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Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy with Jim Byrne or Renata Taylor-Byrne, in Hebden Bridge, or by Telephone, etc.

Established since 1998

We’ll help you to solve all your emotional, behavioural, relationship, lifestyle and career management problems; including: anger management; couples therapy; stress management; depression and anxiety counselling; assertive communication; self-confidence; the role of nutrition and exercise in emotional wellbeing; meditation; relaxation; attachment problems; personality adaptations; and so on.


­What is Counselling, and how is it practised?

by Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, May 2017

Counselling is a chance to rethink your feelings, and to re-feel your experiences; and to digest what needs to be digested, and then move on.


natajim-coaching-counselling2In simple terms, counselling involves one person (the counsellor) helping another person (the client) to work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioural or relationship problem or difficulty.  That is the form of individual counselling.

In practice there are probably almost as many definitions and descriptions of the process called ‘counselling’ as there are theorists who have written on this subject.  At one stage, the number of systems of counselling and therapy was said to be more than 400.  So narrowing down our definition to manageable proportions is going to be our major challenge.

Therefore, let us begin in a modest manner, with a new, five-minute video introduction to counselling specially designed for this page, and not available anywhere else:


If you were not able to take notes from the video clip above, then here are the notes I made as a script to record the video.  Of course, I embellished it as I went along, but the core ideas to be presented were these:

  1. To counsel somebody is to help in a way that emphasizes the needs and goals of the person asking for help.
  2. The modern world is full of stresses and strains, and this accounts for the rise, growth and popularity of counseling.

3 Counselling can be defined in many ways, from one school of thought to another.

For more, please go to What is Counselling? page.***


Counselling in Hebden Bridge

natajim-coaching-counselling2Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne offer a unique form of Holistic Counselling and Lifestyle coaching, which is not available anywhere else at the moment.

Our system of counselling/coaching (called E-CENT) deals with the whole individual – the ‘socialized individual’ – and not just with ‘beliefs’ or ‘thoughts’, or ‘conditions’ – and certainly not with psychiatric ‘labels’!

In our approach to counselling, coaching and therapy, we see you, the client, as someone who has a life challenge – or a problem of daily living – at the moment, with which you need professional support. This is normally a relatively short-term process, in which you grow, change, develop, and then graduate and move on to the next stage of your life.

The case for getting help


Imagine, for a moment, that you wanted to build a new house for yourself. You wouldn’t try to do it all on your own, would you? You’d get consultants and housing experts to help you in the making of the new building.

Similarly, if you want to make a better life for yourself, you can do it on your own. Many do. But we wouldn’t recommend it, as it could take much longer, errors could take place, and you could end up with a result that you were not happy with (just as if you created your own new house without any input from others).

Limited vision

Furthermore, your vision for your future might be quite limited compared with ours, because we humans tend to ‘file our past in the future’ and then use the past as a map of our future journey.  This is all very well, unless we had a rotten, limited, or unhappy past!

Avoiding stigma

We don’t consider that if you come for counselling or coaching that you have mental health issues. We actually see this as a misnomer. We consider that you have problems with living in a very precarious and dysfunctional society, and that you sometimes need help with difficult problems that overwhelm you.

Who wouldn’t have problems in the complex, stressful world of the 21st century?

Stressful environments

If you are being treated badly by other people; or involved in couple conflict; or have just lost a job; or are bereaved; made redundant; or cannot control your anger or anxiety; or want to change your lifestyle, because of the effects on your body-mind; or you need to change a habit; or are trying to find your way in life; these events are all extra demands on your energy and resilience and coping resources.

Our input

We not only listen to you  as you explain the distressing circumstances you find yourself in, but we also offer you a range of ways of handling your distress, your difficulty, your feelings or behaviours.

As human beings, we are body-minds, and we benefit greatly from mental and physical techniques of self-management. This is because our minds are very powerful – and they are in absolute partnership with our bodies.

Negative self-talk, or critical, destructive criticism from other people, can have a toxic effect on your body, suppress your immune system, and can cause other physical problems and destroy your level of self-confidence.

We all benefit from learning how to handle the verbal assaults of others, and how to manage our ‘inner critic’.

Managing your body-mind

But also the state of your body is a crucial player in making you strong and confident and able to face what life throws at you. That’s why exercise, nutrition, meditation, self-expression through writing therapy, improved sleep, and changing your immediate physical or social environment, (if it is possible to do so), are all ways in which you can become a more resilient, stronger and much happier person.

We can help you move closer to your self-defined goals, and put you back in control of your life, and help you, as we work together, to build a much better life for you, with your problem(s) resolved, and with valuable techniques that you can take with you and use for the rest of your life.

Does that appeal to you?

If so contact us today:  Either Jim Byrne or Renata Taylor-Byrne

On: 01422 843 629 (Inside the UK); or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK – for telephone counselling services)

Or, email: drjwbyrne@gmail.com



Or renata@abc-counselling.org



For more information about Jim and Renata, try the following web pages:

♥ Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division.***


Jim’s scale of fees.***


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Renata’s scale of fees.***


To find your way around this website, please see our

Site Map.***


To learn more about our revolutionary new, post-CBT system of self-care and self-management of your body-mind-environment, please take a look at:

Holistic Counselling in Practice: The book.***

Other books about counselling related subjects.***

What is E-CENT.***

The Institute for E-CENT***


Counselling for you

Counselling-div-quoteAccording to Marcus Aurelius, we are actors in a play that ‘the manager’ directs.

