Coaching Fees Scale

Updated on 5th August 2020

My scale of fees – Renata Taylor-Byrne, Lifestyle Coach/Counsellor

nata-lifestyle-coach4For the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, I will not be seeing face-to-face clients; but I am seeing clients via the telephone or email.

The exception is when a client has their own Covid-secure meeting room in Hebden Bridge.

With effect from 5th August 2020, my schedule of fees, per 50 minute coaching/counselling session (or a standard email coaching/counselling session), will be as follows:


Income Relevant fee
People who are unemployed, or on a state pension; or working but earning less than £25,000 per year before tax £40.00


Earning £25,001 to £50,000 per year before tax £50.00


Earning £50,000 to £60,000 per year before tax £60.00


Earning more than £60,000 per year before tax £70.00


Fees are payable in advance of each session. When we discuss your appointment (by phone or by email) I will pencil our agreement into my diary; and I will then send you my bank account details.  Please make sure your payment reaches my account at least 24 hours before we are due to meet.  Once your fee arrives, I will ink our appointment in my diary.


Renatas-coaching-div2To arrange an appointment, please call me today,

On: 01422 843 629

Or email me on 

Or go to our Contact Us page to find out how to leave a message, request a call-back, or request a specific appointment day/time.

Or just use the contact form that follows:



Renata Taylor-Byrne BSc (Hons) Psychol, DipSM, Dip CBT, MAC

Lifestyle Coach-Counsellor


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