Assessment and guidance report, File Note type


File Note Reports: For assessment and guidance purposes

By Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

Dr Jim's officeWhen a client signs up for my Median Service, I make a commitment to spend approximately two full days working on their case – their problems – their potential solutions.

During those two days, I take the following steps:

Firstly: I prepare for a meeting with them; including sending them a couple of questionnaires.

Secondly: I meet with them for 45 minutes over Skype.

Third: After the meeting, I begin to digest what I know about them, in the form of a written report.  To the degree that time permits, I may sometimes contact them with supplementary questions, including, sometimes, additional questionnaires, to clarify aspect of the picture that is emerging in my report.

Average total time spent on each Median Service client is about 16 hours.

Here is an example of the contents page of a report I write about three weeks ago:

File Note Reports, example

Some reports are less detailed than that, while others might be more detailed, depending on the particulars of each case.