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This list is intended to be helpful for individuals searching for book publishers and/or book sellers based in Hebden Bridge.

Hebden Bridge is a hotbed of creative talent, with many resident authors, and there is much of interest to be revealed about local publishing and book selling, promotion and distribution. According to Kevin Duffy, in the Guardian newspaper: “EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale all have writers who reside here. You can throw a net in Coffee Cali and capture two or three Radio Four playwrights”.

This list seeks to be comprehensive, so if we miss anybody out, please let us know and we will add them to the list.


The E-CENT Publishing Platform

ecent logos 3Books about, or informed by, Emotive-Cognitive Embodied-Narrative Therapy (E-CENT); including self-help titles, and counselling and therapy theory and practice. 

The Institute for E-CENT has published, and will continue to publish, a range of books on subjects related to our holistic – whole body-brain-mind-environment – approach to counselling, coaching and psychotherapy. 


Welcome to the Institute for E-CENT Publishing Platform.  Our current range of books – which are informed by, or describe, Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy (E-CENT) – is listed on our Books Page.

Subjects include: Holistic Counselling; Lifestyle coaching and counselling; Diet, exercise and mental health; Anger management; Couple relationships; Sleep science and healthy sleeping; Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) critiques; Personal development; How to using writing therapy to improve your life; How to control your anger, anxiety and depression using nutritional and physical exercise approaches; Overcoming emotional traumas; Counselling theory and practice; Plus one fictionalized autobiography and one novel.

Those books are promoted by ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, and sold via The ABC Bookstore Online UK; and ultimately via, plus, and several other Amazon outlets around the world


Pennine Pens – Local publishers in Hebden Bridge since 2006

Pennine PensPennine Pens, independent web developers and publishers based in Hebden Bridge. We design, develop and maintain web pages/sites and occasionally still publish the traditional book.

Gentleman Jack is to be Sally Wainwright’s next series on primetime BBC1, featuring the life of Anne Lister. The first few episodes will be inspired by our publication of the book by Jill Liddington: Natures’ Domain: Anne Lister and the Landscape of Desire

For a list of our books, please go to Local Books – by local authors or about our area.***


ABC Bookstore Online UKBased in Hebden Bridge

ABC Bokstore Bold, by CharlesWe promote self-help books…

And books about counselling, coaching, psychotherapy…

And personal development topics


All of our books are published by the E-CENT Institute Publishing Platform.

Our current range of books includes helpful approaches to problems of anger, anxiety, depression; couple relationships; overcoming trauma; stress; diet, nutrition, physical exercise, sleep science; writing therapy guidelines; and pain reduction or elimination (coming soon); plus counselling, coaching, and psychotherapy…

For self-help enthusiasts; students; counsellors, coaches, and psychotherapists; plus social workers and educators; and interested individuals.

To find out more about the books on sale at the ABC Bookstore, please take a look at ABC Bookstore Online UK.***


Bluemoose Books – Independent publisher in Hebden Bridge


Blue MooseAbout Bluemoose Books

Bluemoose Books is an independent publisher based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Kevin and Hetha Duffy started Bluemoose in 2006 and as a ‘family’ of readers and writers we’re passionate about the written word and stories. Stories are transformative and as publishers we delight in finding great new talent. We don’t have the heft of a London publishing house with the millions of pounds to promote our writers but we do manage through innovative marketing to get our books into high street bookstores and reviewed in the national press. If you’re looking for orange headed celebrity books, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. But if you want brilliant stories that have travelled from Hebden Bridge, across the border into Lancashire, down to London across to Moscow, Sofia and Budapest and into the United States, Australia, India, Colombia and Greenland, Iceland and Bosnia Herzevogina then Bluemoose is the publisher for you.  For more, please visit our Home Page.***


The Book Case – Market Street, Hebden Bridge

The BookcaseThe Book Case is an independent book shop in the heart of the picturesque mill-town of Hebden Bridge. They were shortlisted in 2017 for Northern Bookshop of the Year. They stock a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children.

For more information, please take a look at The Book Case.***


Just Books – Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge

Just BooksJust Books is a discount bookseller, selling bargain books, kids’ books, greetings cards and budget classical, jazz and blue’s CDs.

