The ultimate lifestyle coaching service

The Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Service

With Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

In Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

The Ultimate Lifetyle Coaching Service


Update: 16th March 2020: For the duration of the Corona-virus (COVID-19) crisis, this services will be suspended, because it can only be delivered face-to-face, and I have decided to self-isolate until at least 18th June.


Dr Jim's office2With effect from February 3rd 2020, I am offering a new service, which is designed to help busy individuals to quickly get on top of their problems with physical and mental health, happiness and emotional well-being.

Many people are money-rich, but time-poor: (mainly busy professionals and business people). The least fortunate of such people are time-poor and love-poor, and relationship poor; and sleep deprived; and heading for serious health problems.

They often find they do not have time to do the research that they need to do to find out how to live a better, happier, healthier, more loving, more connected, and less stressful life.

Very often their major problems are linked to the poor manner in which they live their lives; including:

  • Not eating the right kinds of food (and frequently eating the wrong kinds of food);
  • Drinking alcohol and/or taking recreational and/or prescription drugs to try to unwind (which makes matters worse, not better!);
  • Sitting down for too long, and not taking enough exercise;
  • Over-working, and not knowing how to relax.
  • And skimping on their sleep.
  • (Of course, those bad habits are shaped by the culture in which we all live; which demands perfection; 24/7 productivity; and staying on the treadmill in case the treadmill falls into somebody else’s hands!)

They may also have:

  • An unhelpful philosophy of life, or unhelpful attitudes of mind;
  • Unresolved trauma from the past; and:
  • They may lack the skills needed to change their bad lifestyle habits.
  • And they may have an unhelpful internal ‘relationship role model’ which gets them into unhappy relationships over and over again.

My Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Service is designed to help with all these problems.

The process is as follows:

Firstly, I will ask you to complete and submit a few assessment questionnaires, so I can assess your lifestyle, your personality adaptations, your attachment style (if couple relationship is part of your problem), and your stress level.

Secondly, we will agree on a date/time for a breakfast-time meeting.

Winning formula producing failureIf you have to get to your work/business very early each day, then: At 5.00am or 6.00am, (on a pre-arranged Monday, Tuesday or Friday), you will arrive at my home in Hebden Bridge, without having had a full breakfast.  (It would be a good idea to have an apple, or a few nuts, to keep your blood sugar level up for your journey to my home; [and you should ideally have had at least eight hours sleep the night before]).

If you do not need to get to work/business so early, we can start at a later time.

When you arrive, I will talk you through the kinds of foods you should be eating for health and happiness, and the kinds of foods to avoid.  And I will ask you about any food allergies you may have.

I can either (1) serve a pre-prepared breakfast of nutritious health-promoting foods at once, or (2) demonstrate how to assemble a relatively quick breakfast, based on healthy, nutritious foods.; instead of grains and dairy products. (Please let me know which option (1) or (2) – you prefer).

We will then sit down and have a slow breakfast together, savouring the foods that will restore your health and happiness. (However, if you already enjoy a vegetable-based breakfast, on a regular basis, then we will skip this stage).

(Why would anybody want or need coaching in how to breakfast more healthily? Because ‘dining’ is a cultural phenomenon, and we live in a world in which junk foods, and poor quality convenience foods, have come to dominate our lives, rather than foods for health and happiness.  Public perceptions have been systematically distorted by amoral advertising, plus the widespread availability of junk and convenience foods. [More than 60% of food consumed in the UK in 2019 was ‘highly processed’ – meaning ‘turned into sugary, salty, fatty junk’] And traditional wisdom about food has been replaced by a lazy approach to ‘food for entertainment’, instead of food for health and happiness).

A recent newspaper headline declared,

‘Western diet “impairs brain and leads to overeating.”

The first paragraph announced that, “Consuming a western diet for as little as one week can subtly impair brain functioning and encourage slim and otherwise healthy young people to overeat…”

And the final paragraph declared that, “In the longer term, eating a western-style diet contributes to obesity and diabetes, which have been linked to declines in brain performance and the risk of developing dementia”.

(Ian Sample, Science Editor, National News, The Guardian, Wednesday 19th February 2020, page 5).


After breakfast, I will introduce you to a couple of systems which switch off the stress response, and switch on the relaxation response.  This will boost your immune system, reduce your blood pressure, and improve mental clarity and cerebral (brain) functions.

