Counselling via the telephone system, email and/or Skype

Long-distance counselling and therapy with Dr Jim Byrne – via the telephone, Skype or email services

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Dr Jim Byrne is available online

Hello and welcome to this brief, introductory page about my long-distance counselling services: via the telephone system; email; or Skype.  Further information can be gained by clicking on any of the links below:

Telephone counselling:

I’m Dr Jim Byrne, in my twenty-second year in counselling and psychotherapy, during which time I have helped almost 1,000 individuals to get over their problems of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, self-confidence, couple conflict and attachment and relationship difficulties.

If you would like to consult me, to get help resolving one of your own problems, and you cannot get to Hebden Bridge to see me, then my telephone counselling service would work for you.

For more information about my telephone counselling service, please click this link: Dr Jim’s Enhanced Telephone Counselling Service.


Skype-webcam counselling:

In that time, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals with problems of depression, anxiety, anger, self-confidence, stress and couple conflict.

Many of those individuals consulted me via Skype; and many others consulted me exclusively by email, or sometimes by a combination of email counselling and telephone counselling.

Would you like me to help you with your current problems?

If you are unable to visit me in Hebden Bridge, then the next best option is to talk over the internet, using a good quality web-camera.

My service involves some pre-consultation assessment questionnaires, to help me to know you better, so as to maximally help you.  Then we meet over Skype, and talk through your problems or concerns.  And thirdly, I reflect upon your assessments, our conversation together, and I write a report containing recommended actions to move your life forward, in  a positive way.

This three-part service costs GBP £90.00p.  To take a look at my fuller page on this service, please go to Skype Counselling with Dr Jim Byrne.***

Or book your session


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Email counselling:

Welcome to my Email Counselling service

During that time, I’ve helped more than one-thousand individuals with problems of anger management, stress management, confidence and self-esteem building, anxiety control, depression reduction, plus couple counselling and marriage guidance. Many of those individuals needed help with attachment issues, personality adaptations, life transitions, goals and habits, and many other issues and problems

If you are unable to get to see me in Hebden Bridge; or if you would prefer to write to me and get a written response in the form of a considered report; then email counselling could be a good counselling option for you.  I have helped dozens of individuals using this approach.

I charge just £60.00 GBP for analysis and written response to a four page email, combined with pre-submission assessment questionnaires – For more, please go to Email Counselling with Dr Jim Byrne.***


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