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Individual counselling to improve your couple relationship, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8HJ

Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, offers a novel process to help individuals with their couple relationship problems


Posted on 23rd December 2022 – Updated on 11th January 2022


Dr Jim in Thirsk001Hello, and welcome to this page of information about my current service offerings for individuals who have couple relationship problems.

I have been involved in offering couples therapy for twenty-five years. Over that time my approach to couples has changed repeatedly, in the light of my learning about how to most effectively help couples to heal their relationship. (For a summary of those evolutions, please see this page: Couples therapy and relationship skills in Hebden Bridge.***)

If you are unhappy with the state of your marriage or couple relationship, civil partnership or cohabiting relationship, then I can help you.

What I offer to you is this:

  1. I would see you on your own, and never with your partner, for the reasons explained here: Couples Therapy page.***
  2. Before we meet, I would want to collect a significant amount of information about you. (You, after all, are half of the problem. And you, after all, are the only person you have any chance of changing!) I would collect that information by sending you half a dozen questionnaires.
  3. Once you’d returned your completed questionnaires, I would then agree a meeting date with you. We would meet for about sixty minutes – either at 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, or over Skype.
  4. During this first meeting – which might also be our only meeting – I would mainly want to do some informal assessment, to build upon what I had learned from your completed questionnaires. But the standard agenda also involves me in collecting some very specific indicators about the state of your relationship.
  5. I would then spend a few days reflecting upon what I have learned about you, and your relationship.
  6. Then I would write a report, which might take two or three days. That report would look at summarizing briefly the main things I have learned from your questionnaires; and the main things I learned from our meeting. I would reflect upon all that learning, and form some conclusions.
  7. My conclusions would inform me of which bits of knowledge and skill you need to learn, in order to better manage your side of your relationship. And I would transmit those elements of knowledge and skill to you in the form of six documents that I would aim to send to you at fortnightly intervals – or longer intervals if that is better for you. (I have built up a vast array of knowledge and skill related to couple relationships, over the past twenty-five years; and the follow-up documents I would send you would draw on that rich experience).
  8. You would then study my report and the follow-up documents, and begin to change some of your beliefs and values (about relationships) and you attitudes (towards your partner).
  9. You might then find that your partner, inspired by the changes produced in you, would want to come and see me for a similar process. (Please do not try to “make them” see me. I never work with clients who are “sent”! I only work with people who actively want to learn from me!)

So, as you can see, this is a psycho-educational process, preceded by an in-depth assessment process. This is very different from conventional couple’s therapy; and my approach is based on my twenty-five years of evolution as a therapist who helps individuals to improve their couple relationships.

1, Dr Jim, Couples Therapist - Counsellor

You will also be able to appreciate that this service involves me in using up days of my life in your service. Days that I could have spent writing another book, or seeing another client, or walking in the countryside with my wonderful wife.

So I cannot offer such a high-quality service for the kind of fee that a regular counsellor charges for seeing you and your partner for an hour of conventional Couples Therapy. (You can see the information about my fees below.)

Meanwhile, here is a summary of my Main Service. (I also offer a lesser service, my [Almost] Pure Talk Therapy Service, which is described further down this page).

Nata and Jim's wedding day005

Jim and Renata, happily married for 36 years (in 2022); and happily couples for 42 years. Here, on the happiest day of their lives so far.


My Enhanced Main Counselling and Psychotherapy Service:

My Enhanced, Main Service was updated on 5th August 2022.  The main changes are a result of feedback from current clients, who wanted a reduction in the intensity of the “homework” component of this service. Here is the revised structure:

Formal assessment, counselling, report call-out1 – Formal assessment questionnaires – (Function: To collect relevant data about some potential sources of your current problem[s]. Normally between four and seven questionnaires will be sent by me to you, usually as email attachments; and I may ask some supplementary questions once I’ve seen your answers. The subject of each questionnaire is determined by the problem[s] you wish to address in our work together).

2 – A counselling meeting of up to sixty minutes (which is mainly more assessment, at our first meeting. [If you opt for a second meeting, then we get to do more therapy than assessment during the second meeting]);

3 – An analytical report. (This includes: what happened at our meeting; my observations, reflections and conclusions; plus my assessment of your questionnaire answers; plus a customized list of written materials which I will send, at fortnightly intervals, over a twelve or fourteen week period). I will send my analytical report to you within seven to ten days of our meeting. (When my analysis is particularly extensive [in terms of numbers of pages], which is not uncommon, I sometimes send it in two or three smaller chunks, over a period of several weeks!)

File note report, description4 – My report (or the first instalment of my report) is followed by five or six informational documents (called psycho-educational [or bibliotherapy] handouts), which will teach you the knowledge and skills you need in order to begin to resolve the problem or problems we discussed in our meeting, [plus problems or developmental needs identified by the assessment questionnaires]. These documents will be sent to you at intervals of two weeks, over a twelve or fourteen week period. [But if you find this reading load to be too much for you, given your other commitment and priorities then we can negotiate a longer gap between the sending of documents]).