34 Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EX: Directions

Tel 01422 845526


The Hebden Bridge Antique Centre

Books at Hebden Bridge Antique CentreThis centre sells a small range of books, including the following:

Judith Mansfield Books and John Eggeling Books – Hebden Bridge

One book-dealer (Judith) specialises in needlework, textiles and fashion, including vintage patterns; another (John) sells general fiction, including detective and SF (paperbacks, magazines and first editions). Some other stands also have books.

Hebden Bridge Antiques Centre, First floor, The Old Police Station, Hope Street, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 8AG

01422 846561

7 days a week 10.30-4.30


Northern Bee Books, Hebden Bridge

Books about Bees in Hebden BridgeEverything you need to know about bees, we publish it.  And we are currently inviting authors to submit their books about bees to us: Northern Bee Books, SCOUT BOTTOM FARM, MYTHOLMROYD. Postcode/City: HX7 5JS Hebden Bridge.

County: West Yorkshire, England

Phone: 01422 882751

Fax: 01422 886157



Oxfam Shop, Hebden Bridge

Books at Oxfam Shop, Hebden BridgeThe Oxfam Shop sells a broad range of interesting second-hand books, of good quality (among other things).

21 Market Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6EU.

Please contact the store for information: 01422 845006



Books by Christopher Goddard, Map maker of West Yorkshire

Books by Christopher Goddard“When I moved to Hebden Bridge with Caroline in 2006, one of the first things I did was to yomp up the nearest hills so I could look out over the valley and get a sense of where I was; first High Brown Knoll, then Stoodley Pike. It has always been the way I get to know a new place, but is particularly necessary in the claustrophobic narrows of the Upper Calder Valley. What I found remarkable on both Midgley Moor and Erringden Moor, though, was the failure of the map to convey the paths across these moors. For anyone who holds Ordnance Survey maps in as high esteem as I do, it is a shock when they let you down. The map shows public footpaths where there are just swathes of heather and bog, and then you stumble across a fine path (like the one along Sheep Stones Edge) that is not shown at all. Although there is little the OS can do about the vagaries of the historical network of Public Rights of Way, I found the usually reliable black dashed lines letting me down as well. The consequence was that in many places you are forced to navigate by base geographical features (contours, watercourses, crags, etc) alone. While this may be a good navigational exercise, I felt there was an opportunity to map these moors more accurately.”

“So, finally, after years of amateur map-making, I felt as if I’d hit upon a project to which I could dedicate my passion for exploring the minutiae of the world outside my door. Though the original maps of Wadsworth Moor inspired by these first outings were consigned to the dustbin, but they set in motion the work that became my first book, The West Yorkshire Moors”.

For more, please go here:


If you spot any publisher, book seller or publishing outlet that we have overlooked, then please send an email to, and I will sort out the oversight with your help.


Linda Green, No.1 Bestselling Author:

Linda Green, bestselling author, hebden bridge

Linda Green has written several novels set in and around Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, West Yorkshire; and she lives in this area.  Her website introduces her like this:

“I am the author of eight novels, most recently the psychological thrillers After I’ve Gone and While My Eyes Were Closed.

“I was born in North London in 1970 and brought up in Hertfordshire. I wrote my first novella, the Time Machine, aged eight, but unfortunately the pony-based time travel thriller genre never caught on. Shortly after which I declared in my school memory book that my ambition was to have a novel published (I could have been easy on myself and just said ‘to write a novel’ but no, I had to consign myself to years of torture and rejections). I was frequently asked to copy out my stories for the classroom wall (probably because my handwriting was so awful no one could read my first draft), and received lots of encouragement from my teachers Mr Roberts, Mrs Chandler (who added yet more pressure by writing in my autograph book when I left primary school that she looked forward to reading my first published novel!) and Mr Bird (who taught most of Spandau Ballet English).

“My first publication came when I was thirteen and my Ode to Gary Mabbutt won second prize in the Tottenham Weekly Herald ‘My Favourite Player’ competition. At fifteen I won the Junior Spurs Football Reporter of the Year Competition and got to report on a first division football match from the press box at White Hart Lane (I got lots of funny looks and none of the male journalists spoke to me.)

“At sixteen I embarked on ‘A’ levels and a journalism course at De Havilland College, Hertfordshire, and my college magazine interview about football hooliganism with local MP and football club chairman David Evans made a double page spread in Shoot! magazine…”

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