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Interesting website links: Other sites of interest

We thought you might like to see a few indicators of some of the more progressive and helpful organizations that perhaps do not get as much publicity as they deserve, plus some mainstream organizations that have floated to the top of the stack!

The Equality Trust: UK income inequality is among the highest in the developed world…

… and evidence shows that this is bad for almost everyone. The Equality Trust works to reduce income inequality in order to improve the quality of life in the UK. ‎


The Gottman Institute

WHY GOTTMAN? Science! The Gottman Institute is the culmination of Drs. John and Julie Gottman’s life work as researchers and clinical psychologists. Our approach to relationship health has been developed from 40 years of research with more than 3,000 couples. It is the most extensive study ever done on marital stability and divorce prediction.

~~~ – Google+‎

Share the right things with the right people. Google plus offers an interesting forum for social media communications

Google+ Photos 

Google+ Hangouts‎


List of progressive organizations – SourceWatch

October 2016 – A list of progressive organizations, that is, organizations which promote progressive values while not having any regressive ideological ties.


The Hoffman Process

What is the Hoffman Process?

The Hoffman Process is a seven-day residential course that helps you discover who you really are, freeing you to make conscious choices that will improve your relationships with the people around you. During the Process you will be taught tools and techniques to help you change the old behavioural patterns that are preventing you from feeling fully alive.

It works

The Process has been established for 50 years, in 14 countries, and has benefitted nearly 100,000 people from all walks of life. It is recommended by many medical and health professionals, and has been the subject of scientic research. People come out of the Process with a deep experience of their own resilience, a greater sense of life’s possibilities, and ready to embrace change.


Alexa Internet Alexa Internet: A subsidiary of Amazon known more for providing website traffic information. Search was provided by Google, then Live Search, now in-house applications run their own search.


Unequal distribution of wealth in the USA: Wealth in the United States can be summed up pretty easily; you’re either really rich, or really poor.  Since the recession ended back in 2009,  incomes have barely increased, and only the top 5% of earners actually saw those increases. That not only helps widen the income gap, but paints a bleak picture for many employees seeking a raise or advancement at their jobs.


Try LinkedIn It’s one of the most interesting Social Media Forums for professionals who want to network with potential future work colleagues, employers and informational sources.

See my LinkedIn profile as an illustration of what is possible.


A year after the Kids Company’s demise, what have we learned?

Reflecting on this period, when in effect more than £20m of annual resource intended to support young people disappeared overnight from our sector, it is clear that we’ve all still got some thinking to do. From talking to youth workers in London there are at least six insights that might help us serve young people better in the future, while protecting us against the kind of implosion that brought down Kids Company.


AOL offers the latest breaking news, gossip, sports, business and stock quotes on the web. Get free email, AIM access, viral videos, horoscopes and more!


About Jeremy Corbyn – A rising star

“Jeremy Corbyn’s election in September 2015 as Labour leader, at the age of 66, counted as one of the biggest upsets in British political history.

“His re-election to the post almost a year later was not such a surprise but could prove even more momentous in terms of Labour’s direction in the coming years and the future course of British politics.

“Seeing off the challenge of Owen Smith, who had the backing of the majority of Labour MPs, has made Mr Corbyn, for the time being at least, seemingly unassailable and increased the likelihood that he will lead the opposition into the next general election – scheduled for 2020.”

About Jeremy Corbyn – A rising star


Sign up – Twitter

Signup for Twitter. It only takes a minute. Instantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favourite celebrities and breaking news.

Or take a look at my Twitter account: Dr Jim Byrne (abc4cent) on Twitter  

The latest from Dr Jim Byrne (@abc4cent). I am a Doctor of Counselling, in my eighteenth year in private practice, helping individuals with problems of anger, anxiety, depression, confidence, stress and couple conflict. Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.


Progressive Economics Organizations and Websites:…/Progressive_Economics_Organization…‎

Progressive Economics Organizations and Websites: Dedicated … activism. Progressive Economics Think Tanks … Compass (U.K.):


Place2Be – Making a lifetime of difference to children in schools…‎