Those four elements, above, are collectively called a “single package” of my Enhanced Main Service; and I normally recommend that you sign up for a “double package”, which involves repeating the above processes again – (at the end of the twelve or fourteen week period of the first package) – but with more time for therapy during our second meeting. However, I suggest this only. I do not apply any pressure upon anybody to see me twice. I do not apply any pressure on anybody to see me at all! I operate, in like, on this principle: “No question – No teacher!”

You can repeat this process as often as you need to. I estimate that close to 50% of people will only need a single package to resolve their most pressing problems. Some will require a double package. And some will need more than one double package, depending on the complexity and difficulty of their problems.

After the first one or two packages of my Main Service, you might want to switch to my (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy service, to keep your costs down; or because you have had enough documentary follow-up, and mainly want to talk about your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and/or relationships.


Fees for my Enhanced Main Service

With effect from Monday 19th September 2022, the following fees will apply:

– A single package will cost just £400.00p GBP; and:

– A double package will cost just £700.00p GBP – (if it is booked as a double package, and paid in advance; resulting in a saving of £100.00p GBP.


A1, Jim and Nata counselling homepage

Renata and Jim, after 40 years as a happy couple – because we learned how to do it right!

Postscript on 5th December 2022 – Payment by instalments

In view of the current economic climate, I am willing to split a single package into three elements, and to allow clients to pay for one element at a time, which amounts to a system of Payment by Instalments, as follows:

A single package, as defined above, can be broken down into the following three elements, and paid for over a three month period:

Blue logo Dr Jim ByrneElement 1: Sending of questionnaires; receiving completed questionnaires; setting up the face-to-face (or Skype) counselling meeting; conducting the counselling meeting. Fee: £150.00, to be paid at least three days before I send the questionnaires.

Element 2: One month after our meeting, the second payment (of £150.00) is due. When that payment arrives: I spend several days crunching the data from the questionnaires, and summarizing what I learned from our meeting. I send that report. And two weeks later I send Follow-up Document 1. And two weeks after that I send the Follow-up Document 2.

Element 3: Two months after our meeting, the third payment is due. When that payment arrives: I authorize the release of the outstanding four documents – (Documents, 3, 4, 5 and 6) – which will be sent at fortnightly intervals, over a period of approximately two months.

PS: The gaps of two weeks between documents can be increased if that works better for you; and that would also spread the cost of a longer period.


Fee changes with effect from 1st February 2023

After holding down the cost of my services for many months, I must now inform you that, for new clients, commencing any of my services on or after 1st February 2023, the fees shown above will be raised by 50%.


Contact me

If you would like to take advantage of my Enhanced Main Service, then please contact me by email…

At Dr Jim’s Email Address


1, Dr Jim, Couples Therapist - Counsellor


My (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy Service

Formal assessment, counselling, report call-outThis service is for clients who do not learn well from written materials.

1 – First, I ask you to complete a maximum of two questionnaires;

2 – Then we meet for a sixty minute counselling session, face-to-face in Hebden Bridge; or via Skype or the telephone system.

3 – I sometimes send a very brief report after our meeting (if I feel compelled to do so, for the sake of the client’s needs); and I sometimes send a document or two with relevant information (but by no means always!) When I do send such documents, they normally refer back to the results of the assessment questionnaires, and include insights into the client’s personality and lifestyle self-management.

4 – End of the (almost) pure talk therapy process.

Some of my talk therapy clients have attended for one or two sessions; but some have been consulting me for more than five years!


Fees for my Almost Pure Talk Therapy service

Blue logo Dr Jim ByrneWith effect from Monday 5th December 2022, the fee for a single session of this service will be just £200.00p GBP.

If you pay in advance for two sessions the combined cost will be just £300.00p GBP – which is a saving of £100.00p GBP.

Once you’ve completed your first two single sessions – or one double session – of Almost Pure Talk Therapy, the session fee will reduce to £140.00. (And at this point, if you book two sessions in advance, the total fee for those two sessions will fall to £230.00 GBP, which is an additional saving of £50.00)


Blue logo Dr Jim ByrnePostscript: I do not offer Payment by Instalments for a single session of (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy.

However, if you book two sessions in advance, you can pay in Two Instalments of £140.00 GBP per month.

The first payment is due three days before I send you a small number of questionnaires (normally two, but possibly more).

The second payment is due, one month later, and our second meeting will take place at least three days after the second payment arrives.


Fee changes with effect from 1st February 2023

After holding down the cost of my services for many months, I must now inform you that, for new clients, commencing any of my services on or after 1st February 2023, the fees shown above will be raised by 50%.


If you would like to take advantage of my (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy Service, then please contact me by email…

At Dr Jim’s Email Address

Or phone me on 01422 843 629



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