repeat this process as often as you need to. I estimate that close to 50% of people will only need a single package to resolve their most pressing problems. Some will require a double package. And some will need multiple packages, depending on the complexity and difficulty of their problems. 

After the first one or two packages of my Main Service, you might want to switch to my (Almost Pure Talk Therapy service) to keep your costs down; or because you have had enough documentary follow-up, and mainly want to talk through your learning.


♣ “Hello Jim, I didn’t expect the ‘cutting the ties’ process to work so quickly, but within two days of our session, I found myself in a pleasant conversation with a friendly, good-looking man, who was not totally bad for me. Not a messed up bum! This felt very strange, but also very nice. A novelty!  And my mother seems to have got off my back completely!”

T.W., Rome. (Two sessions of Skype counselling for relationship problems and family of origin problems).


Dr Jim in Thirsk001I also offer what I call Almost Pure Talk Therapy, which has the following elements:

1 – First, I ask you to complete a maximum of two questionnaires;

2 – Then we meet for a sixty minute counselling session, face-to-face in Hebden Bridge; or via Skype or the telephone system.

3 – I sometimes send a brief report after our meeting; and I sometimes send a document or two with relevant information (but by no means always!)

End of (almost pure talk therapy) process.

Some of my talk therapy clients have attended for one or two sessions; but some have been consulting me for more than five years!


For more about those two services, which can be applied to any and all problems (including anger management, couples therapy, etc.) please click one of the following links:

*** Dr Jim’s Enhanced Main Service (Feb 2022 onwards).***



*** Dr Jim’s Almost Pure Talk Therapy Service (Feb 2022 onwards).***


♣ “Hello Jim. Thank you for your report and analysis of my relationship with Jane. (Not her real name – JB). Your insights and analysis are already helping us to understand ourselves and the way we’ve been relating to each other, which is making a difference. I feel confident that this will help us to create a stronger relationship”.

T.C., Crag Vale, Calderdale, West Yorkshire. (One package of my main service for couple conflict problems).


Or take a look at this list of my main counselling specialisms:


♣ “Hello Jim, After five years of working together, I have now reached the kind of place that seems to work very well.  My emotional and behaviour problems are largely cleared up. You have guided me through some dark and difficult places, and helped me to mature and grow. When I encounter problems these days, I always ask myself, ‘How would Jim handle this?’ And the answer is always helpful.  I am unlikely to forget the contribution you’ve made to bringing me to this very nice resting place!  Thank you.”

K.G., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (Five years of intermittent counselling consultations [mostly face to face] on a broad range of emotional issues).


♣ “Hey Jim, I have been feeling much more positive over the past few days, as a result of the work we’ve been doing on my personality. My negativity has gone down a lot. I look forward to the next phase.”

E.T., Blackburn, Lancs. (One session of online counselling, with one month of follow up support with informational [psycho-educational] materials).


4, Bodily habits and mental statesE-CENT counselling theory is about the whole individual client – the body-brain-mind-environment – and not just the mind of the client.  It involves integrating the body-mind of the social-individual with their social environment.

It arose out the integration of various pre-existing theories and models of counselling and therapy – including the rational-emotive; cognitive-behavioural; emotive/ psychodynamic; and person-centred approaches. Plus attachment theory; and moral philosophy; narrative analysis; and some moderate Buddhist and Stoic principles.

Our ultimate aim was to integrate – as potentially equal contributors to personal happiness and mental tranquillity – the following elements:

(a) The body, (diet and exercise [plus sleep, relaxation and meditation]);

(b) The brain, (brain food, blood sugar, and brain/mind development);

(c) The environment, (relationships, right livelihood, living conditions);

(d) Family of origin and childhood experiences, including traumatic experiences;

(e) Personal narratives, (or stories, scripts, frames, beliefs, attitudes, values, which were learned from family and society); and:

(f) A sense of “something bigger than the self”, (a spiritual or moral practice, or a social/political/community involvement).


For more information, please go to Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division.***


Or take a look at this list of my main counselling specialisms:


♣ “Hi Jim, Just a quick line to let you know that your work is lasting and I’m still so glad I found you to help me. Hope you are well! It must be more than 15 years since you helped me to get out of a big emotional mess.

H.N., North Wales. (Several sessions of email and telephone counselling for a range of challenging emotional issues).


♣ Hi Jim, … Since you helped me to ‘cut the ties’… something deep and fundamental has changed…  I feel more solid and secure about my path through life. There is more of ‘me’ in my interactions with others.  I got on really well with my mother when I visited her, which is a huge change, and there was more respect between us. Thank you for your help.

K.M. Todmorden, Lancs. (One session of ‘Cutting the Ties that Bind’, for release from a difficult parent).


Contact me today…Or click the link below to get more information about me:

Dr Jim's office2Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, with more than 23 years’ experience of helping more than 1,200 clients, with all kinds of problems, from anger and anxiety, to depression, stress and trauma; and including couples therapy; attachment problems; and personality adjustments.

Telephone: 01422 843 629

Email: Dr Jim’s email address


For more information, please go to Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division.***




Or take a look at this page: Coping with anger, anxiety and trauma in the era of Covid-19…


♣ “Dear Jim, Your help has been absolutely brilliant.  I feel blessed with your help.  I am learning how to think about my feelings…”

K.L., Rochdale.  (Four sessions of F2F counselling for insecure attachment to current partner, and parents).


♣ “Hi Jim, My anger has diminished in the main context in which it was a problem; and also in some other areas of my life.  My behaviour has gone from being spontaneously aggressive when frustrated or insulted, to being forgiving and cooperative, at no cost to myself, but with lots of gains in terms of peace of mind and happiness”.

C.J., Crag Vale. (Three sessions of F2F counselling for anger management).


♣ “Jim, Thanks for the help you gave me last year.  Things are very much better these days.  You were a great help.  So thanks for that!”

P.H., Bradford. (Three sessions of F2F counselling for alcohol abuse to cope with unmanaged stress).


♣ “I am so grateful to you, Jim, for all the help and support you provided during my cancer treatment. Your approach to promoting positive mental attitude, and balanced lifestyle has made a huge difference to the outcome of my treatment”.

J.J.Q., Ontario, Canada.  (Ten sessions of Skype counselling as psychological first aid).


♣ “Dear Jim, …It’s impossible to repay you for what you’ve done for me… I can’t even put into words the things that have changed and improved through your guidance and support.”

C.J., Rochdale, Lancs. (Long-term psychotherapy client).


If you are looking for Renata Taylor-Byrne’s Coaching Division, please take a look at her new website, here: ABC Coaching Services, Hebden Bridge.


Blue logo Dr Jim ByrneABC Counselling and Psychotherapy is the original division of ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK. Established in 1998. This division is run by Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling (University of Manchester, UK: 2003-2009). Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); and 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).

All the material on this website is copyright (c) Jim Byrne and, 2022.


ABC Coaching West YorkshireABC Coaching was the next division to be formed, in 2010. This is a specialist lifestyle and life history coaching division. This division is run by Renata Taylor-Byrne; a well-established professional coach with a teaching and counselling background. Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); and 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).

All the material on the ABC Coaching website is copyright (c) Renata Taylor-Byrne, 2022.


ABC Bokstore Bold, by CharlesABC Bookstore was the third division to be formed, in 2014.  Through that division we research and write books linked to personal development and self-help.

For self-help books, or therapeutic books, please go to https://abc-bookstore.com

All the material on the ABC Bookstore website is copyright (c) Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne, 2022.




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