But this is not a dress rehearsal!  This is your life!  If you are not going to take control of it now, then when?

Are you happy enough to be happy?  Faking happiness does not work for very long.

Are you resisting dealing with the emotional pain in your life? Or have you left a lot of your experiences unprocessed? Undigested?

Most humans have a strong aversion to emotional pain, and will run from it; try to hide from it; try to bury it.  But that does not help.  Non-conscious emotional pain comes out in various ways to bite you!

If you are depressed, anxious, angry, or feeling low self-esteem, or stuck and not sure how to proceed with your life, then we can help you to face up to your problems; to process your emotions and experiences; and to set goals for a happier life for yourself.

We (Jim and Renata) may be just ‘actors in a play’, but we intend to use our lives in ways which reduce the suffering of our ‘fellow actors’ – which includes you!

Good counsellors are good philosophers and good human beings: “Counsellors can acquire an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge and can make that knowledge available to their clients.  But to every therapeutic session they also bring themselves as persons.  They bring their human qualities and the life experiences that have moulded them”.

Gerald Corey, 2001, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, page 41. (71)


What would be involved in counselling with us?

Coaching-div-quoteIf you feel you need some counselling or coaching help from one of us, you would come to our comfortable living room, in Hebden Bridge (or contact one of us by phone), on one occasion each week, and spend 45 minutes exploring where you are now, where you are trying to get to, and we (one of us!) would help you to build a bridge between where you are now and a happier future.

Mostly, all we would do is talk.  You would meet with Jim or Renata, and we would talk about your situation, and where you would like to get to in your life. Or what problem(s) you want to resolve.

We might – sometimes, with some clients – introduce a bit of physical exercise, gentle movements (like Chinese Chi Kung).  Or we might teach you how to meditate, or how to relax.

But mostly we would talk. For examples: about how you feel; what went wrong; what you want to change; what you are doing to change it; or what we could teach you to produce better results in your life; and so on.  This could include looking at changing some lifestyle choices.

What would you gain from this weekly counselling conversation?

ABC logoYou would gain greater clarity about what you want; how to get it; how to motivate yourself to do the work that is required to make the necessary changes in your life; how to moderate your extreme emotions – to calm down; to feel more positive emotions; and also how to act in more self-helpful ways, and less destructively or self-harmfully. You would gradually become more emotionally intelligent, and better able to live a healthy lifestyle which produces more happiness, and less emotional distress.

Immediately after contacting one of us, you may begin to feel a new sense of hope and optimism. A sense that you have begun an exciting journey.

And when you meet with one of us, your brainwaves will be changed by your direct experience of us; and you will tend to learn non-verbally and non-consciously that there is a better way to feel, think and act in the world. And if you work with one of us for a while, the research evidence shows that you will effectively re-wire your brain for better functioning in the real world outside.

Counselling and therapy make permanent changes to your attitudes and emotions by changing your brain structures, physically: “… ‘There is no longer any doubt’, writes Kandel, ‘that psychotherapy can result in detectable changes in the brain’.  Recent brain scans done before and after psychotherapy show both that the brain plastically reorganises itself in treatment and that the more successful the treatment the greater the change”. Page 233.

Quotation from: Doidge, N. (2008) The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science.  London: Penguin. (21)


Contact details

Why not email one of us today:

⊕ Dr Jim Byrne: Email drjwbyrne@gmail.com


⊕ Renata Taylor-Byrne: Email renata@abc-counselling.org


Telephone7.gifOr call us today: 01422 843 629 (Or 44 1422 8943 629 from outside the UK)

We can see you in Hebden Bridge, or we can work over the phone. (Jim also offers Skype and email counselling options).

Do not settle for a limited little life of misery and unfulfilled dreams.  Create the life you want, and then work at making it happen.


For more information about Jim and Renata, try the following web pages:

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Renata’s scale of fees.***


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If you want to write to us, then please use our official address above, as used by the Post Office: (27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, West Yorkshire, UK).

But if searching for us on Google Maps, try 27 Keighley Road.  (Because Google Maps messed up the mapping of this area!)

On the other hand, if you are using a Satnav system, sometimes 27 Wood End will find us, and sometimes 27 Keighley Road.  (Sorry it’s so complicated).

Telephone: 01422 843 629 (UK): 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)

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*Footnote: There is a problem with Google maps for our area: To search for 27 Wood End, you have to substitute 27 Keighley Road, HX7 8HJ.  (But the accurate address [according to the Post Office] is 27 Wood End).  See the Directions for finding us.***


Counselling and coaching ethics

We operate according to a range of ethical codes – see our respective divisional pages for details.

We provide coaching and counselling services for adults aged 18 years and above.  We do not offer any services to children, nor to anyone below the age of eighteen years.  But we do not publish anything that could be harmful to the interests and needs of children.


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