About Renata Taylor-Byrne

About Renata Taylor-Byrne – Lifestyle Coach

nata-lifestyle-coach8Hello, and welcome to this page about my background experience and qualifications. My name is Renata Taylor-Byrne, and I am a qualified and accredited coach/counsellor. My main specialism is Lifestyle Coaching, whereby I help individuals to review their self-management approach to life, including their diet, exercise program, sleep pattern, relaxation strategies, stress management approaches, self-esteem, relationship skills, plus personal and professional goal setting and goal achievement.



About me

I am a registered and accredited coach/counsellor, in my fifth year in private practice, in Hebden Bridge, and all over the world via the telephone system.  (Please see my Accreditation and Ethics page.***)

I was introduced to personal and spiritual development issues by my father, from the age of fourteen years, when he introduced me to the philosophical ideas of Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, L. Ron Hubbard, Sufism, Zen and a number of other disciplines.

In my twenties, I pursued many ideas, including radical approaches to person-centred, humanistic education – like Summerhill School – plus art therapy, gestalt therapy, Zen meditation; and many other systems of personal development.


Since 1980, I have been collaborating with Jim Byrne, who has been my husband since 1986, on explorations of ideas such as Positive Mental Attitude, self-hypnosis, Gestalt therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Rational therapy (REBT/CBT).

More recently, we have been developing a whole new approach to holistic coaching and counselling, involving the body-brain-mind-environment of the whole-client.  My coaching division offers a particular form of that development.

After 35 years of teaching, mentoring and coaching students in adult and further education – in subjects such as self-assertion, self-confidence building, counselling, health and nutrition, stress management, and others – I set up this division of ABC Coaching, just over four years ago.  My aim is to help you to change and grow and develop, and to achieve your balanced lifestyle goals.

diet-exercise-emotionsOver the years, I have helped hundreds of individuals with all kinds of practical, emotional and behavioural problems.

And recently, I have reviewed a number of very important books and articles on the links between physical exercise, diet and nutrition, and sleep patterns, on the one hand, and anger, anxiety and depression, on the other.  If you want to be happy, healthy and successful, then you could really benefit from what I have discovered – not just about diet and exercise and sleep, but also about habit formation, willpower, the gut-brain connection etc. – which will help you to take control of your physical and emotional and relational life.

For more information about me, please go to the Renata Taylor-Byrne – Lifestyle Coach page


Relevant professional experience

Renatas-coaching-div2I have been coaching and mentoring individuals for many years now. Before joining ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, more than four years ago, I used my coaching and counselling skills with students and staff for more than 30 years, at a further education college, and I enjoy using my skills to help people overcome the challenges that they experience as they work towards their goals.

I have designed and delivered coaching workshops, educational courses, and academic coaching and counselling sessions, ranging from assertiveness skills, stress management, and counselling skills; through to nutrition, academic study skills, anger management and social and child psychology.

These courses and coaching sessions have been delivered in-house, out in the community, and to outside organisations including the local authority.

In the 1990’s, influenced strongly by Dale Carnegie, Albert Ellis and Werner Erhard, I created an assertiveness and confidence-building course which promoted people’s development through the growth of their public-speaking skills. Accredited by a national exam board, I ran it for several years, and taught hundreds of individuals how to be more confident in front of audiences, which expanded their self-confidence in other contexts also.

Woman-writing-therapyBetween 1991 and 2010, I taught on a range of counselling skills courses, using the Gerard Egan problem-solving model (known as the Skilled Helper model), and the ABC model developed by Albert Ellis, including the teaching and applying of core coaching and counselling skills, like: active listening; clarification of goals; exploration of current problems; empathetic support; and the creation of potential pathways towards success.


Education and training

 I have a first degree in psychology – BSc (Hons) Psychol – from the Open University, 1998 – 2002.  (Confirm at 01908 274066).

♣ Diploma (with Distinction) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), from the Open College of Complementary Health Therapies. (Confirm with Open College of Complementary Health Therapies: Phone: 0121 680 0141).

♣ Diploma (with Distinction) in Life Coaching, from the Open College of Complementary Health Therapies. (Confirm with Open College of Complementary Health Therapies: Phone: 0121 680 0141).


♣ Diploma in Stress Management, from the Manchester Institute of Stress management. (Confirm with Association for Coaching: Membership No: RTB0712M.  Email: enquiries@associationforcoaching.com).

♣ Diploma (with Distinction) in Health and Nutrition.  Open College of Complementary Health Therapies. (Confirm with Open College: Phone: 0121 680 0141).

♣ Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching, from The Coaching Academy. (Confirm via http://www.the-coaching-academy.com)

♣ RSA Certificate in Counselling Skills in the Development of Learning, from Huddersfield College. (RSA Examinations Board: 02079305115).

♣ Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, from the Centre for Stress Management. (Confirm by telephone to: 0845 680 2065).

 I also am a Qualified Teacher, and my teacher training involved substantial amounts of psychology.  I trained at the Margaret Macmillan College of Education, Bradford, 1972-1975, on a course that was accredited by Leeds University Institute of Education.


Short courses:

♣ I have also completed training courses in:

RTBsQualificationsTransactional Analysis: (TA101 from the International Transactional Analysis association);

Assertiveness Training: (from both Gael Lindenfield’s Assertiveness course, and Barry Hinksman and Associates’ Gestalt approach);

Communication skills: (Several Landmark Forums – intensive personal development marathons – and Werner Erhard Seminars; and Gestalt Therapy workshops).



See my Accreditation and Ethics Codes page.***