The two central processes at this point are:

1. Meditation and the breath of life. I will read something to set the tone of the meditation; and we will then sit together for about 15 minutes of meditation.  This will centre and ground you for the day ahead.  (If you already meditate, please let me know, and we will skip this stage).  And:

2. Next I will introduce you to the most effective system of muscle-and-mind relaxation, and I will talk you through a full body relaxation process. This will switch off whatever remains of your stress response (after meditation has calmed your body-mind).  (If you already practice some system of bodily relaxation, please let me know, and we will skip this stage).

Our system of body-mind relaxation is a technique that will greatly improve the quality of your life, and your resilience! It will reduce your anxiety, boost your energy, make you sleep better at night and improve your sports abilities. It will also make you less susceptible to heart attacks, and high blood pressure, and will boost your immune system, to name a few of the benefits.

Exercise for healthThen I will demonstrate 4 of the 12 Chinese exercises that I do every day.  I normally do 80 repetitions of each exercise, but it took years to build up to that level.  It is important to start in a small way, and gradually build up the capacity to endure (and then enjoy) longer sessions of exercise. So we will start with just 12 repetitions of each of the first four exercises.  This will take five to ten minutes, because I need to present it in a way that will be memorable, which will allow you to learn the names, movements and sequence of doing them; so you can do them at home each morning for the next six days. (If you already practice Chinese exercises, please let me know, and we will skip this stage).

There is some research support for the idea that this system of Chinese exercise reduces and controls anger, anxiety and depression.  And there are lots of personal testimonies to the benefits of Chi Kung on the Internet.

Here’s one example of a person who controls a serious autoimmune disease with this approach:

“I do traditional Chinese exercises every day. I think of it as medicine, too. Can I say for sure that it has worked for me? Not with a double blind study, but I do believe that my investigations have led me to a plan which has helped me and maybe could help you, too. At my last visit my rheumatologist told me that the Chinese exercises have probably helped my bone density stabilize at osteopenia. Let me tell you some of what I have learned through my experience.

“Calming the mind and calming the body allows healing. Strengthening the muscles through simple postures and movements prevents falls. Moving with flow and gentle weight bearing helps balance and can positively impact bone density. Achieving a relaxed state of the mind reduces stress. These are some of the simple premises that underlie the health benefits of Traditional Chinese exercises.”

Article by Dr Denise Nagel. HuffPost. Available online: June 22nd 2016.


Finally, we will talk about your time management plan for the day ahead (unless you are convinced that time management is not part of your problem).

The whole process should take between two hours and two and a half hours.

After you have left the first session, I will write a report to you, outlining a ‘winning formula’ for you to implement, to move your life to a new level of health and happiness. I will send that to you by email, within 24 hours, so you can review it and implement what you think will work best for you at this stage.


This program includes six days of telephone or Skype-webcam follow-up, of fifteen to thirty minutes duration each day, to fine tune your personal lifestyle changes. During these sessions, we can discuss aspects of the report that I have sent to you; and/or the ground we covered in the face to face session; and/or whatever is most important for you to discuss (including your relationships at home and/or in work).


Food affects our body and mindBefore you see me for the first meeting, I will ask you to complete a particular personality assessment questionnaire, because the resulting personality profile will help me to know how to relate to you most effectively, and how to advise you to move forward in various areas of your life.

I will also ask you to complete a Lifestyle Assessment Form, which will help me to see where your lifestyle may need modifying or improving.

The full, inclusive cost will be £750.00, for the complete week of coaching, plus the assessments and the report; and this fee is payable in advance.  I can invoice you via PayPal, and you can pay by card online; or I can send you my bank details, and you can send the payment via internet banking.

Once your fee has been received, I will ink you into my diary for a day/time that suits us both.

It could take three to six weeks to cover the program; but you can book as many weeks as you wish, until you feel you can ‘fly solo’.  The fee throughout will be £750.00 per week.

To speak to me, to discover if this is the right program for you – and to discuss pencilling in your first appointment – please call me today on 01422 843 629

Or email

Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


Who is Dr Jim Byrne?


Dr Jim Byrne's qualifications in lifestyle coachingYou might be wondering what qualifications and experience I have which support me in helping you.

Firstly, I am a 73 year old doctor of counselling, and master of education, in possession of vibrant physical and mental health; and a high level of happiness and relationship success.

I take no medication; have no diseases (apart from systemic Candidiasis, which I have had under conscious control for more than 35 years [and which I am confident I will soon eliminate completely!]; and mild oedema, or swelling, in the left ankle, which I am working to resolve: [and making dramatic progress on that in the past few days -reducing the swelling by more than half – using my own self-devised healing plan]).

