Counselling supervision


Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision Service

For counsellors who want to become more holistic and polymathic (or a person of encyclopaedic learning)

By Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling and Fellor Member of the International Society for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FISPC)

18th March 2023



Dr Jim Counsellor March 2023 Head onlyMy name is Jim Byrne and I’ve been active as a counsellor, coach, psychotherapist, in private practice, for almost twenty-five years, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK, and all over the world via the telephone and Skype.

I have been providing supervision services for almost two decades. And I can supervise anybody who has less than 22 years of counselling experience, according to the rules of the ISPC.

My approach to supervision is based on ethics, pragmatism and holism.

With me, you can submit your most difficult client case and get original, creative, practical help. You can talk through your problems and get sympathetic care and support. “Put down your bags and rest and recover!”

I teach the use of the Golden Rule in all human affairs, and the need for both principles of philosophical wisdom, and optimal integration of all human sciences and arts, related to the human body-brain-mind-environment, which have accumulated in separate compartments of human knowledge over the millennia; and especially in the past few decades.

And I encourage my supervisees to be good role models of self-supportive lifestyles, which reduce stress and increase happiness and well-being. I do this by sharing with you some of the several superb stress-management techniques that have supported me through a twenty-five year career in which I have dealt with an emormous amount of personal and interpersonal stress; plus the many challenges of maintaining a private practice in a very difficult economic environment.

Dr Jim in central Harrogate002


I normally charge £180.00 per 60-minute supervision session; but I am currently making the following special offers:

– Book two sessions in advance for £180.00.

– Or book three sessions in advance for just £210.00

All fees must be paid three days before the date of our first meeting.


To book your first session, please email Dr Jim Byrne, and I’ll get back to you to arrange dates, times, and payment details.



Jim's counselling logoDr Jim Byrne

Doctor of Counselling

ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy Services.

Primary creator of Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy

And Executive Director of the Institute for E-CENT


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