Counselling supervision


Counselling supervision as CPD for counsellors and psychotherapists

With Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, and creator of Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy (E-CENT)


Updated on 6th September 2022


Unsolicited testimonial for Jim Byrne:

“Dear Jim, … You have been like a breath of fresh air (as my supervisor).  I have never felt so much ‘head-stretching’, in my twenty-five years as a counsellor in supervision, as I have had in my six sessions with you.  I particularly like the fact that you behave more like an educator or mentor than a cop or a critic!”

B.J., North London – (Six sessions of counselling supervision over Skype and webcam).



Dr Jim in central Harrogate002Hello and welcome to my page of information about my counselling supervision service, which is designed to augment your professional development. My name is Jim Byrne. I have a doctoral degree in counselling from the University of Manchester (2002-2009); and I am in my 24th year in counselling and therapy, with about 15 years’ experience of offering counselling supervision.

Some of the individual counsellors who have come to me for supervision have been driven in my direction because they had some particularly difficult client with whom their previous supervisor could not help; or their current supervisor was off sick or on holiday.

Some of my supervisees have been from the UK, where lifelong supervision is a requirement of professional registration.  Others have come from the US or the Far East, and they sought me out because they wanted to migrate from their previous ‘school of thought’ to come more in line with my emotive-cognitive embodied narrative therapy approach. (See: What is E-CENT counselling?)


The Emotive-Cognitive approach

E-CENT logo 1 red lineMy approach to counselling supervision is very much focused upon the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of my supervisees. If you want to consult me for supervision, then I would expect to introduce you to a set of approaches to counselling which are common to all E-CENT counsellors, but which are often new departures for my supervisees.  For examples, in our work together, we would explore:

the role of the personality of the client and the personality of the counsellor in shaping the outcome of their work together;

the role of the attachment style of the counsellor and the attachment style of the client in shaping their relationship and its possibilities;

the significance of the client’s early childhood experiences for the approach of the counsellor;

the lifestyle self-management strategies used by the counsellor, and how they impact both the quality of their work with clients; and the possibilities for improving the client’s lifestyle self-management approach;

the counsellor’s approach to managing their own narrative and life script, and how this is used with their clients;

the counsellor’s use of relaxation and sleep-hygiene strategies to enhance their work with their clients; and how they coach their client’s in these two important areas of life;

– and so on.


The nature of my service

If you would like to be in conversation, about your professional practice, with a fellow practitioner, …

– who is entering his 25th year in private practice in November 2022;

– and who has learned how to integrate counselling, psychology, and lifestyle coaching, plus life history analysis, into an expanded approach to counselling/ psychology/ psychotherapy;

– and who has figured out how to add sufficient value to counselling processes to make it a viable business;

… then I would be pleased to meet with you for a 45-60 minute meeting, monthly, for a fee of £180.00.

ABC Counselling Coaching Logo Hebden BridgeFor further information, or to sign up for this service, please email me,

Or phone me on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or on 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).



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