Health coaching and wellbeing support


Health Coaching and Wellbeing Support

Or how to cure your own chronic disease or ill health – with our support

By Dr Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne, all over the world via the telephone system, email counselling; (and Jim offers Skype-webcam counselling).

Update: 27th March 2021: For the duration of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, we will be available for Telephone Counselling; and Jim will be available for Skype Counselling. And we will resume face-to-face counselling and coaching services in Hebden Bridge on 22nd June 2021!

We will be addressing our normal range of problems and issues, and, in addition, we will be happy to help you with any health anxiety you might be feeling about the Covid-19 pandemic.


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The first step in ensuring that you live a long, happy and healthy life is this: You have to take personal responsibility for managing your life in such a way as to bring those results about!  Two very important aspects of that process involve managing your lifestyle decisions – regarding diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation; and also managing your mental attitudes, and monitoring the cultural beliefs that you allow into your mind:

“By studying people who consistently remain healthy while enjoying great longevity, we can learn a lot about how cultural beliefs and attitudes about aging can benefit our healing systems and contribute to long-lasting health.  For example, among the Hunza, who dwell in the mountains of Central Asia and consistently live beyond the age of 100 years, there is considerable lack of disease. His peers consider a 70-year-old Hunza man to be a youngster…” – and by extension, we can say the same about a 70-year-old Hunza woman! – “…and they expect (that person) to remain healthy, active and productive until well beyond this age. Because of the powerful impact the mind has on the body, the cultural mindset and expectations of the Hunza exert a positive influence on their healing systems, contributing to less illness, greater overall health, and increased longevity”. And the Hunza typically work in the fields well beyond the age of 100 years!

Dr Art Brownstein, Extraordinary Healing: Trigger a complete health turnaround in 10 days or less.  New York, Rodale Inc.


We offer health coaching and wellbeing support because we both feel that without health, none of us will be able to attain our life goals, whatever they might be.

Our focus is on helping you, the client, to achieve full energy and vitality – and in order to do this, we focus on the key aspects of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

Jim (a doctor of counselling) – who has not consulted a conventional medical doctor (GP) for more than 30 years – has recently cured his own low back pain and arthritis in his hips, and mild sciatic symptoms.  He is totally pain free.

Jim Byrne, Dr of Counselling, does health coaching

In 2001, he published a book – now out of print – about how to reduce and control your stress level. This book contained an important set of skills for people who want to be healthy. Protracted stress creates systemic inflammation in your body and brain, which is thought to be the basis of much if not all of the modern, chronic physical diseases, and also of many mental health problems.

Jim has also managed his own intestinal problems – (systemic Candidiasis [or dysbiosis]) – for more than thirty years, and kept them under healthy control.  He does not suffer any of the negative side effects of Candida overgrowth, because of his health-management insights and actions.

He recently co-authored a book chapter, with Renata, on the links between sleep problems, on the one hand, and chronic physical and mental health problems on the other. And he has offered Psychological First Aid and Health and Wellbeing Coaching to individuals – with problems of cancer, MS, ME and chronic pain – who were at their wits end, and needed health education, advice, support, and encouragement to get to a better place.


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Nata-Lifestyle-coach8 (224x261)Renata is a former college lecturer in the field of Health and Care, who has taught Stress management, Nutritional health, Counselling, Habit formation; plus Self-confidence and Assertive communication.

She has also researched and written books on: (1) Diet, exercise and mental health; (2) The many links between badly managed sleep and several chronic diseases; and (3) The importance of relaxation and tension release for physical and mental health.


“One reason the coach approach is so effective? ‘When we tell another person we’re going to do something, and we know we have to report back to them, we’ll exert additional effort to make sure we follow through’, (according to Wolever, mentioned above). Indeed, research shows social support makes people more likely to stick with behavioural changes like exercising and quitting smoking, as well as going for breast cancer screenings”.

Oprah Magazine, February 2017, page 85.


Our approach to helping you with your health and wellbeing begins with an assessment of your major lifestyle factors, including sleep, diet, exercise and other factors.

Once we have assessed your lifestyle factors, and your current stressors, we need to consider your early childhood history and your current relationships.

Then we are in a position to advise and guide you towards better health and wellbeing outcomes.


Invest in your health, it's your wealth

Our specialist areas:

# We have researched the effects of good nutrition and physical exercise on anger, anxiety and depression, and together we published a book in 2017 on this area of health, so that we were up to speed on the latest research findings, for the benefit of our clients.  (“How to Control Your Anger, Anxiety and Depression using Nutrition and Physical exercise”).

# Dr Jim has written about the therapeutic power of Journal writing and self-expression and has researched the considerable health benefits to be gained from this activity. (“How to Write a New Life for Yourself”, published in 2018.)

#Renata has written about the crucial importance of sleep, and the very revealing experiments which show its massive impact on people’s health; and about how to get high quality sleep and create strong sleep boundaries. (“Safeguard Your Sleep and Reap the Rewards”, published in 2018).

#In the following year, 2019, Dr Jim researched and wrote a book to show how conflict in couple relationships impacts on your health, and describes strategies to change that: (“How to Quickly Fix Your Couple Relationship”).

# Renata has researched and experimented with relaxation techniques that can have great benefits for your physical and mental health, from an investment of a mere ten to fifteen minutes a day?  Our favourite relaxation technique will reduce your stress level and anxiety, blood pressure, digestive problems; and has many other health benefits. It also cures insomnia, making it much easier for you to fall asleep at night; and it’s highly effective for reducing anxiety about public performances or exams and tests. The health benefits are remarkable and well researched and validated, and described in her book: (“Relax Your Way to a Better Life”, by Renata Taylor-Byrne, 2020.)


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Do you want to have more energy, health and happiness in your life?

Let us introduce you to some of the best health boosting techniques to restore your health and wellbeing and increase your energy levels.

Jim and Renata use slightly different approaches to this subject area, so, to explore the differences, please see our main pages:

Dr Jim's office2About Dr Jim Byrne’s Counselling and Psychotherapy services; plus his background education, training, qualifications, registrations and ethics codes.***

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Nata-Lifestyle-coach8 (224x261)About Renata Taylor-Byrne’s Counselling and Coaching services; plus her background education, training, qualifications, registrations and ethics codes.***

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