Counselling supervision

Dr Jim Byrne provides supervision and peer support services for counsellors and psychotherapists


Dr Jim's photoIf you like the sound of Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy, and our holistic/ flexible/ integrative approach, and you think you would benefit from supervision (or peer support) from somebody like me – the creator of this system – then please do contact me to discuss possibilities.  I offer supervision face-to-face in Hebden Bridge or Halifax; or from any part of the world by telephone,or via Skype/webcam.

I have been in supervision myself for more than seventeen years – (which is the British system: lifelong supervision regardless of status or competence level, or years of experience) – normally spending three years with each supervisor before moving on.  If you want to know what I learned from those years of being supervised, I cannot do better than to quote James Rye, from the BACP journal, Therapy Today, in which he describes his least favourite and most favourite supervisor:

“I have learned a lot about the kind of supervisor I want to be from being supervised.  One of my early supervisors had a model that was benign, but dominantly ‘corrective’.  I described the client and my interactions from memory.  He listened and occasionally affirmed and asked for explanations, or explained what he would have done and what I should do at the next meeting.  I felt, at times, that I was going to see a ‘head teacher’ to learn about what I had got right or wrong”. (Page 28, Sept 2009, Vol 20, Issue 7).

“The supervisor that I have enjoyed working with the most carried out the five functions of supervision that Beinhart has identified: monitoring and evaluation, instructing and advising, modelling, consulting and supporting.  On occasions she provided the experience of a senior colleague.  Sometimes she shared ideas from her experience that I might want to try.  However, most of the time she encouraged, challenged, and stimulated with questions that left me thinking hard.  She created an environment where it was safe for me to explore and reflect on my practice, and where any necessary criticism came from me discovering that I need to to criticise myself.  She enabled me to develop my own integrative counselling model and personal style”. (ibid, page 28).

My style of supervision

I believe I am more like the second supervisor mentioned above, rather than the first.

For more information on this service, and to book a session via PayPal, please go to the Counselling Supervision page.***


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