How to Write a New Life for Yourself:

Updated on 19th June 2020

How to write a new life for yourself

Self-counselling using a personal journal

Narrative therapy as a DIY process

By Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


How to Write a New Life for Yourself:

Narrative therapy and the writing solution.

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By Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne

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Does it often seem to you that your life simply is not working to your advantage?  Not producing a good balance of happiness and unhappiness? Too much pain, and not enough pleasure? Too much tension, and not enough relaxation?  Too much struggle, and not enough personal and professional success?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of those questions, then you need to know this: If you continue to do what you have always done, then you will keep getting the same results, in terms of a life that doesn’t work for you!

We humans learn how to think and feel in our family of origins, and then we use those imperfect road-maps to guide us throughout our lives.  No wonder we often find ourselves in situations we strongly dislike. No wonder we often find we are living lives of quiet desperation.

This ‘how-to’ – (self help) – book contains more than twenty exercises to help you to redesign your road-map through life; and to get more of what you want from your life.

You will become clearer about your goals; and how to work towards them intelligently. You will become better at problem solving and decision making. You will learn how to write down your wishes and wants, and then watch as they materialize.  You emotions will become much calmer and you will feel happier.

Journal writing, and various forms of writing therapy, and reflective writing, are included, with specific exercises for specific purposes.

Why not write a new and better life for yourself?  Write it down and make it happen!

Sample LinkedIn reviews:

Bill Stoner: “As a therapist who uses journaling (or journal writing) in my practice, I’ve ordered the book. Nice website, seems like you have put a lot of time into it”.

Geraldine Clark: “Writing therapy is one of the best ways for getting out everything that a person feels they can’t tell anyone else. I’m a prime example: When I was (stuck) in my addiction (phase), I wrote a ‘goodbye letter’ (in my journal) to my drug of choice (habit).”  And it worked!

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Prices: £4.22 GBP (Kindle); or £13.27 (paperback)

Paperback and eBook versions.


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