Pure talk therapy with doctor of counselling


Updated on 2nd January 2022

Pure Talk Therapy with Dr Jim Byrne

For people who do not want to read or write about their problems!

Dr Jim Byrne has developed the most holistic (or complete) model of counselling psychology, in collaboration with Renata Taylor-Byrne.  And he has also developed the most comprehensive approach to delivering therapeutic results to his clients.



Dr Jim in Thirsk001I’m Dr Jim Byrne, a doctor of counselling in my 24th year of private practice; and I help people with all kinds of problems: from anger, anxiety and depression; through couple and marriage relationships problems; to childhood trauma; current stress problems; and much more besides.

This service page is for the minority of my clients who do not wish to fill in questionnaires; or to read information about their problems, including my reflective reports and follow-up psycho-educational documents. (I prefer to offer my Main Service, which is more comprehensive; but some clients do not learn well from reading and writing).

This is what some people want:

No Questionnaires; no reports; no follow-up handouts.  No written materials of any kind. Just helpful therapeutic conversation about their problems.

Talk to me today.

Telephone counselling image for mini-serviceI can help you to clarify your problems with anger; anxiety; grief and depression; stress; couple conflict; career issues; and general problems solving.

I can also help with childhood trauma; personality distortions (adaptations) from childhood; and lifestyle habits that are undermining your physical and mental health.

If you have problems sleeping; changing habits; or communicating with others; then I can help.

If you have any problems which you cannot resolve under your own steam, then please consult me and I will do my best to help you.

Jim and the Buddha, 2I am a doctor of counselling with more than 23 years’ experience of helping more than twelve hundred individuals with all kinds of problems.

A 45-60 minute conversation, face to face in Hebden Bridge – or via the telephone, or over Skype/ Zoom/ webcam – will cost you just £120.00 (with no trimmings); and we can converse monthly if that works for you.

To find out what previous clients have gained from working with me, please take a look at my Unsolicited Client Testimonials page.***


Blue-logo7Contact me today at Dr Jim’s Email.***

Or phone 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside).


Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne

Doctor of Counselling

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