ABC Counselling and Coaching Services, in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, and for English-speakers everywhere…

Available via Telephone and Online Skype/Zoom counselling, plus Email counselling, all over the world

Counsellors in Hebden Bridge, HX7, Near Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK

For couples therapy; lifestyle counselling; anger management counselling; stress management coaching and counselling; Covid-anxiety counselling; depression and grief support; self confidence and self assertion; attachment problems; childhood trauma; life coaching, goal setting and habit change; and more.


To find out more about who we are and what we could do for you, please click one of the links that follow:

Dr-Jim-photo-cover002About Dr Jim Byrne’s Counselling and Psychotherapy services; plus his background education, training, qualifications, registrations and ethics codes.***

I offer my clients a unique fusion of counselling psychology; attachment theory; personality assessment; lifestyle counselling; life-history therapy; and life improvement strategies. This is a post-CBT system of counselling which is both deeper and broader than most conventional systems of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. I help individuals (separately, or within couples) to understand themselves, their relationships and their surrounding environmental situations, so they can make better decisions about how to improve their lives.  If you are not clear who you are, how you relate, and where (precisely) you are in the world, then your actions will be fruitless or counterproductive.  Read more…



Nata-Lifestyle-coach8About Renata Taylor-Byrne’s Counselling and Coaching services; plus her background education, training, qualifications, registrations and ethics codes.***

People generally consult me when they feel stuck in their life.  They do not know how to move forward, and need some help finding a new path forward.

I offer my clients an integration of stress management counselling; life improvement coaching; health, wellbeing, sleep and relaxation counselling and coaching; plus personal development counselling… Read more…


We also sell books about counselling and psychotherapy, self help and personal development; including lifestyle counselling and coaching topics, like diet, exercise, self-talk, relaxation, meditation and sleep hygiene. 

Plus narrative therapy topics. 

For more on counselling books, please click this link.***


A good counsellor helps clients to overcome those difficulties they cannot manage on their own: “Counselling is a wonderful twentieth-century invention.  We live in a complex, busy, changing world.  In this world, there are many different types of experience that are difficult for people to cope with.  Most of the time we get on with life, but sometimes we are stopped in our tracks by an event or situation that we do not, at that moment, have the resources to sort out”.  If we cannot find ways to sort this out in our family, with our friends, or with a priest or doctor, etc., then “Counselling is a really useful option at these moments”. 

John McLeod, An Introduction to Counselling, 2003. (140)


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