Find out more about Place2Be, a national children’s charity providing counselling for children in schools. Train to be a children’s counsellor or read our latest …

Place2Be – Making a lifetime of difference to children in schools…



Bing is a search engine that brings together the best of search and people in your social networks to help you spend less time searching and more time doing.


Progressive Links – University of Pennsylvania‎

November 21, 2016 – News, Views, and Tools for Progressives … Alternative Sources of News; Netroots (Progressive Blogs) … Progressive 527 Organizations.


Progressive Web Sites – Third World Traveler‎

The Consortium – online newsmagazine · Common Dreams – online news for progressive community. … Media organizations … Oxfam (UK) · Pastors for Peace…


Searching for area codes and zip codes? “I frequently search for area codes and zip codes maps and location information and these two are my favourite references.”


Searching for British postal codes:

Postcode Finder – Find an Address | Royal Mail Group Ltd › Sending mail

As you type, we’ll suggest matches. Useful information will help you along the way. Simply click to see the full address. Information on how Postcode Finder works.


GOOGLE Google – The world’s most popular search engine.


Resources for Counselling | Counselling |

14 Jan 2014 – A range of links to library and information resources for counselling. Counselling related books and journals are in the Main Library…


Self-help Resources – Cardiff University‎

The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) has a really … which you might find helpful; containing many counselling related resources, …


Pastoral counseling – Psychology Wiki

Pastoral Counseling” is differentiated from “Pastoral Care”, “Christian … AAPC membership includes Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and many other faiths  …


What are equality and diversity? | About |…/equalitydiversit…‎

30 Aug 2013 – Promoting equality should remove discrimination in all of the aforementioned areas. Bullying, harassment or victimization are also considered …

Strategy and Outcomes – ‎About 


Equality and diversity – Department for Work and Pensions ……/equality-and-diversity

Equality and diversity. The Department for Work and Pensions is committed to providing services which embrace diversity and that promote equality of …


YAHOO Yahoo! Search: The 2nd largest search engine on the web (as defined by a September 2007 Nielsen Netratings report. The search engine that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web.


EHRC – How To Tackle Discrimination And Promote Equality…equality…/how-to-tackle-discriminatio…‎

The starting point for any effort to promote equality in the workplace is to assess what you are doing already … ACAS guidance: Delivering equality and diversity …


Equality and Diversity Strategy…/equality-and-diversity/equality-and-diversit…‎

Our commitment to promoting equality and valuing diversity is central to providing excellent customer service. We know that organisations that deliver high …



Lycos: Initial focus was broadband entertainment content, still a top 5 Internet portal and the 13th largest online property according to Media Metrix.


Higher Education Scholarship Palestine (HESPAL)

HESPAL is a British Council managed scheme, which offers scholarships to young Palestinian lecturers from universities in the West Bank and Gaza enabling them to study in the UK. HESPAL aims to help create the next generation of senior academics who can maintain international quality standards at Palestinian universities and develop renewed, sustainable links between Palestinian and UK universities.

University of Bristol, in partnership with the HESPAL scheme, is offering PhD scholarships for a 4-year period from 2017/18, working with institutions in the West Bank and Gaza.

Scholarships in 2018/19 (each to start in October 2018)

  • 1 scholarship for a student from any university in the West Bank or Gaza wishing to pursue a PhD in Health Sciences with priority given to epidemiology/public health using advanced statistical methods. Please see the Bristol Medical School website for current projects on offer. A project proposed by the student may also be possible. Key contact: Professor Gene Feder.
  • 1 scholarship for a student from any university in the West Bank or Gaza wishing to pursue a PhD in the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship. Key contact: Professor Tariq Modood.

For more information:



Kitchen appliances

Shop online for a wide selection of home and office furniture and kitchen appliances at low internet prices and fast home delivery service –


Spanish Language Translation is a professional language translation & interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive international communication services that meet and surpass industry standards.


Hot Topics

What people are searching for on the web right now…

The top 500 Websites…

~~~ Teacher jobs in Europe‎

Teacher jobs in Europe – no signup, no ads – just new jobs.



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