Index to REBT critique book

The hard labour of constructing the Index for my book critiquing REBT/CBT


Updated: 26th May 2017

I have now completed a revised, definitive draft of the Index for my new book on the flaws in CBT/REBT.  A few minor changes may follow, but probably not much.

This draft index has taken longer to construct than it took to write Chapters 1-3!  But a good index is worth it’s weight in gold, as it can be very difficult to navigate a book which does not have a good index!

Here is the definitive draft, which consists of five pages:

Index page 1x.JPG

Index page 2x.JPG

Index page 3x.JPG

Index page 4x.JPG

Index page 5x.JPG

If you have any comments on this index, please send them to Jim Byrne at

For more on this book, please go to What’s Wrong with REBT/CBT page.***