Written Narratives as Therapy

This page originally included a range of books on writing therapy,which have now been rationalised and repackaged.  Our main book on Writing Therapy (and Expressive Writing) is now this: 

How to write a new life for yourself: Narrative therapy and the writing solution.***


The previous book – on Narrative therapy and the Writing Solution – has now been radically revised and greatly expanded, and produced in the form of both a paperback book, and an eBook, via Amazon.  Here is a brief description:

How to Write a New Life for Yourself

by Dr Jim Byrne (with Renata Taylor-Byrne)

I have used writing therapy for years; to manage my stress and time; to manage my relationships at home and at work; to resolve my emotional and practical problems; to improve my creativity; and just simply to chew through my daily experiences to make sense of them, and to file them away in a manner which would stop them building up into mental logjams.  (Of course I have also used meditation, diet and exercise, adequate sleep, calm relationships, and so on!)

…For more on this book, please click the following link: How to Write a New Life for Yourself.”””


Originally, we produced the following eBook, which was available from Kindle:

NTS eBook No.2 – Healing the Heart and Mind: Two examples of writing therapy stories, plus reflective analysis, by Jim Byrne

However, this book has now been withdrawn, and is going to be replaced by a new book, in due course, with the following title:

Three stories of Childhood: Comparing and contrasting stories from the childhoods of Jim Byrne and Albert Ellis


For our full list of books, please click the following link: Books about E-CENT counselling and related subjects (diet, exercise, sleep, stress, anger, anxiety, depression, holistic counselling, the problems with REBT, couple relationships, healing trauma, and much more besides.***