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ABC Coaching and Counselling Services presents

Hebden Bridge counselling, psychotherapy and lifestyle coaching services

Our counselling service can help you with problems of anger, anxiety and depression; stress management; anger management; couples therapy and relationship conflict; life coaching; lifestyle counselling; and relationship attachment and personality problems


A good counsellor helps clients to overcome those difficulties they cannot manage on their own: “Counselling is a wonderful twentieth-century invention.  We live in a complex, busy, changing world.  In this world, there are many different types of experience that are difficult for people to cope with.  Most of the time we get on with life, but sometimes we are stopped in our tracks by an event or situation that we do not, at that moment, have the resources to sort out”.  If we cannot find ways to sort this out in our family, with our friends, or with a priest or doctor, etc., then “Counselling is a really useful option at these moments”. 

John McLeod, An Introduction to Counselling, 2003. (140)


Hello and welcome to ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, in Hebden Bridge, and all over the world (apart from California!) via the telephone system, Skype and email exchanges.

Are you looking for help with problems of emotional distress about everyday living?  Is life getting on top of you, and weighing you down?  If so, then one of us can help you!

This is the website of Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne.

A1, Jim and Nata counselling homepage

Both Jim and Renata are informed by the most comprehensive system of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching in existence today (as at January 2020). This system deals with the body-brain-mind of the individual, as well as their (current and earlier) physical and social environments.  It is still ‘talk therapy’, but talk therapy which includes a consideration of every aspect of the lifestyle of the client – and not just their beliefs, thoughts or feelings.


About Dr Jim Byrne’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division

Lifestyle Counselling and Personality Focused Treatment, in Hebden Bridge, and over the telephone and internet


For couples therapy; relationship skills and attachment problems; anger management; stress management; physical and mental health coaching; habit building or habit change; confidence building; anxiety and panic problems; grief and depression; lifestyle coaching; assertiveness training; and general body-brain-mind integration…


Hello and welcome,

Dr Jim, Oct 2019Are you wrestling with a problem you just can’t control on your own?  If so, I can help you to develop your coping muscles.

My name is Jim Byrne and I am in my twenty-second year in private practice as a counsellor/psychotherapist. During that time, I have helped well over one thousand individuals with problems of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, couple relationship problems, attachment and personality adaptation problems, and general problems of daily living.

Here is an example of one of many unsolicited client testimonials which I’ve received over the years:

♣ Hi Jim, Just a quick note to say it was nice to see you today for a productive counselling session.  I’ve been working hard using your system of reframing and reinterpreting the things that make me unhappy, so that I am now feeling happier much of the time. I am becoming more ‘adult’ and less ‘parental’, by using the things you taught me about parent and adult language. And you certainly convinced me that life doesn’t have to be such a struggle, and I am working at giving up my habit of struggling with everybody and everything that I meet.  That saves a lot of emotional and physical energy, and leaves me free to feel happy and at peace most of the time.

K.G., Grag Vale, Calderdale. (Eight sessions of face-to-face counselling for addictions and personality adaptation problems).


I have a doctoral degree in counselling; a diploma in counselling psychology and psychotherapy; and several certificates in counselling. I am a Fellow Member of the International Society of Professional Counsellors (FISPC); and I am subject to the ISPC’s code of ethics and complaints procedure.

If you would like help with the taming or dissolving of an emotional, behavioural or relationship problem, then I would be glad to help.


My expertise is based on my twenty-one years of experience of counselling more than one thousand clients, who, between them, had all manner of problems – plus my professional training at the University of Manchester – and the research and application that went into writing more than twenty books on counselling and related topics.***

My main services are as follows:

Dr Jim’s Regular Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

Anger Management, with Dr Jim

Couples Therapy

Health Coaching

The Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Service, with Dr Jim


For more information about my services, including my Email Counselling,  Skype Counseling, Telephone Counselling and Face-to-face Counselling, please click the following button:

Dr Jim's Division Button

Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division.***

Or call me today on 01422 843 629 to set up an appointment.


