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Updated on 20th June 2022

(Almost) Pure Talk Therapy with Dr Jim Byrne

For people who do not want to read or write about their problems!

Dr Jim, Counsellor therapist Hebden Bridge

Dr Jim Byrne has developed the most holistic (or complete) model of counselling psychology, in collaboration with Renata Taylor-Byrne. He takes into account all those factors which could be impacting your emotions, behaviours and relationships. Such as what?

  • Your current stressful pressures, at home or in work.
  • Your current relationship difficulties; and how they link back to your childhood relationships.
  • Current or recent losses or failures; or threats or dangers; or insults and frustrations; or slights or hurts, etc.
  • Your diet and nutritional status (which can have a dramatic effect on your feelings of anger, anxiety and/or depression); can reduce or maintain your emotional intelligence; and can reduce or increase you bodily stress levels.
  • Your level of sedentary lifestyle versus your level of physical activity, including structured physical exercise. (For example, physical exercise is the quickest and most effective way to reduce your stress and anxiety levels).
  • Your current and recent sleep history. (Inadequate sleep can cause angry outbursts and a reduction in the level of your emotional intelligence!)
  • Your level of tension and relaxation.
  • And your “philosophy of life” and mind-management skills.



Dr Jim in Thirsk001I’m Dr Jim Byrne, a doctor of counselling in my 24th year of private practice; and I help people with all kinds of problems: from anger, anxiety and depression; through couple and marriage relationships problems; to childhood trauma; current stress problems; and much more besides.

This service page is for the minority of my clients who do not wish to read information about their problems, including my reflective reports and follow-up psycho-educational documents. (I prefer to offer my Main Service, which is more comprehensive; but some clients do not learn well from reading and writing).

This is what some people want:

No Questionnaires; no reports; no follow-up handouts.  No written materials of any kind. Just helpful therapeutic conversation about their problems.

I can meet you halfway on that. However, because of the complexity of the human body, brain, mind, outlined in the bullet points above, I expect all my Talk Therapy clients to complete two in-depth questionnaires; one about their personal values and preferences; and one about their lifestyle self-management.


So my talk therapy service – commonly called my (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy service – is in two parts:

1 – First, I ask you to complete a maximum of two questionnaires;

2 – Then we meet for a sixty minute counselling session, face-to-face in Hebden Bridge; or via Skype or the telephone system.

I often send a quick and brief report of our meeting; and if strongly moved to do so, I might also send one or two follow-up documents; but this is not an essential part of the service.

End of process.

You can repeat this process as often as you need to.  (I may, at my own discretion, send a file note report about our Talk Therapy meetings, with some helpful pointers; but not necessarily in every case. And sometimes I do feel compelled to send an informational handout or two!). Some of my talk therapy clients attend for one or two sessions; but some have been consulting me for six to ten sessions; and a few for more than five years!

Costs: With effect from Monday 20th June 2022: A single session of Almost Pure Talk Therapy will cost you just £250.00 GBP.  (If you pay in advance for two sessions, the cost will fall to £400.00 GBP for the pair).


Talk to me today.

Telephone counselling image for mini-serviceI can help you to clarify your problems with anger; anxiety; grief and depression; stress; couple conflict; career issues; and general problems solving.

I can also help with childhood trauma; personality distortions (adaptations) from childhood; and lifestyle habits that are undermining your physical and mental health.

If you have problems sleeping; changing habits; or communicating with others; then I can help.

If you have any problems which you cannot resolve under your own steam, then please consult me and I will do my best to help you.

Jim and the Buddha, 2I am a doctor of counselling with more than 23 years’ experience of helping more than twelve hundred individuals with all kinds of problems.

A 45-60 minute (Almost) Pure Talk Therapy conversation, face to face in Hebden Bridge – or via the telephone, or over Skype/ Zoom/ webcam – will cost you just £250.00 (or just £400.00 for two sessions which are booked and paid in advance); and we can converse weekly or monthly, or whenever, depending on your preferences and budget.

To find out what previous clients have gained from working with me, please take a look at my Unsolicited Client Testimonials page.***


Blue-logo7Contact me today at Dr Jim’s Email.***

Or phone 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside).


Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne

Doctor of Counselling

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