Couples therapy and relationship counselling in North London

Couples therapy and relationship counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, and psycho-education…

In North London, Near Kings Cross Railway Station

Updated on 25 September 2022

Dr Jim Byrne, well known for his almost 25 years’ experience of helping clients with couple relationship problems, in West Yorkshire, and all over the English-speaking world via Skype, is now available to people in North London, on an occasional basis.

Nata and Jim's wedding day005

Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne on their wedding day, in April 1986


Jim offers a unique service, with high-value added features which are not part of standard counselling services. The main benefits that you will gain from this service include the following:

– A much clearer idea of what is going wrong in your marriage or couple relationship (based on formal and informal assessment by a highly experienced professional);

– A better understanding of your own contribution to your relationship problems; and how to change for the better; and:

– Well-written teaching documents which are designed to make sure you not only understand love and relationships, but that you can deploy effective skills in areas such as:

# creating for your partner the experience that they are loved; that they are understood; that they are cared for and respected; and:

# developing a sense of secure attachment within yourself; strong personal boundaries; and a win-win approach to every aspect of your most important relationship(s). Resulting in better health and happiness for you both.

– And a growing feeling of happiness and relaxation in your ever-rewarding relationship!


A1, Jim and Nata counselling homepage

Renata and Jim on their 30th wedding anniversary, in 2016

For a good description of Jim’s services, please see his web page about Couples Therapy in Hebden Bridge.***

However, if you do not have the time to travel to Hebden Bridge to consult Jim, he is willing to travel to North London, and to meet with you in a hotel near Kings Cross, for a standard fee of £1,500 for a two hour meeting; preceded by six assessment questionnaires; and followed by a detailed analytical report; and six psycho-educational documents, at two week intervals, which will teach you all the knowledge and skills you will need in order to improve and enhance your couple relationship.

To find out more, or to make an appointment, please email Jim at Dr Jim Byrne’s email address.***

Or phone Jim on 01422 843 629.