Or email: jim.byrne@abc-counselling.com


About Renata Taylor-Byrne’s Counselling and Coaching Division

Why should anybody consult me? This is what I can offer:

renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coachFirstly, I see my clients as people who want to get the most out of life, but sometimes they come slap bang up against problems that they don’t know how to solve.

That’s where my 40 years experience of research and teaching counselling and personal development subjects to thousands of individuals comes in. I can show you the many ways that you can tackle the challenges that you are facing, and help you to choose a solution that works for you.


I have also written and/or co-authored several books on counselling-related subjects, including my book on the science of sleep.


The main kinds of problems with which I can help include the following:

(1) Managing stress levels

(2) Managing anger

(3) Developing self-confidence and self-esteem

(4) Speaking in public, including presentations, examinations, or job interviews

(5) Using nutrition and exercise to control your anger, anxiety and depression

(6) Sleep problems, which flow from insufficient sleep, or sleep disruption


Watch this video clip on the impact of nutrition on mental health and emotional well-being.  It will surprise you!

For more information about my services, including Face to Face and Telephone Counselling, please click the following button:

Renata's Division Button

Renata’s Lifestyle Coaching/Counselling Division.***

Or call me today on 01422 843 629 to set up an appointment.


Or email: renata@abc-counselliong.org


Counselling and self-help books

ABC Bokstore Bold, by CharlesWe also research, write and publish a range of books related to counselling, psychotherapy, personal development and lifestyle coaching and self-help; and these can be viewed here:

The ABC Bookstore Online UK.***

—– Counselling and psychotherapy books.***

—– Self-help books.***

 —– Critiques of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy.***


For more information, please see our Site map.***


The emotive-cognitive approach to counselling

By Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne

January 2020


Our approach to counselling includes offering to teach you – if you wish to learn – how to manage your emotions, behaviours and relationships more effectively; so you can have a happier, more successful life.

We focus on your thinking/feeling/perceiving and your attitudes towards the problems that life throws at you; and we help you to develop a whole new set of more productive attitudes, which will get you more of what you want from your life, at home and in work.

We also help you to examine your lifestyle – especially your approach to food/drink, sleep, and physical activity.  There is now overwhelming evidence that all of the major chronic diseases, and the major mental health problems and emotional difficulties, are all linked significantly to lifestyle factors.

And we offer to teach you a set of skills to deal with communication, relationship (including couple relationships), stress, anger, anxiety, and depression; self-confidence and self-esteem; and much more besides.

Finally, we provide the kind of healing relationship which can address your childhood traumas and your current attachment issues.

Phone us today, on 01422 843 629 to set up an appointment.

Let us know which one of us you wish to work with: Jim or Renata.


For more information about our individual offerings, please click one of the following buttons:

Dr Jim's Division Button

Dr Jim’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Division.***


Renata's Division Button

Renata’s Lifestyle Coaching/Counselling Division.***



Footer information

If searching for us on Bing Maps, or Google Maps, then please search for 27 Keighley Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK. (And always include the postcode).

The reason for the current confusion about the location of our base is that most mapping systems have mismanaged the mapping of this area! (To be fair, it’s not an easy area to map!)

To download a set of directions for finding us, please click on the following link:

Directions to ABC Coaching and Counselling Services.***

Here is our location on Bing Maps: https://binged.it/2JAQEHv

If you want to write to us, then please use our official address, as used by the Post Office: 27 Wood End, Keighley Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, West Yorkshire, UK.


For further information, please:

Telephone: 01422 843 629 (UK): 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)

Or email us: Jim Byrne


Renata Taylor-Byrne


A1, Jim and Nata counselling homepage

We follow a set of ethical codes which are described on our personal pages.  We help adults only, aged above 18 years, and preferably above 21 years of age.  We do not do any work with children.


You can find us on Bing Maps, at this location: https://binged.it/2DkGJFw

Or on Google Maps, at this location: 27 Keighley Road, HX7 8HJ


We also sell books, on our dedicated website at ABC Bookstore Online.***



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