What’s wrong with Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RE&CBT)?

The book on REBT which identifies the core errors in Albert Ellis’ original arguments:

Unfit for Therapeutic Purposes, REBT

Copyright (c) Jim Byrne, 2017.

This book has now been superseded by the following title:

A Major Critique of REBT

Revealing the many errors in the foundations of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

By Dr Jim Byrne


Front cover3 of reissued REBT book
Cover design by Charles Saul

This new (2019) book is an improvement on the original (2017) book, for two major reasons:

For example, there was a need to clarify the bottom line of Dr Byrne’s critique of REBT, and that has been done in a 22 page Preface to the reissued, 2019 edition.

Also, we have added a reference to the research which shows that emotional pain and physical pain are both mediated and processed through significantly overlapping neural networks, which contradicts Dr Ellis’s claim that nobody could hurt you, except with a baseball bat.  Emotional pain hurts just as significantly as physical pain, and it’s not okay for therapists to ignore the emotional pain of their clients. (This point had not been made, with scientific evidence, in the 2017 edition).

Apart from these changes, the 2019 version of this major critique of REBT is identical to the 2017 version.

Here is the contents page:

Contents page

This book is available, as a paperback, from Amazon outlets, as below:

Amazon US and worldwide Amazon UK and Ireland
Amazon Canada Amazon France
Amazon Germany Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain Amazon Singapore
Amazon Japan  

Whole cover3

For more information about this book, please click this link: https://abc-bookstore.com/a-major-critique-of-rebt/

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