Telephone coaching counselling with Renata

Telephone Coaching

with Renata Taylor-Byrne

Lifestyle Coach

Updated on 2nd October 2021


What is telephone coaching? 

Renata, Coach-counsellor, June 2021“A trouble shared is a trouble halved” – and it is my aim to help to greatly reduce your problems.

Telephone coaching is just like regular face-to-face coaching, except that it’s conducted entirely over the telephone system.  There is some evidence that telephone coaching agencies … do much more coaching than any other kind of coaching agency!  There is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about telephone coaching.

Furthermore, the outcomes achieved via telephone coaching are comparable to those achieved through face-to-face coaching.  It seems that more than two-thirds of (telephone) clients have reported high levels of satisfaction.


For more about my telephone coaching service, please click this link: Renata’s Telephone Coaching Service.***



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