I have no pains anywhere in my body; and when I did develop lumbago and hip arthritis, about a year ago, I cured them both in a matter of weeks by doing the relevant research, and making a few adjustments to my diet, (including additions and exclusions); changes to my exercise program, (involving some specific new exercises); and adding some nutritional supplements to my daily consumption.  (Oh yes; and also adjusting some aspects of my mental set).

I have not seen a medical GP for more than 25 years, and I do not take (and would not take) any medications – although I do take vitamin and mineral supplements of various sorts, and other alternative health supplements.  I also have not seen any other kind of medical provider (apart from a chiropractor [briefly, for one visit], when I was healing my own arthritis; and a nutritionist [for three consultations], about ten years ago, when I had bad food allergies); and I do not feel any need to reach out for any such support at the moment, as I am perfectly capable of crafting my own health solutions to any problem which might arise!

I gave up tobacco more than thirty-five years ago; and I have successfully given up the five most harmful foods, over a period of years, beginning about thirty-five years ago. Breaking those old habits took some skill and effort, and I now teach my clients how to do that.

I complete at least one hour of exercise each morning; after 30 minutes of meditation, and a super-nutritious breakfast; and I end my working day with 20 minutes of tension-releasing activity.

I have created each of those health-giving and health-supporting habits from scratch, despite being just as potentially lazy as every other human being.

Sleep and personal miseryI now restrict the amount of time I spend sitting down; and I am typing these words at my standing desk.

I manage the gateway to my mental activity like a security guard at Fort Knox (or the Bank of England vault!)

I know how to create and maintain new habits, and have taught various systems of habit change to more than 1,000 counselling clients over a period of more than 21 years.

I am very happily married, and have been since 1986, to my best friend.  I am happy; healthy (physically and mentally); successful (in my own terms); and wealthy (spiritually and emotionally; and I have enough money to buy the things I actually need, as opposed to what my ‘appetitive part’ might want).

I enjoy a healthy diet, and I work at least 40-50 hours each week (even though I know I should limit that to 35 hours for maximum balance in my life! I’m working on that goal at the moment!)  I have no desire to retire, and no need to, at any stage in a life, which I expect to continue until I am at least 94 years old, and possibly 104 years old.

I plan to die in my own bed, in my own home, in a state of great physical and mental health!  And with a happy smile on my face!

I take responsibility for my own life and my own health and happiness.  I want to help you to do likewise!


Furthermore, I am the creator of Dr Jim’s Stress and Anxiety Diet, which I created in 2001; and which was published in an updated form in a book I co-authored in 2017[1]. I have written or co-authored more than twenty books on self-help and lifestyle improvement and personal development topics[2].


Coke for the middle classesTo speak to me, to discover if my Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Service is the right program for you – and to discuss pencilling in your first appointment – please call me today on 01422 843 629

Or email

Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


Earlier career

Before I moved into coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, I spent twenty years in vocational education and training, in consulting and managerial roles.  I began as a VSO/UNV volunteer trainer/consultant at the Marine Diesel Training Centre, in Bangladesh; was then hired by the United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF); and later moved down to Thailand, where I worked for the Royal Thai Government as a consultant.

When I returned to the UK, I spent some time in technical authorship; then went to the Sudan to set up a vocational training centre for Ethiopian refugees; before moving into local authority education and training initiatives; and ended that part of my career as Deputy Chief Executive of an educational charity which I co-founded in Bradford.

High-flyers live in miseryAnd it was during this period of my life that I developed expertise in managing my own stress and time; my own health and happiness; and my lifestyle and communications strategies.  (I began studying various approaches to therapy and personal development in 1980).

My purpose in diversifying into coaching and counselling was to pursue my passionate desire to help individuals to change and grow; to be more fully human; and to achieve more of their creative potential. Over time, that has evolved into helping people to live better, healthier, happier lives by managing their lifestyles more consciously and effectively.


cropped-abc-coaching-counselling-charles-2019.jpgTo speak to me, to discover if my Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Service is the right program for you – and to discuss pencilling in your first appointment – please call me today on 01422 843 629

Or email

Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling



[1] Taylor-Byrne, R.E. and Byrne, J.W. (2017) How to control your anger, anxiety and depression, using nutrition and physical activity.  Hebden Bridge: The Institute for E-CENT Publications.

[2] My main book on lifestyle counselling is this:

Byrne, J.W. (2018) Lifestyle Counselling and Coaching of the Whole Person: Or how to integrate nutritional insights, physical exercise and sleep coaching into talk therapy.  Hebden Bridge: The Institute for E-CENT Publications.

You can review the full list of my current books in print on – here: Dr Jim Byrne’s book.