ABC Newsletter December 2018

The ABC Newsletter, 6th December 2018

Top Secrets for Building a Successful Relationship

By Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling



Dr Jim Byrne

It’s been some time since I sent out a newsletter about our writing and publishing activities at ABC Coaching and Counselling Services.  Renata is at an advanced stage in the writing of her book on Sleep Science and the benefits of adequate sleep.

And I have just published my new book on How to Build a Successful Relationship.  Here is a flavour of the content of that book.

What is love?

Happy couple

According to one popular view, to create love, you have to exert yourself in pursuit of the happiness of another person.  We show our love through appropriate actions.  And inappropriate actions tend to destroy love.

When we have worked successfully to create a loving relationship, we know intimately that love is sweeter than honey; warmer than the warmest blanket; and more sustaining than the most enjoyable food.  For more, please go to this web page:

The need for love

1, Kindle Cover, SuccesSful, RelationshipKINDLE30.11 (2)Love is actually an essential requirement for a fulfilling life.  It is not an optional extra.  Love is food for the soul, from the soul! Without it, we wither and die inside.  A loveless life is a curse; a strain; a barren journey through a valueless vacuum.

Love warms the coldest night, and brightens the dullest day.  It warms the heart, and drives the blues away.  Love makes us glad to be alive, and to be connected to the one we love. For more, please go to this web page:

Learning how to love

Loving-couple3But if you come from a family background in which love was in short supply, how do you then learn to love?  How can you succeed in becoming a loving partner in a loving relationship? The answer is to read this book, by Dr Jim Byrne, based on his experience of:

– Being a couple’s therapist for more than twenty years;

– Completing his own marriage guidance in 1984, and co-creating a thirty-four-year relationship of great happiness, love and joy with his wife, Renata; And:

– Studying love and relationship and communication skills for about thirty-five years.

For more, please go to this web page:

The content of this book

In this book, you will learn:

Small 3D image of covers– Some guidelines for building a successful relationship;

– Some insights into how to manage your emotions for more effective regulation of your side of a sex-love relationship;

– How to love, actively and sensitively; Plus:

– How to communicate about anything that comes up in your relationship.  Also:

– How to avoid getting into the wrong kind of relationship, or for the wrong reasons; And/or:

– How to avoid holding unrealistic expectations of a sex-love relationship. Plus:

– Insights into your conflict-management style, and how to improve it;

– Strategies for changing any of your unhelpful relationship habits.

You will also get: (1)
Jim and Renata

– A very interesting introduction to the theory that our marriage partnership is shaped, for better or worse, in our family of origin; and how to reshape your ‘route map’ for finding a suitable partner; Or:

–  How to change the way you relate to your current partner; Plus:

– Insights into how to manage boundaries in relationships; And:

– Some illuminating case studies of couple relationships that have gone wrong; and what you can learn from those mistakes.

For more, please go to this web page:


What you can gain from studying this book:

This book is packed with useful information, presented in a ‘training manual’ form. If you follow this study program, you will gain:

1, Kindle Cover, SuccesSful, RelationshipKINDLE30.11 (2)– A greater capacity to love;

– Skills to help you to communicate more effectively with your partner;

– Insights into your conflict management style, and how to change it;

– Helpful strategies for changing your relationship habits; And, ultimately:

– Greater happiness in love and relationship, resulting from the fact that the love you create will be returned by your partner; and you will have lots more peace and harmony in your family life.


This book is available in paperback and eBook formats, via Amazon. For more on how to get it, please go to this web page:


BlueLogo13CI hope you found this newsletter interesting.

Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, Hebden Bridge


Telephone: 44 01422 843 629



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